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Automotive and Motorsport

Morson is involved in 2 out of every 3 vehicles built in the UK everyday.

Involved in over 2 out of every 3 vehicles built in the UK everyday, Morson has some of the most exciting automotive jobs in the motor industry. We have the capability to provide both blue and white collar personnel throughout the UK and internationally across the Automotive sector.

By developing our teams to become industry specialists, our clients and candidates benefit from a recruitment partner that understands the automotive industry’s requirements. Our position as the UK’s No.1 Technical Recruiter in conjunction with partnering major clients attracts many white-collar and technical candidates looking to move forward with their careers.

We have consistently proven our ability to provide skilled resources, working with leading brands such as Yazaki, Caterpillar and Jaguar Land Rover. Building on over 46 years of industry experience and an unrivalled track record of success, we offer clients a competitive advantage in this rapidly developing industry.

Case study: Project delivery expertise, Nissan 

Nissan engaged Morson to carry out workforce migration in support of a Planned Maintenance Programme, Sunderland factory.


  • Competitive price model.

  • Rapid mobilisation.

  • TUPE of initial 35 workers.

  • Flexible recruitment solution and labour management.


  • Reduced costs.

  • Health surveillance.

  • PPE management.

  • Monthly MI reporting.

  • Increased contingent supply to NMUK by over 50%. 

Testimonial: Northern Automotive Alliance

“Morson operate an open and honest approach, spending time understanding the skills and experience needed to fulfil the requirements. 

I was impressed by the regularity and frequency of our interactions throughout the recruitment process, giving you confidence that you needs are being attended to seriously!

They are very knowledgeable of different engineering processes and procedures, which seems to be the culture of Morson Group who specialise in a blend of recruitment expertise and design consultancy. 

I also experienced a very high level of service, with all information shared and delivered on time and when promised. 

My experience with Morson was instrumental in my decision to use their services again.”

Rowan Egan – CEO of Northern Automotive Alliance

MORSON TV: The Bloodhound Project is using a 1,000mph World Land Speed Record attempt to inspire the next generation to get involved in STEM subjects. We caught up with Tony Parraman at MetConnect 2018 to talk about his role in the project.

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Morson Support UK’s First STEM Competition to Convert Used Petrol Go Karts to Fully Electric Machines


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