We believe in a holistic, cooperative approach… a new standard of MSP

Morson was the first recruitment agency in the UK to implement a managed service model in 1996 – we are pioneers in developing and managing bespoke outsource solutions for our clients.

With Morson as your Managed Service Provider (MSP), you’ll have an expert on hand to find the right people for every type of role, from specialist technical staff to office support. But more than that, together we’ll have a bird’s eye view of your talent, allowing us to keep spend consistent, track trends within your workforce, build diverse teams, and forecast and prepare for future issues and opportunities.

It’s a collaboration that fuses your ambitions, objectives and intelligence with our talent expertise and market knowledge.

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What is a Managed Service Provider?

A Managed Service Provider handles every element of your contingency hiring and employment process. A well-managed contractor workforce can enable a business to flourish. We build agile contingent workforces by managing the entire talent cycle, implementing responsive models which scale to your business ambitions.


Optimise your contractor workforce with confidence


“Morson show such willingness to understand our briefs, down to the finest detail, and advise us correctly on how to approach our varying recruitment needs. Since working together, we’ve welcomed higher quality candidates into our ranks, have a streamlined process and have made major time and cost savings.”

Ian Holcroft, procurement director for Murphy

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“In the last 12 months, our MSP with Morson has completely matured. They are fully engaged with our business; they open up new streams to reach candidates, they understand our culture and processes and even with a higher quality of service are saving us hundreds of thousands of pounds each year compared to previous solutions."

Nadeem Mirza, head of resourcing at SRM

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​“From the moment Morson won the tender, you could tell their implementation plan was unlike anything else. The team was brilliant. engaging our entire business with its strategy, while its processes were slick, agile and professional"

Lisa Bowyer, Head of HR at AEUK

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Morson: raising the bar for MSP

Working with Morson, you’ll benefit from the combined intelligence of our 1,000 people working across the globe, utilising state-of-the-art hiring technology, constantly innovating to provide unparalleled service.

We’ll join you not just as your recruiter, but as your strategic partner. Your people are your most valuable tool, and we hire to make an impact. We don’t just give our clients access to the very best talent, we engage, support and inspire that talent from recruitment, to onboarding and throughout their contractual period. Coupling our market intelligence with your ambitions, we can forecast, advise, and set a course for your success.

We understand that so many of your bigger strategic goals are linked to talent. Thanks to our market intelligence, industry-leading technology, collaborative approach, we can support your business through economic uncertainties, the challenge of diversifying your workforce, legislative changes, fulfilling local employment quotas, and any other tests you might face.

Our MSP is underpinned by a suite of value-added products and services each curated to address our clients specific challenges.

We believe in a holistic, collaborative approach… a new standard of MSP


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Is a managed service right for your business?

There are several choices for employers hiring contingent labour, we know that it can be difficult to establish the best, most commercially sound route for your business.

You’re likely to find that an MSP is right for you if:

  • You have a lot of contingent workers and want consistency across all hiring practices

  • You want full governance over your contractor population

  • You want to attract better candidates

  • You want a partner who will understand you and your employment market intimately

  • You want full confidence in your adherence to the Slavery Act

  • You want cost control

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We’ll join you not just as your recruiter, but as your strategic partner. Coupling our market intelligence with your ambitions, we can forecast, advise, and set a course for your success.