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Morson’s Accessibility Software Helps 3062 People on Their Path to Success

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  • Four months since its launch, we take a look at Recite Me and the story so far.

  • 3,062 people have used Recite Me since its launch in February.

  • Ross, CEO and Founder of Recite Me, comments on its success.

In February, we embarked on an accessibility journey by adding the Recite Me accessibility software to our website to ensure our online recruitment process is accessible to everyone.

Since then we have had a fantastic response from our clients and contractors who are all incredibly supportive of the Morson Equals Opportunities initiative.

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We are delighted that four months on we can now share some stats and the story so far…

Recite Me is an innovative cloud-based web tool that works across all devices. It supports the needs of the one in five people in the UK who have a disability and the one in ten people who don’t speak English as their first language.

Since its launch in February…

  • 3,062 people have used Recite Me
  • 73% of users have utilised the playback feature
  • 5% have used recite me to translate our website

Ross Linnett, CEO and Founder, Recite Me said:

“Around one in five people in the UK have a disability and one in ten people don’t speak English as their first language. This can make accessing web-based information extremely difficult. So much of the information that we all need in our daily lives is now online, and if you can’t access or understand it you can be unfairly disadvantaged. Job opportunities are nearly always digital first, and online application forms and skills assessments are now standard parts of the recruitment process. By adding Recite Me to their website, Morson is creating a more inclusive experience for candidates, and are widening and diversifying their talent pool.”

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Because everyone should have the opportunity to find their dream job…

As a global technical recruiter, we operate in sectors hardest hit by imbalances and we are dedicated to improving diversity within the industries we work. Recite Me’s web accessibility software has revolutionised the way we engage with clients, contractors and candidates online. Along with our new Group website, it utilises the latest technology to enhance the candidate journey.

We work hard to attract talent from untapped pools, and by introducing ReciteMe to our website, we are ensuring that there are no barriers in place to hold talented people back.

To find out more about why accessibility in recruitment is so important and to learn more about the story behind Recite Me, visit our inclusivity and accessibility blog.