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Flying the flag for women in rail

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Jessica Tabinor

  • We chat to Anna Wooden who is flying the flag for women in rail working within Morson's rail division.

  • Find out more about her flourishing career and how she says that working within a male-dominated industry only makes her even more determined to prove that women are equal to men when out on track.

We’ve proudly been flying the flag for women in rail for numerous years as we deploy a number of initiatives and programmes to create equality within the industry, not just in terms of gender, but across all under-represented groups to establish true diversity and inclusivity. 

Anna Wooden is one of a number of hugely talented females working within our rail divisions. Her journey began on a 16-week training programme, with Anna’s keen eye for detail, work ethic and intuitive nature seeing her stand out. 

Working in an industry that’s male-dominated doesn’t faze Anna, and as the only female within her gang, she says this only makes her even more determined to prove that women are equal to men when out on track... 

“When I started out, I was especially determined to prove my capability. I was the only female in my training group and I wondered how many females actually worked on the railway, but I knew I was as good as anyone. I proved that I could do the job from day one and now no-one second guesses me." 

“I had never expected to work on the track – or even in this industry. It is tough and there’s no denying that the job is hard, but if you keep pushing at it, it will become easier. There is still some change to be done in rail but I do see the industry is on the cusp of transformation." 

“I would encourage more women to consider working in jobs like mine – I enjoy it and work good hours. Sometimes fear holds people back, both men and women. I really do think that some people within the industry, outside of Morson, still have a fear that a woman could come on track and do a better job than them.” 

Turning her hand to anything that comes her way, Anna was recently awarded a ‘Made a Difference’ accolade after successfully presenting to our biggest clients’ 150-strong track delivery unit. 

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Anna’s line manager and operations manager, Chris Humphreys, added:

“Anna’s ambition will lead her to one day becoming a Supervisor, something that will be a real milestone in both of our careers, as I’m yet in my 15 years in the industry to meet a female that leads track maintenance and track renewal gangs."

“She’s a shining light in our industry and is breaking down barriers and changing the dynamics of females on track to hopefully inspire and encourage more women to seek a career in rail, because, without stars like Anna, the industry really is missing out. She’s well respected among her peers and I’m keen to see what bright future Anna will carve out within the sector.”

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