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The Construction Market Industry Report 2021: Building towards the future

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 months ago
  • Author: James Kenealey
​Our industry-leading construction recruitment specialists Anderselite has produced a 2021 Construction Market Industry report, detailing the current trends in the UK construction market and providing insights on future talent demands.
Read an excerpt here and download the full report below:
​Green shoots after a difficult year

The lockdowns to combat the coronavirus pandemic bought the construction industry to an unprecedented halt in March 2020. A little under a year and a half later, figures from the Office of National Statistics shows that the monthly all word index almost halved from around 100 in January 2020 to 55.9 at the peak of the April lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic hit the construction sector hard in 2020. With the dust settling on a turbulent time for the industry, a report by the Office of National Statistics shows the true impact of the lockdowns.

The monthly all work index almost halved from around 100 in January 2020 to 55.9 by the peak of the lockdown in April. New housing was among the biggest hit, dropping almost 70% from February to April 2020.

The recovery is certainly well underway though. Throughout the second half of 2020, activity levels began to quickly improve. The government slogan of ‘Build Back Better’ is among the rhetoric in the sector, where there is a strong urge to deliver investments in the new build and retrofit work that will support the built environment’s contribution to the UK’s accelerating the transition to Net Zero carbon emissions. This will require a constantly expanding, skilled workforce.

There are, however, some challenges. During 2020 and into the start of 2021, construction companies reduced recruitment and there was a significant drop in the numbers of people starting apprenticeships. For the industry to meet increasing demand, a trained, skilled, competent workforce is essential.

Download the full Construction Market Industry Report below to find out:
  • The current trends and challenges of the construction market

  • Spotlight the most sought-after talent over the next 4 years

  • Show how a managed service provision can allow Anderselite to handle all elements of the contingency hiring process, drastically reducing costs and ensuring talent flow.