We provide organisations with the enhanced clarity, insight and data they need to optimise their talent strategy.

Organisations with expansive teams spread across multiple locations can often struggle to maintain oversight of every single worker on their books. Typically, information regarding contingent labour isn’t captured within organisational charts or on central HR streams, with this lack of strategy often meaning not all recruitment processes are followed compliantly.

For those who liaise with multiple agencies to manage their labour, this process becomes even more overwhelming and noisy. Not only does it present risk, both financially and legislatively, but it can impact candidate experiences which, if poor, can damage your brand’s reputation, visibility, approach to ED&I and commercial benefits.

recruitment audit

Our finance and contractor audits enable our clients to:

  • Highlight areas of risk and non-compliance

  • Provide visibility of the entire supply chain

  • Mitigate exposure/risk of IR35 non-compliance

  • Deliver full visibility of recruitment spend

  • Gain insight into potential savings


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We deliver insight that empowers you to transform your processes.

Our auditing service focuses on improving the hiring process to ensure it’s positive for both candidate and client. It’s designed to assess recruitment, attitudes, how processes are currently set up, internal and external frustrations and more. We walk ourselves through your candidates’ journeys, using data and qualitative learnings to draw up ways experiences can be improved, and assess how cost savings and time efficiencies can be made.

What we present back is a report of outcomes that can create a new, tangible roadmap of success.

We always work around you, your technology and systems, and in line with your processes. We anonymise all data to protect individual parties and utilise your branded communications channels to fully embed within your business.

That way, the resulting outcomes benefit you, and only you.

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Create a roadmap to success.

Getting your audit right can be a turning point. Our audit will empower you to transform processes that make you a more attractive option for candidates and more accountable at every level of regulation.