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Vital Mentorship App

Vital Mentorship App

Fostering a ‘can do’ attitude through our mentorship programme

We have recently launched the ‘Vital Mentorship Programme, where we coach and mentor new operatives as well as all newly skilled staff on their newly acquired competence. We carry this out on a one-to-one basis via our experienced mentors who instill the skills required for working on track as well as the correct attitudes for their career in rail. 

Measuring and quantifying the benefits of the mentorship programme

We recognised the need to measure and quantify the benefit that the mentorship programme was offering to our team members. We researched various means and tools to meet the means of this initiative however, we were unable to identify any bespoke tools suitable for the task. To this end we designed and developed our own in house ‘Vital Mentorship App’.

Monitoring and measuring performance

This app allows our mentors to monitor and rate their mentees throughout the early stages of their training and development journey in the industry. Each completed task is rated for competence and confidence in the role with the facility to comment on specific areas such as aptitude, attitude, safety adherence, timekeeping etc.  All information is collated and used to tailor any additional training required to the individual. The app not only allows us to highlight potential issues, it is also an excellent tool to identify potential in the early stages of their career and to ensure this is developed, providing both the mentee and Vital with a continuous programme of learning and development. 

Safety stand down day

We have recently carried out our first bi-annual safety stand down day in Scotland. This allowed us to promote a learning environment and maintain a competitive edge in industry knowledge providing continual standards updates, briefs, safety bulletins, accidents/incidents and any hot topics around the industry. We deliver presentations to the attendees, briefing them on:

  • Vital – our current position
  • Vision and values
  • Long-term company goals

The event provides our workforce with an overview of what they are part of and how they can play a key role in the success of the business. In the build, up to this day we engaged with our clients, suppliers and staff to devise and deliver practical demonstrations with road rail vehicles (RRVs) identifying exclusion zones and operator blind spots. We also brought in a squad of our operatives and carried out re-enactments of changing sleepers, lifting, moving and canting rail demonstrating correct practice being put into place. 

The Vital ‘stand down day is a clear demonstration of our ‘can do’ attitude showcasing safety and reinforcing our values  of delivering excellence on behalf of our clients.