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Champion Contractors – Umbrella/Employment & Accountancy Services 

​​Champion Contractors is a specialist division of Champion Chartered Accountants, providing accountancy and tax support services to freelance contractors throughout the UK.

We understand the unique needs of contractors and deliver a bespoke service, which is tailored to their specific requirements. We have over 50 years of recruitment and accountancy experience which you will benefit from when using our umbrella/employment solution or contractor specific accountancy services.

If you decide to join the Champion umbrella/employment solution, you will be entitled to statutory payments and insurances including a personal accident scheme at no extra cost. Other benefits include:

  • Continuous employment for all of your assignments

  • The option to make ‘Salary Sacrifice’ Pension Contributions (no extra admin charge)

  • Free access to Champion Rewards - offers potential savings of up to £200 per month

  • Champion Fuel Card – offers savings of up to 20p per litre at BP fuel stations

  • The option to be paid Weekly or Monthly – you choose!

  • Simple application process – online or over the phone

To learn more about the above benefits and to view our exclusive Morson package, please clickHERE

Along with partners from the employment law, insurance and financial service sectors, the Champion Contractors team proactively manage administrative burdens and assist clients to maximise their financial rewards, whilst ensuring that they remain complaint at all times.

Chris Bloor is the Champion account manager within Morson and has personally supported their contractors for more than 10 years. He can be contacted directly on 07790 438998 or by emailingchris@championcontractors.co.uk

​For more information contact: 0161 703 2549 | newbusiness@championcontractors.co.uk | www.champion-contractors.co.uk/morson


​"My Max is our PAYE umbrella company that helps contractors get paid on time, stay HMRC compliant and provides them with one employer while they are contracting so they enjoy all the benefits of continuous employment.

At PayStream, we do things a little differently. Where most umbrella providers only offer a workplace pension limited to their choice of provider, we know that what’s right for one contractor isn’t always right for another. That’s why we also offer salary sacrifice - for those contractors with their own pension arrangements saving them £100’s in not only PAYE but also NI each month.

Contractors employed via PayStream My Max Umbrella also have access to the following benefits:

  • Continuous employment with one employer (PayStream) for all contracts (avoiding emergency tax)

  • £200 a month better off (Up to £200 month discounts and savings via PayStream rewards)

  • 5% petrol discount on petrol at Sainsbury’s and Tesco’s via PayStream rewards

  • Inclusive insurance (£10m Employer's Liability, £5m Public Liability and £5m Professional indemnity)

  • Holiday pay / Sick Pay / Maternity or Paternity pay

  • Access to a government pension plan (3% contribution from PayStream as their employer)

  • 10-minute set-up and access to mobile app for contractors to access their holiday pots, payment status, insurance documents and payslips

Contractors can also benefit from our range of market-leading limited company solutions, with a plethora of services to suit every contractor’s needs, regardless of circumstance or sector.

​For more information contact: new.business@paystream.co.uk | 0161 929 6000 | Laura.Webster@paystream.co.uk & Joe.Barter@paystream.co.uk

Danbro – Accountants and Taxation Specialists

Clear, Concise and Compliant services tailored to individuals’ needs; Danbro Ltd PAYE Umbrella: Ideal for maintaining PAYE employee status while receiving many benefits associated with running a Ltd Company. Ltd Company Services (PSC): The most tax efficient solution for those eligible to run their own Limited Company. Danbro Construct CIS Service: For self-employed contractors in the Construction Industry.

​For more information contact: enquiries@danbro.co.uk. T: +44 (0) 1253 600140 F: +44 (0) 1253 769196


Workr Umbrella: Award-winning umbrella employment

​Workr Umbrella is part of the Workr Group of companies. A global leader in employment and accountancy services with a complementary set of companies designed to simplify flexible working across the outsourcing supply chain.

Workr Umbrella exists to support contractors, and the recruitment agencies that champion them, to work flexibly to suit their lifestyles.

In order to do this successfully we have listened to the individual feedback of thousands of our contractor clients to help develop a compliant and streamlined service. The result is an award winning and FCSA accredited umbrella employment service. We ensure contractors are paid on time through our payroll, are protected and supported to advance their careers and encouraged to look after their well-being. The market-leading benefits we provide include:

  • £20 million insurance package including personal accident cover

  • Private healthcare cash plan worth £675 per year

  • 24/7 Private GP helpline, counseling service and mental health support

  • Continuous employment if moving temporary roles

  • Daily payroll and advance facility

  • Flexible pension contributions via salary sacrifice

  • Discount gym membership

  • Substantial discounts and offers with leading retailers

If your circumstances change, irrespective of the assignment type, length or location, we can continue to provide continuity through our complementary suite of contractor products and services. Should you choose to engage us to look after your Limited Company you will be assigned a dedicated, experienced accountant who will support you through the complexities of setting up your new business and continue to offer personalised advice throughout the year. 

​For more information contact: +44 (0) 161 529 7244 | alexj@workrgroup.com

Sterling Umbrella & Sterling Techserv  

​The Sterling Group are one of the longest established umbrella companies in the UK and have built a reputation for excellent service and compliance.  We have a long working relationship with Morson offering our Umbrella and Limited Company services to contract workers.

