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5 ways to answer “Why should we hire you?”

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Rebekah Valero-Lee
We’ve all been there – when a hiring manager asks you “why should we hire you?” and our minds go blank. We all struggle to talk about ourselves and our achievements and what makes us the best candidate for the role.

This question can blindside us, but what they are really asking is “what makes you the best fit for this position?” and your answer should be, in short, a sales pitch explaining what you have to offer the employer.


Remember that employers hire workers to solve a problem, whether it’s boosting sales, streamlining processes or building a brand. All in all, your goal when making your pitch is to show that you’re the best person to solve that problem. Express your many skills and experience to show that you are the right person to deliver great results and get the job done to the highest standard. Therefore, the better you do that, the better your chances of landing the job.

Here are 5 ways to get on your way:

1. Skills and abilities

You never know what the other candidates have to offer but you do know what you bring! Focus on your talents and how they can be an asset to the company. Emphasize your key skills, strengths, talents, work experience and professional achievements. You’ve got to interview stage so they must think you’re capable of the role.

“I have …. skills and …. experience and the ability to be an asset to the company”

2. Industry experience

You want to emphasise your particular industry experience and how this benefits the company in question. Follow on from this by determining what problems they might have so far or areas of improvement and how you could be a great asset that can contribute to working towards this new goal.

“I think that my experience in the … industry and my ability to work autonomously make me a good match for this position.”

3. Job description

This is a good opportunity to compare your skills and experience with what they require, reiterating your fit for the position. Read through the job description and identify the company’s culture and the departments characteristics and features, you can then highlight how you would be a great fit and how you align to their values.

“You describe in the job listing that you are looking for a… and in my experience…”

4. Company expert

One way to answer is knowing the ins and outs of the company you’re interviewing for, a bit of flattery combined with insider knowledge never hurt anyone. Ensure you scour the company’s website and social media channels to research the role and company, research their roadmap and company history.

“My knowledge of the business is… and I think…”

5. Success stories

All interviewers like to hear specific situations where you’ve showcased your skills, especially in a previous similar role. Be honest and confident in what you have achieved. This moment is all about showcasing you and what you can bring forth!

“I have succeeded in… and I can offer this to you…”

There we have it, five key pointers to help you answer that all-important question – why should we hire you? Remember, believe that you are the best person for the role and be confident in your abilities and experience.

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