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How to get your CV noticed

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 months ago
  • Author: Zara Winstanley
Searching for a new job? It's a great time to reflect, take stock and start thinking about personal and professional goals.

The average time hiring managers or recruiters spend reviewing a CV is a mere 8.8 seconds, according to eye-tracking research. In addition, businesses and recruitment agencies alike have started to heavily rely on automation and AI screening tools to match the language within your CV to the job posting you’ve applied for, to quickly ascertain whether you are the right candidate for the role. So, you need to ensure your CV is optimised both to get ahead of the tech and impress those time-poor recruiters and hiring managers.

Competition for jobs is fierce, and the key is to ensure you are on the right track from the very start. It’s all about optimising your CV – keeping it simple and relevant to the role you’re applying for. A well-written CV can be your ticket to a job interview. It showcases the best possible you and is often one of the first opportunities to make an impression before the interviewer meets you.

Below we outline the top tips for getting your CV noticed and make sure it is placed on the yes pile.

 How to get your CV noticed in 2022

1. Introduce yourself

It’s always key to give the recruiter a general idea of who you are and your key skills. Keep it brief - 50 words tailored to the job you’re applying for. You want to capture the reader's attention right away. Think about the role you’re applying for and what the reader is likely to be most interested in when looking for the right candidate for the role.

Research the company, look at its core values and use keywords and phrases that align with yourself and your work experience. Use the job posting to align and craft your CV and look at the qualifications advertised and highlight this in your introduction if they have requested it specifically.

2. Spelling and grammar

This may seem like a simple one, but it’s a huge (and particularly common) CV faux pas. If your CV has a spelling mistake in the very first line, it highlights your lack of attention to detail and can come across as sloppy. It’s the type of mistake that’s small but will easily be noticed. Use tools like Grammarly which will proofread and check your spelling and grammar as you type.

3. Tech is your friend

In a constantly tech advancing world, why not step out from the conventional 'paper CV', which may be deemed as old fashioned by some. In 2022, many will be looking towards the future with tech-savvy introduction videos. Many shy away from the mere thought of this, but it shows forward-thinking initiative and can be a great way to introduce yourself while enhancing your image and first impression to potential employers prior to the interview stage. See some helpful tips on how to get this started.

4. Structure

Make sure it looks professional and is easy to navigate because there is nothing worse or more off-putting to a recruiter than a confusing CV. Begin with your contact details, so they know how to reach you for the next stage, such as email, phone number and name. Flow through to your most relevant and recent work experience and any skills that relate to the role you’re applying for, even if they’re not directly relevant but can be transferred. Ensure you also include any education and grades on there too, particularly if the job advertisement specifies it.

There are multiple CV creation tools online that you can use which assist you in the layout and formatting of your CV.

5. Skills pay the bills

Skills that directly relate to the role you're applying for or even the transferable skills you can bring across can vary but have never been more sought after. In 2022, roles will be ever more reliant upon tech, knowing how to navigate various systems and devices will be highly valuable and a must-have on your CV. Softwares you know and love (well, maybe not love but can use fluently), showcase them no matter how redundant you may think them to be. Technical literacy will almost certainly be valued in any role.

Not quite up to scratch with tech and new software? Highlight your soft skills and address your adaptability and willingness to learn. Being adaptable and ready for change has never been more valued. This skill during the pandemic was highly sought after and has kept many businesses running and succeeding. Whether a willing to learn, adapt their workload or adapt to changes, an employee ready and willing is always a key candidate.

6. Professional tone and numbers

It’s easy to slip into a similar tone that you use with friends and family but try and keep your CV professional. It is here to showcase the best possible you and a formal tone is the best angle to take.

Use data and analytics to ‘wow’. Let the numbers do the talking, for example, highlight how you led your previous team to increase revenue by 20% or how you saved your company 35% of their overall spending in your department.

7. Limit your pages

Try and keep your information concise and relevant and use your space wisely. Ideally limit your CV to two or three pages, as this is the sweet spot. Applying for a role as a payroll clerk? Remember, chop out old and irrelevant work experience!

8. Highlight and big up your achievements

Most people aren’t comfortable with self-promotion, but this is your moment! Highlight your abilities, achievements, and transferrable skills; give them a visual of what you can do and prove that you’re the right person for the role.

Using keywords throughout your CV that link into the role you’re applying for works wonders. Keep your CV relevant to the role you’re applying for and remember to tailor when applying for another role. .

9. And finally... keep it up to date

It doesn’t matter if there are gaps in your work, particularly during the recent pandemic. But make sure you’re referring to any volunteering work you’ve done, studying, extra work or additional activities you’ve participated in. Have a willingness to show you are proactive and at the top of your game when seeking new skills. Whether you were volunteering your time caring for the elderly or even just focusing on your own mental health and getting additional exercise – it all counts!

Keep your most relevant and recent work experience at the top of the page, as this is what recruiters are most interested in.

Give every job application your full attention because there is a high standard of other candidates also searching for their perfect role! Make sure you’re the one to stand out - and good luck in your job search.

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