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The future

A new approach to delivering nuclear power

Rolls-Royce SMR is a radically different approach to delivering new nuclear power. 

Rolls-Royce SMR’s small modular reactor (SMR) programme is the first of its kind in the UK. Having recently received a half a billion-pound investment from the Government, RR-SMR will develop a factory-built nuclear power plant that is deliverable and scalable at a global level.

Our SMR has been developed in direct response to the enormous challenge facing the world as we look for new technology solutions to decarbonise our future energy needs. Our origins are deeply embedded in Rolls-Royce and their world class nuclear and manufacturing heritage.

Our vision is to provide clean, affordable energy for all, and you can be part of it.
"The most exciting nuclear project in the UK"

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Roles are open to experienced nuclear professionals, young talent and graduates alike, creating a truly diverse workforce that is representative of the communities that will benefit from the results of the programme.
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Nuclear Environmental and Safety Case Specialist



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The project

Rolls-Royce SMR’s approach to nuclear technology and development will deliver significant benefits.

Making a meaningful impact across multiple countries, meeting unprecedented demand for clean energy solutions.

The need for clean energy solutions has created a global demand for our SMR as countries look for ways to provide reliable solutions to achieve Net Zero.  Our SMR has been designed in direct response to that enormous global challenge and our ambitions are set to match that global market as we look to build a world class global product.


When fully operational the Rolls-Royce SMR programme is forecast to create 40,000 regional UK jobs by 2050 and generate £52bn in economic benefit.  


Approximately 90% of manufacturing and assembly activities are carried out in factory conditions, helping to maintain an extremely high-quality product, to reduce onsite disruption and to support international roll out.

Working with us

Join us and be a part of something special

Our ability to deliver this future-shaping solution will be based on our highly skilled workforce and the future talent that joins our business.

As an industry leader, we need highly skilled and dedicated people to enable us to achieve our goals. We provide the platform to our employees to pursue a career where they are empowered to think innovatively and develop.

We understand that people are at the forefront of everything we do. This is why Rolls-Royce SMR empowers and invests in our staff to maximise their potential and achieve complete fulfilment of their career.

Image 2022 05 10 T10 46 19
Image 2022 05 10 T10 46 19
Image 2022 05 10 T10 46 19

Meet the team

“Rolls-Royce SMR offers anyone with a background in science or passion for nuclear physics a really unique opportunity.”

Core Design Manager at Rolls-Royce SMR, Ian Sainsbury ​discusses the project, the future of UK and global power, shaking up misconceptions about the nuclear industry and uncovers how you can be part of a legacy.

"It's the most exciting nuclear project in the UK right now, and anyone joining the team has the chance to develop their role, integrate across different disciplines and carve a career for life. There’s an opportunity, as this project expands, for talented individuals to bring new ideas and concepts to the table that could change how things are done for centuries to come.”

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It's not just a job, it's a legacy

At Rolls-Royce SMR, we don’t just want you to contribute, we want you to grow.

We have open dialogue with our employees to understand the ambitions for their career and set plans to achieve them. 

Whether it’s helping you obtain formal qualifications or pairing you with a mentor, Rolls-Royce SMR will provide you with a fulfilling career.