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Adrian Adair, Morson COO is Featured in Recruiter Magazine Discussing How Morson Uses Video and Content to Attract Top Talent

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author: Jessica Tabinor

  • Adrian Adair, Morson Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) is featured in Recruiter Magazine.

  • Find out how recruiters successfully recruit in their own business. 

Adrian Adair Morson Group COO

In the latest issue of Recruiter Magazine, Adrian Adair, Morson Group Chief Operating Officer (COO) discusses how recruiters successfully recruit in their own business.

Read on to find out about Morson’s talent attraction techniques using mixed media and omnichannel campaigns to gain a competitive edge.

Recruiters are experts in sourcing the best talent for their clients, but what happens when they need to recruit top-notch recruiters to find and hire the best talent?

In today’s job-rich, candidate-poor environment the competition for attracting the best candidates is fierce and so companies are required to think out of the box… 

Adrian Adair, Chief Operating Officer at Morson Group, agrees that video and content are the way to attract new talent, saying:

“Competition for talent is growing, meaning employers must embrace different ways of searching for and attracting good people. At Morson, we use video, quality content and our own people to tell our Group story, whilst also widening our search for potential candidates by connecting with untapped talent pools. Return to work parents is a great example, with us helping mums and dads to overcome the challenges of balancing a career with family responsibilities by being flexible and agile.”

To really sell the role you must ensure that candidates buy into the company and want to work for the brand. Having videos and testimonials highlighting what it’s really like to work at the company along with content that explains some of the benefits, will help to improve the candidate experience and enhance your reputation.

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 Although many recruitment leaders debate whether it’s best to hire talent from inside or outside of the industry, Morson Group focuses on hiring a variety of talent, as Adair explains:

“We have seen a real growing trend in the number of niche recruitment consultants joining our business, as the market increasingly craves industry specialists and technical expertise from people who understand what makes them tick. Whatever the role, from our apprentices right through to the board, we seek out people who want to be part of our business’ purpose and ambition”

Recruiters are often required to work over a variety of sectors which is why recruiting talent who has a varied background works so well. The art is getting the balance right and has a mix of both new and emerging talent and experienced recruitment consultants to lead the way.

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