The Morson STEM Foundation

​The 'Morson STEM Foundation' is the cornerstone of our commitment to delivering sustainable talent pools for businesses and long-term careers for candidates, through funding, engagement and training. Morson is a talent solutions business with a vision and capabilities that go far beyond conventional recruitment. We believe it is our responsibility to join the dots between career aspirations and talent requirements, delivering a legacy that will be meaningful now and in the future.

Through the 'Morson STEM Foundation,' our goal is to nurture a sustainable skills pipeline, leveraging transferable skills, re-skilling, training and education to pave the way to a diverse range of career opportunities for future generations. We are collaborating with businesses to understand their current and future skills requirements and aligning those insights with a strategy for creating career opportunities, developing skills, and delivering social value.

We're proud to be delivering a blueprint that can be followed by other business/academic partnerships to deliver innovation and social value and support the development of a prosperous and self-sufficient industrial and commercial landscape for the UK.

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Ged Mason OBE, CEO of Morson Group

"Having grown up in Salford and proudly rooting our HQ in the city, which has supported local talent for more than 50 years, we are passionate about generating opportunities for people locally. Our involvement in the STEM Foundation and scholarship programmes delivers on a long-established commitment to generate opportunity and nurture talent in Salford and demonstrates the role that our business can play.

As recruiters, we know that companies desperately need a pipeline of new skills from young people who can combine fresh thinking with real-world experience of STEM disciplines and the technologies used in today’s workplaces. Levelling up must connect the need for improved outcomes and aspirations with demand for world-class skills and ambition. That’s why we’re working with the University of Salford – it’s an investment in young people’s future, the future of British business and a future UK where there is opportunity for all.”

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Morson Group, together with the University of Salford, is co-funding IntoUniversity’s new learning centre at the Beacon Centre in central Salford, which will work in the heart of the local community to support young people aged 7 to 18.

In central Salford, more than half of young people are growing up in poverty, which has long-lasting effects on educational attainment. The new IntoUniversity centre, which opens this autumn, will support young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods in achieving their goals for higher education, employment, and work-based training, whilst also working closely with schools and local families to sow the seeds of aspiration at a young age.


The Morson Maker Space

Opening to students for the first time in 2022, the new state-of-the-art Morson Maker Space facility is part of a long-standing commitment by Morson Group, to give back to their local community in the North West and create opportunities for young people who might otherwise be held back by social deprivation.

The Morson Maker Space forms part of the University’s new £65million Science, Engineering & Environment Building. The STEM centre facilities have been designed to provide students with opportunities to explore new ideas and innovate, gaining hands-on experience with the types of equipment they can expect to use when they move from education into the workplace.

The facilities include a wide range of industrial machines and equipment for use by students from across the University of Salford, which will enable businesses to engage with the university and students in new ways, thereby creating opportunities for employment, training and exciting new projects.

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Gerry Mason Scholarships

The Gerry Mason Scholarships were on of the first initiatives from Morson and the Mason family aimed at financially supporting young people from underprivileged backgrounds.

Nineteen of England’s 20 most deprived neighbourhoods are in the north, with Salford appearing in that top 20 list. Morson Group is adopting a pioneering approach to addressing the issue while connecting businesses with the future skills and talent needed in growth sectors.

The Gerry Mason Engineering Scholarship was established in 2015, in memory of Gerry Mason; a design engineer and the founder of Morson Group. The Morson Group Scholarship was launched in 2019, to support students completing an engineering or technology degree, respectively.

The 50th local scholar was able to gain access to higher education at the University of Salford this year thanks to these scholarships.

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Pathfinders Academy by Morson

Our Pathfinders Academy is focused on levelling up the skills landscape through training and re-skilling in digital and engineering disciplines.

Our digital and engineering boot camps are available to individuals from all educational, experience, industry and social backgrounds; from students and veterans to people looking to change career paths or return to the workplace after a period of leave.

We work directly with organisations to assess their critical skills gaps and create bespoke training programmes to equip candidates with the technical expertise required by the business.