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Morson has invested heavily in recruitment technology. Our sophisticated systems have been developed to support ongoing service excellence throughout our business.  Using client and candidate feedback, combined with market intelligence and research, we have created and evolved robust software to significantly improve the efficiency of our recruitment processes.

We have worked alongside our client base to truly understand their needs and have created bespoke recruitment technology to support our clients’ contract objectives.

Vencuro is our 'talent technology' recruitment tool, born from the vendor management requirements of Morson Managed Service solutions.

A leader in recruitment technology, the bespoke, single sign-on system gives you full visibility and control over an organisations end-to-end recruitment process.

The module based system allows clients to choose the modules which best suit the needs of their business, controlling and managing the recruitment process through a single touch point. Each module, Vencuro Time, Vencuro Dashboard and Vencuro Talent, provides real-time information to the client, in conjunction with ensuring that the recruitment process remains transparent and auditable.

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"The implementation of Vencuro was provided with thorough training support and consultation, ensuring that the Vencuro solution and the dashboards were fully configured to our own requirements. 

The tailored online dashboards have not only improved our performance reporting capability but also our ability to analyse the direct and indirect cost savings our Morson managed service provides. The best bit is it is so simple to use - a few clicks and we have access to all our information requirements!"

Vicky Watson, HR Business Partner | Tata Chemicals Europe

recruitment technology

Morson Recruitment Technology

Morson’s recruitment technology helps us to retain our market leading position and is improved and developed on an ongoing basis by Morson’s dedicated ‘Business Systems and Compliance’ department.
Morson is also able to interface with third party technologies where necessary, and has experience across a range of alternative technology solutions.​
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    Millions of kilograms of CO2 emissions offset for Morson and Vital through Shell scheme

    In early 2020, Morson Talent and Vital Human Resources signed up to the Destination: Carbon Neutral fuel card scheme, a major step towards our goal of being carbon neutral as a business by 2023. Spending just 1p extra per litre on fuel, Shell tracks our fleet consumption and calculates the CO2 emissions associated with the usage. The CO2e emissions are calculated over a calendar year by multiplying the litres of fuel purchased via the Shell Card by the applicable emissions factors. The equivalent number or carbon credits are retired after the end of the relevant calendar year to offset the CO2e emissions. Morson Group was the first million-litre per year user to adopt the scheme. Shell estimates to offset 485,433 kg CO2 on behalf of Morson Talent for the full-year of 2020 and 5,659,564 kg CO2 on behalf of Vital Human Resources Limited. Vital Human Resources Ltd is the UK’s largest supplier of skilled personnel to the rail industry and has over 550 commercial vehicles operating across the UK. Reducing CO2 emissions is a key goal for the company, as Executive Director Gary Hardaker comments: “Driving sustainability goals forward has always been considered a collaborative effort at Vital. When the carbon offsetting programme was brought to our attention, knowing that we could work with Shell to reduce our fleet’s carbon dioxide emissions made our decision a straightforward one. Shell is our fuel card provider, and as carbon credits are directly calculated based on our fleet fuel consumption, it allows us, and our staff, to recognise our contribution to wider sustainability goals.” Shell work with nature-based projects around the world to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while improving livelihoods and working to preserve biodiversity and wildlife. A Verified Carbon Reduction Certificate will be issued in March/April of 2021, reflecting the actual CO2e emissions that have been offset and the projects from where the nature-based carbon credits have been sourced. Sarah Llewelyn, UK Sales Manager at Shell Fleet Solutions, said: “We are excited to work with you on your journey to reducing the impact of your CO2 emissions. I’m seeing a drive towards decarbonisation being echoed across the transport industry, which currently accounts for 34% of the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions. Our aim at Shell Fleet Solutions is to provide businesses with support at every stage of their transition by offering a variety of services and expertise to help avoid, reduce and offset their emissions. For example, with our e-mobility offer, launched earlier this year, we hope we will help fleets to avoid creating emissions. And, with Shell Telematics, we can help fleets to improve fuel efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.” ​The coronavirus pandemic as the associated restrictions could offer a shortcut on the road to zero carbon. Find out more here

