• Base Maintenance
    Responsible for carrying out major servicing of the Apache helicopters where thorough inspections are able to display the need for rectification, rebuilds or functioning tests.
    Flying hours and calendar based maintenance on helicopter/ aircraft – includes inspection for damage and wear and tear, rectification, reassembly and flight testing.
  • Line Maintenance – Combat Ready Pool
    Maintain a pool of aircraft ready to deploy at short notice for the Army. Also support forward operations including the Army Air Corp flying display team which have seen employees support operations in Brize Norton and Berlin.
  • Modifications
    Dedicated teams carrying out a wide variety of modifications on the Apache fleet working alongside the Base maintenance teams or as a stand alone activity. 
  • Workshops/Repairs
    Personnel work in a variety of workshops that focus on individual aspects of the aircraft to support both base and line maintenance activities and forward units as a second line repair organisation.
    Repair of removable assets and used for repair fleet assets.
  • Support Teams: Toolstore/ Facilities/ Admin/ IT/ Data Analysts
    Allow for business requirements to be met by being onsite and able to react quickly to any request.
  • Storage
    Maintain a number of aircraft in deep storage on behalf of the Army.