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Are you making impact hires? Here are the reasons why you should be…

  • Publish Date: Posted 4 months ago
  • Author: James Kenealey

​Hiring for your rapidly growing startup can be both a highly rewarding and an incredibly challenging process.

Growing your internal team to add both the capacity and skills to scale up is crucial to your plans for expansion. However, making the right hires to truly impact your developing startup in a positive manner, takes more than just the creation of a checklist of criteria.

Recently, Prince Harry was named Chief Impact Officer at BetterUp Inc, a startup based in San Francisco. Whilst this may be a more literal interpretation of an impact hire, his role will still be centred around furthering the coaching and mental health firms wider aims. In his own words, he hopes to achieve “driving advocacy and awareness for mental fitness” and “guiding BetterUp’s social mission and impact.”. Now you don’t need to hire your business a Prince to find your impact hire, but having someone with the same desire to influence your company’s future should be a top priority.

Here are the reasons why you should be doing everything you can to guarantee you make high impact hires.

Find those future leaders

When scaling up your business, you’re looking for those special hires that will make a significant, long term impact. These impact hires often have a specific set of skills or expertise that provide the ability to create a lasting influence within your organisation. Whether they touch on revenue, operations, strategy or other areas of the business, getting the right impact hire will generate the results you need to successfully navigate the scaling-up phase and lay the platform for the future success of your business.

Develop your company culture

We all dream of having the perfect company culture that represents our core values. But this is a lot easier to instil and maintain whilst you’re still a relatively new business, but can be more challenging as you scale your business. For those with aspirations of growth and evolution, it should be no surprise that this will have a huge impact on the culture fostered in the early stages of your business. When bringing in new talent, it is important to look for someone who you believe fits in with your core values and will share the same common goals as those already within the organisation. But if you can find the right impact hire, they can not only become a champion for your existing ideologies but can further develop that culture to ensure it remains relevant as your startup becomes an established company.

Boost productivity

Bringing in a new face that can not only provide improved performance in their role but raise the level of the team around them is an instant pathway to success. Ultimately, your startup's success is dependent on your staff. Without the right team in place, operating at a highly productive level, you will no doubt struggle during the scaling-up phase of business.

Increase revenue

Finally, the number one aim of almost every startup is to increase revenue generation across the business. This will enable further growth and allow your company to hasten its ability to navigate through the scale up phase. Making the right hires will do this, particularly when hiring for those revenue-generating roles such as sales and investments. If you can find the perfect individual, who buys into your business model and has the skills and expertise to sell your business to the right people, you’re on your way to successfully growing your startup.
Where do I find impact hires?

Scaling up is a challenge. Finding the right talent to build your teams isn’t as easy as placing a job advert online and waiting for the applications to flood in. This is especially true if you’re searching for those high impact hires that will leave a lasting legacy with your company and play a key role in its growth.

Here at Morson, we understand those challenges. We are innovators with people at our hearts, focused on fulfilling our clients’ recruitment needs, including the most niche and hard to fill roles. We have access to huge sources of talent that you would ordinarily struggle to find.

Get in touch with Morson today, so we can work together with you to create lasting value and the competitive advantage you need to succeed.