Morson Technical Services deliver high-quality engineering and technical outsourced services to military and civilian maintenance and repair operations. 

Our service offering extends to custom training and 3D solutions which incorporate the latest training, design and development technologies to ensure that our clients are able to monitor progress and performance in a real-time environment.

We have long-standing relationships with clients such as Leonardo Helicopters in the provision of both manpower, multimedia and training capability.

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"Morson Technical Services (MTS) and Leonardo Helicopters (LH) have a long established relationship, that continues to deliver tailored 'fit for purpose' manpower solutions. With over 500 aircraft in 25 countries, LH demand a flexible, efficient and cost effective solution to manpower provision and the unique MTS operating model provides the answer. With MTS providing the technical manpower and all associated HR support infrastructure allows, for an extremely effective delivery solution to our customer base.

It is a well-established proven model that has been implemented in both the UK MOD support contracts and also enduring operations deployed around the globe, that continue to deliver 'best in class' manpower solutions. This contracting formula combines the strengths of two companies built on the same core values and beliefs to deliver world class services that our customers demand." 

Danny Rice - UK Customer Support for Leonardo Helicopters

MTS provide 'whole workforce solutions' that are tailored to meet customer requirements.

We deliver the highest quality engineering and technical services to both military and civilian maintenance and repair operations (MROs) around the world.

By working in partnership with our clients, we are able to offer direct support in a flexible, non-prescriptive manner. This approach allows for growth, development and fast response to support any additional business requests.

With leading industry knowledge and expertise in the Aerospace and Defence sector, we are able to offer unparalleled support and act as the market-leading provider to our clients.

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We create custom training and 3D solutions, designed to add real value to our client's businesses.

Our innovative, multi-platform solutions incorporate the latest training, design and development technologies and can be managed through a variety of Learning Management Systems (LMS) to ensure that you are able to distribute training and monitor progress no matter where people are located.

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We offer unparalleled support as the market-leading provider.

For more information on staffing or training solutions in the MRO sector, get in touch with our team.