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The Road To Zero | Vital and Morson Join Shell Fuel Card Scheme In Drive To Carbon Neutrality

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As part of our larger Group strategy towards a target of being carbon neutral as a business by 2023, Morson and Vital Human Resources have signed up to the Destination: Carbon Neutral fuel card scheme with Shell.

Our largest area of carbon creation as a business was identified as being the fleet team, where we currently run some 695 commercial vehicles across our operations.  

The first major step towards this has been the introduction of Shell Fuel Cards, initially across Vital and Morson International

Opting into the scheme means spending just 1p extra per litre on fuel. Shell tracks fleet consumption and calculates the CO2 emissions associated with the fleet usage throughout the year. They then purchase carbon credits, each one of which is representative of the avoidance of 1 tonne of carbon dioxide. These credits are then used to offset the carbon emissions through a variety of global projects.

Shell work with nature-based projects around the world to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving livelihoods and working to preserve biodiversity and wildlife.

One such project is in Scotland. In 2019, Shell worked with the Forestry and Land team to plant around one million trees across an area equivalent to 9% of the entire of Scotland. This region is able to absorb over 3 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

The Morson Group are the first million litre per year user to adopt the scheme.

Joining the Shell scheme forms a larger part of the Morson Group’s commitment to carbon reduction within the business, with the target being to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2023.

In addition to this scheme, Morson are currently looking into the use on-site energy storage, grid feedback, and on-site generation using solar and wind power. 

Gareth Morris, Group Health, Safety and Compliance Director, said:

“This is a really important first step in our longer-term strategy within the Morson Group. We’re really pleased with the adoption of this scheme at Vital and Morson and a big thank you to David Robinson for initiating this.”

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