Rail Protection Services

The railway is a challenging environment in which to work. Safety hazards across all rail divisions result in a requirement for experienced engineers to be responsible for the provision and adherence of a safe system of work across all active rail projects.

Morson is a recognised leader in the field of rail protection, providing safety critical protection solutions across the UK’s Rail industry for over 25 years.

As a top tier supplier to substantial rail organisations such as Network Rail, Transport for London, London Underground and Tube Lines, our management team has unrivalled knowledge and experience in the support of clients in this demanding and fast-moving sector.

Morson supplies the following disciplines in this division:

London Underground

o Points Operator

o Crane/Machine Controller

o Lookout

o Possession Master (Depot / Train Movements)

o Protection Master (EH/TH)

o Site Person in Charge

o T002/003 Licensed Hand Back

o Train Master

Network Rail

o Barrier Man


o Crane / Machine Controller

o Engineering Supervisor

o Hand Signalman

o Look Out

o Protection Controller

o Site Warden

o Strap-Man

Support Staff

o Safe System of Work Planners

o Possession Planners

o D32/D33 Assessors