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With a new wave of nuclear power stations proposed for the UK and beyond, the industry faces huge demand for engineers with the right expertise. Morson offers an unmatched level of support to candidates looking for nuclear power station jobs, placing high-calibre candidates at some of the biggest firms.

As an international recruitment agency, we have the resources to successfully fulfil demanding staff requirements for temporary and permanent contracts, for niche roles and for part and full-time employment. Trawsyfnydd, Hinkley and Bradwell are just some of the projects we have aided by managing large searches for power plant jobs – across technical areas and design to final plant commissioning, safety schemes and inspection.

Morson has also provided vital assistance to decommissioning projects, including Sellafield and Dounreay, for roles that support the deconstruction of nuclear power plants, research and waste management. With our unmatched level of service, candidate support and a broad understanding of the industry, we have the ability to enhance your job search and find a suitable nuclear role for you.

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