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    Plans for UK's first hydrogen town revealed

    ​Following on from the first announcement in Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution, all five UK gas operators (Cadent, National Grid, Northern Gas Networks, SGN and Wales & West Utilities) revealed detailed plans on how they will transition away from delivering natural gas to delivering hydrogen instead.Known as ‘Britain’s Hydrogen Network Plan’, this will serve as a roadmap towards Britain’s first hydrogen town, with objectives including being ready by 2023 to blend up to 20% hydrogen into local gas grids and a hydrogen production target of 1GW by 2025. The plan sets out how the companies will help deliver a network of refuelling facilities for zero emissions heavy good vehicles, and connect the renewables production, carbon capture and storage and hydrogen use for industrial SuperPlaces, helping deliver two clusters by the mid-2020s and two more by 2030.Chris Train, the Energy Networks Association’s Gas Goes Green champion, stated:“Building the UK’s first hydrogen town is not just about replacing the natural gas that most of our homes rely upon today; it’s about reducing our carbon emissions in a safe and secure way. It’s about delivering meaningful choice for households, businesses and communities. And it’s about ensuring that the economic benefits of hydrogen are spread around the country, to take advantage of the breadth and scale of that transformation. Britain’s Hydrogen Network Plan sets out how our gas network companies will do all of that in the years ahead.”A village in the North-East is due to start a pilot project that uses 20% hydrogen blended into its gas supply for heating and cooking. Specifically, the plan explains how the companies, responsible for owning and operating £24bn of energy infrastructure, will:Ensure the safe delivery of hydrogen through innovation projects. This includes work being undertaken by the Hy4Heat programme (led by BEIS), to test different household appliances such as boilers, heaters and cookers in variety of different settings, and the world leading H21, H100 Fife and HyNTS Future Grid projects, which are testing different parts of the gas network.Maintain security of energy supply, to ensure gas networks have enough capacity to meet Britain’s energy demands using hydrogen. This includes modelling how gas networks will behave, to ensure that capacity is put in place in the right places and as well as how much hydrogen will be needed. Projects such as Project Cavendish on the Isle of Grain will pioneer the connection of hydrogen production facilities to Britain’s gas networks.Work with people’s needs, to help reduce carbon emissions whilst ensuring that people and businesses have a choice of different low carbon technologies – in our homes, our offices and factories, as well as on our roads. This includes delivering hydrogen neighbourhood domestic trials of different appliances, through the world-leading H100 Fife project and hydrogen village trials through the HyNet Homes The Future Billing Methodology and Real Time Networks projects will help ensure consumers continue to receive accurate gas bills, as more hydrogen is introduced to the gas grid.Deliver jobs and investment, including through the replacement of old iron mains gas pipes around the country with new, hydrogen-ready pipes instead. By 2032, the companies are planning to have invested £28bn in doing so, in projects around the country. The Plan shows that gas network companies are playing a role in delivering £1.5bn of funding in industrial decarbonisation projects around the country.Morson is a leading recruiter in the energy sector. Search our latest jobs in energy here

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    Rolls Royce reveals world's largest testbed

    ​The record-breaking testbed has been in development for the past three years, with the £90m facility located at Rolls-Royce’s Derby test centre. It has an internal area of 7,500m2 (larger than a football pitch) and was designed to accommodate both existing and future Rolls engines. The purpose of the testbed is to put aircraft engines through a range of environments and tests to determine issues and efficiency before they’re installed on aircraft.According to Rolls-Royce, Testbed 80 can collect data from more than 10,000 different parameters on an engine, using a web of sensors that can detect tiny vibrations at a rate of up to 200,000 samples per second. The testbed also hosts a powerful x-ray machine capable of capturing 30 images of the engine’s insides each second. These are then sent directly to the cloud so that engineers worldwide can analyse the pictures alongside the data. Rolls-Royce is the only engine manufacturer that x-rays engines that are running.Chris Cholerton, president of Rolls-Royce Civil Aerospace stated:Testbed 80 will not only test engines such as the Trent XWB – the world’s most efficient aero-engine in service – but also the engines and propulsion systems of the future, which will see us take another step towards decarbonisation. It’s great that the first engine test has been a success and we are looking forward to the official opening of the facility in the coming months.The company will also use the testbed to further explore the performance of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs). Rolls-Royce said that SAFs can already be used as ‘drop-in’ fuels for its existing engines. Testbed 80’s 140,000 litre tank can house various fuel types – including SAFs – and will be used to investigate different blends as part of the company’s decarbonisation strategy.Morson is a leading recruiter in the energy sector. Search our latest jobs in energy here

