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Safety Vehicles

Safety Vehicles

Onsite Construction Safety: Morson Vital Safety Vehicles

Since its launch in the summer of 2016, the Morson Vital Safety Bus has changed the way safety briefs are delivered across a range of sites across the UK. In its first 12 months, it has traveled nearly 20,000 miles and has seen the birth of a smaller unit to compliment it. Together they have allowed industry approved safety materials to be easily accessible to construction projects across the UK.

We worked with our clients to understand the main challenges of modern construction management. It was clear throughout research that Construction site safety was a recurring issue, and the question that usually came back to us was 'how can I ensure safe contractors on site?' Logistics and access to resources, such as health and safety checklists or PPE was often an issue, especially when unforeseen issues arose.

With this in mind we came up with a mobile solution that could facilitate the logistical requirements of our clients, and provide an all in one onsite health and safety solution. The Safety Bus was designed to be accessible for all projects, from rural developments to projects in the built environment.

Helping to facilitate and focus all forms of safety communications, the bespoke Safety Unit design was subject to meticulous planning and scrutiny during its four-month development to ensure compliance with stringent workplace safety standards and contractor safety management.

On-board facilities

The learning materials on board, including safety tours, fully comply with the industry accepted contractor health and safety accreditation. Additionally, extensive contractor research enabled us to better understand the needs of site employees and is reflected in the facilities on board.

The heated environment provides a comfortable and flexible venue for contractors to meet and discuss issues, as well as receive formal safety briefings. Other features include a clean water supply, first aid kit and television to support delivery conversations at any time and location. 

Executive director, Gary Hardaker comments: “Through the development of the Safety Bus, Vital can carry out conversations in any location in the UK in a professional and dignified manner. Our commitment to safety is absolute, as evidenced by the major developments launched in the last two years and the pipeline to continue innovation and benefit construction technology.

The vehicle is fantastic to promote and deliver site safety tours, briefings, tool box talks, construction safety checklists and PPE replenishment. It has gone down extremely well with both our workforce and clients, and is now seen as best practice.”

Use cases

Both Safety Buses have so far provided onsite health and safety support to a number of major projects across the UK, including: rail construction projects, highway project and civil infrastructure projects. The mobility of the Safety Unit has enabled construction companies to fully optimise their safety processes.

For example, if a project is due an impromptu site safety inspection, the mobile Safety Bus could visit the site, provide a tailored safety tour and formulate a construction site inspection checklist. Allowing the entire work force to fully prepare themselves, construction equipment and the site for inspection. Safety briefings have been completed for clients such as Network Rail and Balfour Beatty.

Solutions such as these are allowing the wider construction industry to react to problems in real time, as and when they happen. The accessibility and the facilities on board, enable a wide range of professional bodies and construction projects to fully employ the services of the Safety Unit.

The Safety Bus also responds to client requests to visit specific sites and brief certain information to the teams there. Clients are invited to the briefings to see the benefits first hand and to build relationships between all those involved. At the end of every briefing, Jane, the Safety Bus Coordinator asks for feedback on any safety concerns or points they’d like to discuss. This can be done through the Close Call website and phone number, simply visit or call 0161 836 7200. 

What do our clients say?

“Many thanks for giving me the very brief tour of the SCV. I am very impressed at the careful thought that has gone into this and I can immediately see why it will make a difference to the attitudes towards safety in the workplace. I congratulate you on this safety initiative and look forward to the opportunity of seeing it in action out in the field.” Mark Carne, chief executive at Network Rail

“I was very impressed with this approach to safety briefings and field support. Well done to the Morson/Vital team on this initiative, which I believe will make a real difference to a track worker safety.” Steve Featherstone, programme director track at Network Rail 

“Fantastic unit that will be a great assistance in the field.” Russell Bradshaw, safety advisor at McGinley Support Services

Book a Safety Unit for your next project

If you are currently undergoing a construction project or would like to provide additional onsite safety training for your contractors, simply book a date and time at If you would like to find out more information about the Safety Unit or about the services we provide, please explore the website or email us at