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Morson’s advanced range of Recruitment Managed Services and Managed Service Programmes provides the foundation for securing the key talent that will drive success within your business. As a pioneer in the provision of Recruitment Managed Services, with a track record spanning more than 20 years, Morson has developed informed techniques and methodologies to scale and adapt all of our solutions to your evolving business needs.

Morson’s staffing solutions are developed around consultative principles and are both configurable and scalable. We do not prescribe to the concept of ‘one size fits all’ but are positioned to deliver expertise and recommendations across a broad range of core models, including but not limited to:

Managed Service Programme (MSP): Morson’s Recruitment Managed Service Programme (MSP) provides a full recruitment solution that delivers improved performance through a single transactional touch point, using an integrated supply chain and state of the art technology.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): An efficient, streamlined talent acquisition solution incorporating every aspect of the recruitment process, including brand conceptualisation, direct sourcing, assessment, validation, retention and skills development.

Blended Solution: Designed to deliver flexibility and a ‘best in class’ solution through the coordinated efforts of discipline specific Master Vendor providers, operating under a defined management platform.

On-Site Workforce Solution: An internal solution which focuses on workforce management to ensure the highest levels of productivity and compliance.

Consortium Model: Aligning the techniques and methodologies of multiple suppliers, consortiums and joint ventures can deliver a wide range of recruitment services across multiple sectors/disciplines.

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