Morson Vital



What is GDPR?

Why have you emailed me about data protection?

Because we hold your details on our database in respect of job seeking, we now legally need to obtain your consent to hold and process that information and to continue to provide our services to you.

Why do you need my consent?

Without your consent we can no longer offer you a job seeking service or discuss any new vacancies.

What happens if I don’t consent?

We will delete your details from our database and will no longer be able to offer you job opportunities going forward.

Where have you got my details from?

Your details have been registered on our database either via a previous job application, a job board or when working for us.

How long do you keep my details for?

We will keep your details for 2 years for the purpose of finding you work, after which we will request consent from you again. We have a legal obligation to retain some details for a longer period e.g. HMRC records for up to 7 years.

Where can I learn more about GDPR?

The Information Commissioner’s Office has full and complete details.

What if I want to withdraw consent?

You can withdraw consent at any time by emailing

Withdrawing consent means we will no longer be able to offer you job opportunities going forward.