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SeaBubbles, the ‘Flying’ Boat is the New Way to Travel in Miami

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Jessica Tabinor

Launching in Miami this week is a new way to travel, by bubble taxi! The five-seater, SeaBubbles Bubble Taxi is an electric, self-stabilising, hydrofoiling ‘flying’ boat.

It is believed to be around the size of a family car with a very slick design that can easily glide through the water, making for a smooth and comfortable ride.

But how does it work?

The Bubble Taxi prototype runs on a 20-kilowatt electric drive system, and once it hits around 8 mph its hydrofoils develop enough lift to make it rise out of the water at 16 inches, allowing a top speed 17 mph. The taxi has a 21.5-kilowatt-hour battery, which is good for up to two hours of use or 40 km (25 miles) between five-hour charges.

Operating on a central front and two rear hydrofoils, the Bubble Taxi uses gyroscopic and altitude sensors to measure pitch and roll angles constantly. The steering system is completely fly-by-wire, allowing the boat to auto-correct for tilt and stabilise itself as you drive.

However, this innovative mode of transport doesn’t come cheap, at around $200,000 but with its attractive fuel savings, it could be very eye-catching.

Check out the SeaBubbles video:

SeaBubbles’ co-founder Anders Bringdal said:

“The cities today have one thing in common: pollution and congestion. Every city has waterways — ones that are fairly unused. Think about having a giant freeway that goes straight down the centre of the city, and no one uses it… why is that?”

“You could do this with a normal boat,” he admits. “But with a normal boat with a normal combustion engine, the fuel price you’re paying is between $70 and $130 per hour. With us, it’s $2,”

A number of private buyers in the United States have already made an order and are waiting for their arrival in Summer 2019. The company is also preparing to start production for private and business customers in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

SeaBubbles have said that this is just the beginning of their journey and they are predicting that their production models will be much faster, with bigger batteries and a longer range.

All there is left to say is, when can we have a go!?

(Images and video sourced via SeaBubble)

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