Driving equality, diversity and inclusion in the sectors within which we operate.

We pride ourselves on being an equal opportunities employer that provides an inclusive environment to candidates and employees alike. We believe that diversity of thought promotes innovation by bringing multiple perspectives to discussions and decisions. We are committed to improving the diversity of our company and building inclusive cultures every day.

True ED&I has real impact, not just on the lives of people from all walks of life, but in creating stronger cultures and broader empathy in workplaces across the country. We are committed to changing perceptions within business, championing women in engineering and empowering young talent through mentorship.

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We’re proud of and recognised for, our work.

2020 FIRM Awards | Best Diversity and Inclusion Recruitment Strategy | WINNER 

2020 Equal Engineers Engineering Talent Awards | Best Large Employer of the Year | WINNER

2018-2020 Northern Power Women’s Future List | Morson’s Charlotte Lewis, Rebekah Lee & Sam Price

2020 HERoes Future Female Leaders | Sam Price, head of client solutions


We take our commitment to widening participation very seriously. 

Our partnerships allow us to impact real change, grow as an organisation and impart knowledge to our internal and external networks.
Our partnerships with the Northern Power Women, Vercida, The Girls' Network, ReciteMeand Equal Engineers, ensures that we have access to the latest ED&I thinking to help us support our clients and also help us to achieve our diversity action plan.

EW: Inclusive Culture Pledge

By committing to the Inclusive Culture Pledge by diversity consultancy EW Group we will benefit from a year of dedicated support - building our skills, awareness, confidence and maturity around workplace diversity. By pledging, we commit, internally and outwardly, to the lasting importance of diversity and inclusion to our company culture.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter

​We are part of the 'Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter' launch by Railway Industry Association (RIA) and Women in Rail to champion equality, diversity and inclusion in the UK railway industry. The joint ‘Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Charter’ is a commitment to work together to build a more balanced higher-performing sector.

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The concept of ‘seeing is believing’ is extremely powerful.

Our ‘Inclusive Role Models’ campaign showcases inspirational stories from people in industries hardest hit by imbalances. By providing relatable role models to take inspiration from, we hope to break down barriers and encourage a wider talent pool into the industry; whilst also providing a positive platform to encourage career transitioning between sectors.

We have been privileged enough to interview some of the most talented women in the engineering industry, exploring their career paths, challenges and inspirations to highlight the careers available to the next generation. Click the button below to read their stories.


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Placing inclusion at the heart of your conversation.

Our services are designed to help clients attract diverse talent into their organisation, improve/create inclusive cultures and help identify barriers to inclusion in the recruitment process.

Through our knowledge and partnerships, we help you to design talent processes that enrich relationships, build understanding, shape behaviour and deliver better business. Our team will work with you to outline specific actions to, not only build recruitment processes that are fair and equal, but which will positively influence your company culture as a whole.