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Morson join Northern PoWEr Women's 'PoWEr up Collective'

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
Morson Group is proud to join other pioneering organisations and over 70,000 individuals in the PoWEr Up conversations and collective; leading the way to mentor, connect and accelerate change and growth in the North.

The 'PoWEr Up Collective' stands to shape the future and generations to come, through its accessible opportunities, the transformation of workplace cultures and increased opportunities for women. We are committed to collaboratively supporting emerging talent and are passionate about providing accessible mentoring and networking for all. 

"We are delighted to be a partner of the PoWEr Up Collective joining other forward-thinking organisations to enable PoWEr Up Mentoring and Networking opportunities for emerging talent.

Connecting them with amazing role models from across the North and beyond is a vital step in ensuring that this generation does not get left behind. As a people-focused organisation, we know first-hand just how impactful mentoring and networking opportunities are and how they can transform careers. That's why we're so excited to join the PoWEr Up Collective and support future talent."

- Sam Price, Morson EDI Lead

New beginnings: The PoWEr up Collective

About Northern Power Women

Northern Power Women, launched by Simone Roche, is a business community that stands as a catalyst for driving change, paying it forward and uniting businesses and individuals alike. Simone saw the need to focus gender balance within the northern powerhouse region and launched NPW, with the goal to make the North a driving force for diversity and equality. With a community of now over 70,000 individuals, its campaign is dedicated to accelerating gender equality and social mobility by hosting events and starting conversations to get people involved. Northern Power Women collaborate with other forward-thinking organisations with the main aim to further equity, equality and inclusivity. 

Northern Power Women and Northern Power Futures have stayed committed to accelerating gender equality and social mobility from the north, despite the challenging past 18 months. Through this time, the redefining and uniting of Northern Power futures and Northern Power Women under the one umbrella and purpose, ‘WeArePoWEr’. Through this, creating the largest event celebrating gender equality in Europe, the PoWEr up collective has sparked over 11,000 conversations working towards innovating, collaborating and adapting. 

New beginnings: The PoWEr up Collective
The Power Platform 

The Power Platform creates ways to measure, recognise and celebrate the community; redefining what power means in the world. Throughout its initial stages, the PoWEr up collective will get communities involved through events, programmes and opportunities and connect to role models through the power platform. The collective will create a hub for collaboration, mentoring and creation of opportunities. As a partner of the platform, it provides opportunities for networking, mentoring and being a part of a bigger movement. The 12-month collective programme incorporates all cross-sector organisations from corporate, public sector, universities, local authorities and regional government who financially invest to actively support emerging talent. 

The PoWEr up collective strives for fairness, equity and equality, accelerating gender equality and diversity in the North. It supports and invests in emerging talent, enabling colleagues to give back and pass on skills and delivering on social values.

​Through our partnership with the 'PoWEr Up Collective', we'll be taking part in a range of activities, including webinars, mentoring programmes, podcasts, networking events and awards to ensure opportunities are accessible for all.
For more information on using your organisation's power for good, see here.