We nurture your ambitions.

In many ways, our greatest responsibility is the creation of sustainable talent pipelines, ensuring that people from all walks of life can harness the best opportunities and enabling industries to prosper.

It's a commitment that we take very seriously. Our partnership with the University of Salford, building two state-of-the-art facilities for students and our fully-funded engineering scholarships both ensure that the next generation of engineering talent has no barriers to success.

Internally we prioritise the training and development of our people and our communities. Our apprenticeship programme has had numerous success stories, addressing the growing skills gap and tackling youth unemployment.

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Prioritising the training and development of our people

​To date, we've had over 500 individuals across the UK complete our apprenticeship programme, achieving positive results from both a business and social point of view by addressing the growing skills gap as well as tackling youth unemployment.

Our commitment to supporting the next generation is what makes our apprenticeship programme so successful. Some training schemes are simply a ‘box ticking’ exercise but we invest significantly in our people and have developed a comprehensive programme, which gives our apprentices the essential skills to get ahead in their careers. We reinvest in training at all levels, including apprenticeships, upskilling, reskilling and work placements.

The 5% Club Charter

Morson Group is proud to be a member of the 5% Club Charter for Apprentices. The charter is an industry-led initiative focused on promoting the recruitment of apprentices in the workplace. By joining the club, we maintain a minimum of 5% of our workforce enrolled in apprenticeship schemes at any time across the business. 

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Enabling students to learn real-world industry skills.

The Morson Maker Space is located on the University of Salford campus and features 3D printers, Ultimate S5, 3 and 2+ machines, Markforged composite and SLA resin Formlabs printers as well as laser and vinyl cutters, and a dedicated computer suite for 3D design classes. Students have the ability to learn how to use and operate these machines to build practical skills in relation to design for manufacture, assembly and inspection, gaining hands-on practical experience to take a project from idea to early concept stage right through to a final product.

The Morson Engine Room supports collaboration between students and businesses by allowing education and industry to work together on industry briefs. Featuring the latest manufacturing technologies, which include a waterjet cutter, metal additive manufacturing, large format 3D printing, electron and optical microscopes, and reverse engineering metrology instrumentation, it enables students to learn real-world industry skills.

“This is a flagship for Salford, for attracting the next generation of engineers and enabling industry to recruit from our talent pool. It is exciting to be working alongside Morson Group to build on our manufacturing pedigree, which gave birth to the first engineering courses dating back to the Industrial Revolution!”

Dr Maria Stukoff | Maker Space director at the University of Salford

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Gerry Mason Engineering Excellence Scholarship

To date, we have supported 35 young people by funding their academic studies at the University of Salford. The scholarships enable talented students, who would otherwise be deterred from university because of the associate tuition fees and living costs, to pursue a degree in engineering.

These fully-funded engineering scholarships allow students to study one of 13 engineering programmes at the University of Salford, including civil, aeronautical and mechanical engineering.

We have also recently strengthened the programme by creating a robust training framework that enabled scholars to conduct various work placements with the Morson Group throughout their study, which included a paid summer placement between their second and third year.

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Engineers at The Morson Maker Space Tackle NHS PPE Shortage

Teams at the Morson Engine Room and Maker Space have recently developed a prototype medical visor using 3D printing in direct response to the needs of hospital staff fighting Coronavirus.  Following initial testing, the team have now been tasked with producing 75 visors a day, donating the products to Salford Royal Foundation Trust.