Signals & Telecommunications (S&T)

As one of the most recognisable divisions within the Rail industry, Signals and Telecommunications (S&T) requires skill sets that cover a broad range of disciplines. From the design of intricate signalling systems to the planning and construction of telecommunication networks, the division underpins the Rail industry’s stringent approach to safety for both its workers and the public.

In a division that has been experiencing a notable skills shortage, Morson is eager to raise the profile of the discipline, and encourage those new to the industry to specialise in a skill that is much sought after in projects across the UK. Recently, Morson has sponsored the Signaller of the Year category for the annual Railstaff Awards, in support of the division.

We supply IRSE licensed Signals and Telecommunications professionals to the Rail industry across disciplines of all levels, including design and management through to testing and installation. In the last five years alone, Morson has supplied to projects such as JNUP, VLU, Thanes Link East Kent Re-signalling, Reading Re-Modelling and Manchester Metro, providing staff to clients that include Thales, Invensys, Atkins Volker Rail and Metro Link.

Morson supplies the following disciplines in this division:

o Signalling Project Engineers

o Signalling Delivery Manager

o Signalling Design – all levels

o IRSE Testers

o IRSE Installers

o IRSE systems Engineers

o Signalling Supervisors

o IRSE Telecoms Design

o IRSE Telecoms Installer

o IRSE Telecoms Maintenance & Fault finding

o IRSE Testing Manager

o IRSE Telecoms Tester