Q.I am a Timesheet approver and cannot see a timesheet?

A: Firstly, check there are no filters on the screen.  If you are still unable to view the required timesheet, please contact your Morson Consultant to arrange access for the relevant Contractor.

Q: I am a Timesheet approver and I am not receiving email alerts to let me know I have Timesheets awaiting authorisation.

A:Go to your preferences screen the Notifications Email displays the email address in the system.  If this is incorrect, update and select Save.

If the email address is correct, check with your junk folder and finally with your internal IT that no external email addresses are being blocked. 

Q.I am a timesheet approver and I am unable to see completed timesheets

A:These will be stored in your History menu.  Here you will see all Timesheets that have been authorised previously.  Make sure there are no filters on this screen if you are still unable to view a Completed Timesheet.

Q.I am a timesheet approver and have approved the timesheet, however these hours now need amending.

A:If the timesheet is at the status Authorised then you can Query the timesheet.  This will send the timesheet back to Awaiting Entry and the hours can be amended.

If the timesheet has been paid, please contact olts@morson.com

Q.I am a contractor and cannot see a timesheet to complete.

A. Contact your Morson recruitment consultant to ensure you are expecting a timesheet.  They can then resolve this internally and make a timesheet available.

Q.I have forgotten my password?

A:Select Forgot Password found under the “Sign in” button.

Q. Can I have a timesheet for up-coming weeks?

A:Timesheets are uploaded on a weekly basis based on the start / end dates of the Contractor’s booking.  The timesheets for the following week will be available on Thursday morning. 

Contact us for futher support.

OLTS Team:olts@morson.com

Technical Support:support@vencuro.com

Recruitment Consultant:0161 707 1516