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Our Engineer of the Month award aims to celebrate excellence and foster positive relationships across engineering by asking for you to nominate your peers for our monthly award. 

We're looking for engineers with inspiring stories, who have faced challenges head on or have gone over and above in their job role. 

Both the winner of the award and the nominator will receive an Amazon Echo* 

Winners will be chosen by Morson CEO Ged Mason.  Nominations for March are open now and winners will be announced at the start of April. 

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Hinkley Point C, HS2 and Highways, are the three biggest UK infrastructure projects to be delivered over the next 20 years.

Bringing with them intense competition for skilled resource, the 'Triple H' will fuel a fantastic amount of opportunities in the UK job market.

Expected growth across these UK infrastructure projects will create a demand for over 250,000 construction workers and over 150,000 engineering workers by 2020.

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Apprenticeships and training are critical to the success of major projects and the UK’s infrastructure investment plan. 

Morson are committed to developing future talent and have pledged that at least 5% of our workforce will be made up of apprentices throughout the year of engineering and beyond. 

Follow our apprentices' journey >


Improving diversity in engineering must be a core focus if the UK is to deliver its programme of major infrastructure projects.  

During the year of engineering and beyond Morson will be working hard to encourage more women into engineering through scholarships, events and mentorships at school level. 

To support this we have pledged to double the number of females we have in engineering roles by the end of the decade.

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