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Key Information Documents

Key Information Documents

The Conduct Regulations 2003 - Key Information Document (Regulation 13A

What is the Key Information Document?

From April 2020 it is a requirement for employment businesses to provide any temporary work-seekers they supply, either on a contract for services or via a limited company, with a Key Information Document (K.I.D.). The purpose of this document is to clearly and succinctly set out the essential information a work-seeker requires prior to starting an assignment. The aim of the attached Key Information Documents is to promote greater transparency and accountability in the relationship between an employment business and a work seeker. The requirement to have a K.I.D. was developed as a response to increasing concern by the government regarding arrangements where a worker is supplied through an intermediary such as an umbrella company. As it currently stands, there is a lack of clarity surrounding who the employer is of a worker who is engaged via an intermediary for the purposes of paying the worker and ensuring the correct deductions are made from that pay. 

One area of confusion here is the concept of the “work-seeker” for the purposes of to whom the K.I.D. should be provided. In context, the term work-seeker can be used to refer to both an individual work-seeker, or to an umbrella or limited company that then engages an individual to do the work. The intent of the K.I.D. is to benefit the individual work-seeker, or if the work-seeker is a company, the individual who is being supplied by that company to do the work. It is a statutory obligation for employment businesses to provide the K.I.D. and to ensure that the individual performing the role receives it.  

For your reference the requirement to provide a K.I.D. is set out in The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses (Amendment) Regulations 2019, which has amended the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 to contain an additional regulation, 13A, which covers the K.I.D. and what it needs to contain. These regulations came in to force from 6 April 2020 and it is now a requirement for employment businesses to provide a K.I.D. to all work seekers. 

On that basis please find the relevant documents below for reference: 

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