PSC – Contractor

Included in our monthly fee:

  • Free licence for FreeAgent worth £29 + VAT per month

  • Dedicated accountant as main contact

  • Advice on using your skills and expertise to make the company a success

  • Help to make sure the financials are a true and fair view of the company’s finances

  • Advice on legislation changes

As well as:

  • Annual accounts and tax returns

  • Self-assessment

  • Correspondence with HMRC

  • Quarterly VAT returns

  • Dividend documents

  • Payroll

  • IR35 Reviews

For more information contact: Ben McGovern | ben.mcgovern@thesterlinggroup.co.uk | 07384 253 541 or Russell Upton – Sales Director | russell.upton@thesterlinggroup.co.uk | 07387 261 294 | www.thesterlinggroup.co.uk

Approved Suppliers Global

Access Financial Services (Worldwide)

Access Financial (AF) is a world leader in workforce management solutions. We are active in approximately 40 countries globally, including Europe, UK, Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Our expertise, gained in over 17 years of professional service lies in:

  • Ensuring full compliance with all the tax, social security and other legal requirements, both in the work country, but also with due consideration of Double Tax Agreements with the home country.

  • Ensuring that the workforce uses all the available legal means to mitigate their tax liability and to maximise their net take-home pay.

  • We are proud to provide country specific EOR/PEO services to clients wishing to engage local talent without local infrastructure or expertise

If controlling your risk; saving your money and conserving your time is of interest to you and your business then please contact AF today:


6CATS International is the expert supplier of contractor management solutions to the world’s leading recruitment agencies.  6CATS recognises the importance of providing fully compliant, transparent and streamlined contractor solutions, we provide our clients with the highest levels of service whilst offering complete compliance assurance.

As well as being among the most experienced suppliers in our industry, we provide one of the most professional services in the international contractor management sector.  All of our staff are highly trained and are on hand to provide support throughout the duration of your contract.  As a contractor, you will have your own dedicated contractor care consultant, who will act as your main point of contact through your engagement with 6CATS.

As well as providing you with a fully compliant solution, we will also ensure you are paid swiftly and accurately.  We never hold on to your funds and we pay all of our contractors by international priority pay or Fasterpay to ensure you receive your funds in the shortest timescale possible.

We would be delighted to support you on your next contract so make contact with us today.Call us: +44 (0) 207 374 6957  Email us: info@6catsint.com  Visit us: www.6catsint.com


EXP International belongs to a network of companies which is able to provide fiscal, payroll and immigration services across Europe, Middle East, parts of Africa and Asia. Our group specialises in service delivery and efficient handling of temporary workers. We work in several industries which include Construction, Oil & Gas, SAP, IT/Telecoms, IT Software, Engineering and many more.

With over 15 years of experience in the market, EXP International has all the resources and knowledge needed to ensure that we can offer bespoke tailor-made solutions and ensure a seamless transition into working and settling in the various countries we cover. In addition, we specialise in providing the highest quality support and advice to contractors, agencies and their customers with regards to payroll, accounting, tax and social security, as well as fiscal responsibilities

The EXP company network covers all contract administration, accounting practices, company insurances, compliance support between home country and working country, general fiscal affairs, payroll, banking information, accommodation support and private medical support. All the companies provide relevant professional indemnity, public and product liability cover as well as Employer’s liability where necessary.

Republic of Ireland Office: 34 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin 2

France Office/Correspondance : 21 Rue des Favorites, 75015 Paris

United Kingdom Correspondence address: Fifth Floor, South Building 7, Chiswick Park, London W4 5YG  

E-mail :enquiries@exp-international.com


Contact: +44(0)203 503 0198

Innovare Group

Innovare is a leading Contractor Management company in the Asia Pacific region with 19 years’ experience of managing over 22,000 contractors. Innovare provides a comprehensive ‘one stop’ support service for contractors intending to work abroad.

The Innovare Group has managed solutions for Australia, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam as well as selected African countries.

Services and Benefits – Innovare has a team of specialists and experienced support personnel – all committed to providing contractors, recruiters and client companies with

  • Immigration Advice and Assistance

  • Application & Sponsorship of Work and Residence Permits

  • Preparation and Lodging of Tax Returns

  • Payroll Administration

  • Handling Social Security Payments

  • Billing and Collection of Proceeds to Contractors

  • General Advice on Working in Country of Work

Innovare has been working with Morson International for about a decade.  By leaving the care and administration to Innovare, Morson can rest assured that their contractors will be well managed while they focus on the matching of candidates and clients.

Contractors need to be compliant with the country’s tax and social security regulations. Therefore, it is beneficial for them to deal with a single specialist who has local knowledge.  Contractors can then focus on the requirements of their jobs and relax during their free time. Where a tax-efficient structure can be put in place, it will benefit the contractors further.

Innovare has consistently provided support to its recruiters, contractors and clients. Innovare is now established as a major player in providing contractor managed services in Asia Pacific and beyond.

Please feel free to contact our sales team:


I-PAYE is a Specialist Employment Management Company (Umbrella) that provides employment solutions for individuals working at client sites in the United Kingdom and Overseas.

The full range of our international services can be viewed at www.i-paye.com. In brief, if you are a UK or other EU Contractor considering going on assignment in Europe or further afield you will need specific and professional advice on your options. Operating through a standard Umbrella or Limited Company model may be costly in terms of Tax and your personal freedom. More information is available from our Dedicated European Account and Compliance Team: