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Safety Matters Summer 2018


Welcome to the summer 2018 edition of Safety Matters, the dedicated health and safety magazine from Morson and Vital.
This issue shines a spotlight on ownership and responsibility, as everyone within our workforce, whether on site or office based, is accountable for the health, safety and wellbeing of themselves and those around them. 
Pluralistic ignorance is a factor that we are working to stamp out by creating a united and collaborative culture. In social psychology, pluralistic ignorance occurs when individuals in a group assume that they are different from others, when in fact, their beliefs, attitudes and actions are one and the same. 
It is this same assumption that is happening within the rail sector, with individuals failing to report health and safety issues and concerns because everyone else within the group seems accepting of this behaviour and would prefer not to go against the norm.

Diffusion of responsibility also plays its part in where people assume that this same reporting is someone else’s duty, and would rather stand back as a bystander instead of flagging the problem before it has the potential to escalate.

To stamp out this pluralistic ignorance and diffusion of responsibility, we continue to introduce a number of new initiatives and programmes to improve our Work Safe, Home Safe culture and that give everyone the tools to effortlessly report concerns and issues. This edition showcases our new Close Call app and highlights the benefits of the confidential reporting system, which we offer as part of our ongoing relationship with safety analysis experts, CIRAS.

This same ownership and responsibility also stretches beyond health and safety, towards building a more diverse, inclusive and equal workforce. There’s no hiding behind the fact that the rail sector has long been dominated by certain ethnicities and genders, and as a Group, we are responsible for providing recruitment services that deliver inclusive solutions and engaging with and advising a diverse workforce who are fully supported within an inclusive environment.

By prioritising diversity, our goal is to create a workforce that reflects modern day communities, by attracting candidates and talent across all genders, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, disabilities, backgrounds and more.

Work Safe, Home Safe is the foundation for all that we do and everyone must take responsibility for ensuring that we each work safely and go home safely every working day.

We value your feedback – if you have any comments to share, please e-mail them to safety-matters@morson.com
I hope you enjoy this issue.
Terry Naden
Associate Director
Morson International