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The UK has long been at the forefront of the rail industry, with 1.5 billion passenger journeys taking place each year across an ever-expanding network.

Looking ahead, there are a number of major development projects taking place across the country – including Crossrail, Thameslink and High Speed 2 - amounting to billions of pounds of investment and supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs. To put it simply, there’s never been a more exciting time to work in rail.

From civil engineering to rolling stock, signalling to electrification, explore our interactive map below and see where your career will take you.

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Gary Smithson, Associate Director - Rail, Morson


"As demand for highly skilled workers continues to rise, employers and recruiters would do well to start looking further afield for candidates. While there are certain skills that will be specific to individual sectors, there are others that are easily transferrable from one to another."

- Beth West, Commercial Director, HS2

“Flexibility is also crucial if we’re to attract the next generation of engineers, particularly millennials. This isn’t just focussed towards women, but creating a working environment that suits everyone and ensures we attract the best talent into the industry.” 

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5 professional qualifications to boost your career in rail

Interested in a career in Rolling Stock?

Gaining a professional qualification or membership of a relevant trade body is a great way to help you gain a competitive edge over the competition and give your career a welcome boost. You can increase your earning potential, improve your employability and gain greater influence within your own organisation and the wider industry. 

5 of the top graduate rail engineering companies in the UK

With an increasing number of employers working on a variety of exciting projects in the rail industry, as a graduate it can be difficult knowing where to begin your career. To help make the decision easier, we’ve listed the top 5 rail engineering companies to work for in the UK, as voted for by undergraduates.

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Apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity for university graduates or school leavers looking to enter the rail industry. Not only will you get the chance to study for a qualification that will benefit your career, you’ll also gain hands-on experience working for some of the UK’s most well-known organisations.

Set to be the biggest infrastructure project Europe has ever seen, HS2 is predicted to create 400,000 jobs across the country, spanning a wide range of different disciplines, from engineers and railway technicians to designers and construction workers. If you want to be part of the team that designs and builds the new rail link, you may want to look into becoming a HS2 Area Engineer.

The best apprenticeships for those interested in rail engineering

25 questions you should answer before applying for jobs as a rail engineer

Big interview coming up? While you can never predict exactly what you’ll be asked, it always helps to be prepared. Here are some common questions which interviewers will often ask, to determine whether or not you possess the necessary skills and experience for the role you’re applying for.

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