Q. How do I add a job?

A. Select Add Job this will display a list of templates. Select the relevant template, complete all fields and press Create to add the job to Vencuro.

Q. How do I add a job that is internal?

A. When in the job details tab, there is an option underneath Salary Details named ‘Is Internal’. Click ‘Yes’ if you would like this to remain internal or ‘No’ for external.

Q. How do I add a job description onto the job?

A. Job descriptions can be added within the content of the Job Details and also a document can be added in the Documents area.

Q. How do I add and view documents?

A. Select the Documents tab, then press Add Document.  Choose the file to upload and complete the description.  Once complete press Upload. To view a document, press the downward pointing arrow to the right of the document name, this will download the document for you to view.

Q. How do I add rates against a job?

A. Select the Rates tab, then press Add Rate.  Select the correct rate from the drop-down menu and fill in the Pay and Invoice rate.  Once complete press on the green tick.  If you need to edit the rate, press on the three circles and select edit or delete.

Q. How do I search for a job?

A. The search box displayed on the Active and History Jobs screens will search on the Job Titles of your job.  For a more detailed search select Advanced Filter, choose the relevant values and press Apply.

Q. How do I amend job details?

A. Select the arrow icon to open the job fully, selectAmendthis will allow you to make changes on the relevant fields.  Once completed pressSaveto save changes.

Q. How do I broadcast a job to the clients website?

A. When the Job Status is Open go to the Broadcast Rules tab. If the Status is set to Manual, then click on the red arrow and this will be broadcast for you. If the Status is Automatic the job will have already been broadcast.

Q. How to add a candidate against a job shortlist?

A. Go to the Candidate Shortlist tab within a job and select Add Candidate.  Choose whether to add a new candidate or existing candidate.  If existing select the correct candidate, if new complete the missing fields and select Add Candidate.

Q. How do I re-set my password?

A. Select Forgot my Password on the login page, enter your email address on the new screen displayed and follow the link received.

Q. What if my email isn’t registered?  

A. Please contact support@vencuro.com

Q. How do I progress a candidate?

A. Go into the job in which you wish to progress the candidate, select the Candidate Shortlist, from there you will see all the candidates that have been added onto the job. Select the cog and work through one CV at a time, use the left had side actions to select each stage of the candidate journey.

Q. What does public mean against the job documents?

A. This determines whether the document is visible to other providers on Vencuro.  If on then this is visible, if not then they will not have access to this document.

Q.What is the red flag on the Job and Candidates?

A. This identifies that the job or candidate has been flagged as internal.  This is controlled in the job details and on the candidate profile.

Q. Why can’t I authorise a role?

A. Permissions to authorise are controlled by the Vencuro lead as your company, on the first instance contact them.

Q. What does the 'Job Status Rejected' mean?

A. This means the job did not pass all levels of authorisation.  Who has rejected the role can be viewed in the activity log.

Q. Why has my job gone into re-authorisation?

A. Certain fields can trigger re-authorisation.  If a certain field has been amended after the job was authorised then it would start the re-authorisation process again.

Q. What if I can’t see jobs I am supposed to?

A. If you can’t see jobs that you are supposed to see, then this will be your permission settings, please email support@vencuro.com

Q. How can I accept/reject a job?

A. Once a Job has been created, under the Authorisation Details section an option to Authorise or Reject. If rejected the Job Status will not change to open. If authorised the Job Status will change to open or trigger approval the next approval level.