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    Helping Forces Veterans' transition into the next chapter in their careers

    Based at RNAS Yoevilton and RNAS Culdrose, Morson Technical Services deliver high-quality engineering and technical outsourced services to military maintenance and repair operations (MRO’s), working with clients such as Leonardo Helicopters. Morson has a long track record of supporting ex-forces personnel as they look to build a career outside of the armed forces. For some people, this involves a complete departure from the armed forces world, but for others this involves taking a technical role within it.Scott Mitchell and Ray Brock are two such ex-servicemen who have benefitted from being redeployed within Morson Technical Services. We asked each of them to tell us about their story so far.Scott MitchellSo, I get this message saying can I write a piece for the White Ensign Association on my time with Morson. I can’t say I was thrilled at the prospect! I’m busy, I hate staff work and this felt like your DO asking you to do your own write-up (usually aircrew)! But, on reflection, I think I probably owe the team at Morson some payback. I left at the end of 2013 – early 2014 with a transition into never working on another helicopter, as after 28 years I thought I was ready to try my hand at something a bit different. I’d started life as an apprentice and had ended up the Mechanical EA for Wildcat. I’d had a great time, sport, AT, travel (not always picture postcard) and fulfilling roles that had moulded me into the person I am today. The ‘something different’ was boat building, but as with a lot that leave the Service, the first job you walk into isn’t always the right one, and for a number of reasons, seven months after leaving I found myself looking for another job. The ‘gap’ was short and my introduction to Morson began. Back in aviation, back in Wildcat, working very closely with Leonardo Helicopters, but here’s the difference. The team was small, but it was personal. Even when we grew from 34 people to about 170 by the time I left that role, which ironically was one I’d wanted inService but hadn’t been able to. They listened to my ideas and opinions, allowed me to do my job without a long screwdriver, supported me, helped me when I needed it (on more than one occasion) and told me when it wasn’t my part of ship. That role has led to others, both employee and contracting roles, each with its own challenges (I now work in IMOS), but it’s always been my choice. The team at Morson has always been consistent and there for me. I know I still work in the military environment, so the transition has been less of an issue probably, but Morson have certainly made that transition very easy for me and something I’d recommend (and do regularly) to others. There’s certainly never been a dull moment! Ray Brock​Ray Brock served in the Royal Navy for 28 years and had a number of Logistics Roles as a Rating and as a Naval Officer. He joined the Royal Navy as a Store's Accountant and retired as a Lieutenant Commander. Ray joined Morson in 2016 in his current role as a Logistics Manager in direct support of Royal Navy and Army rotary aviation at RNAS Yeovilton. Transition from a long service career into civilian life can be tough and finding a new role which uses the skills you established over those years is essential. Morson gave me that opportunity in a friendly environment and I knew they would help me achieve success. My previous experience in the Royal Navy gave me the tools to fulfil a second career but it was Morson who were able to help me find me the perfect position. They have fantastic opportunities across a wide spectrum of industry sectors. The relationship between the WEA and Morson is a fantastic partnership which can fully support our Service leavers. For more information about Morson Technical Services, visit

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  • joanne lake

    Morson Group appoints Joanne Lake as non-executive director

    We are delighted to announce that Morson has appointed Joanne Lake as non-executive director as we look to drive strategic growth within our core STEM markets – in particular, engineering, nuclear, aerospace and infrastructure – whilst capitalising on increasing demand for talent in complementary sectors such as construction, IT & digital, professional services and more. Joanne brings more than 30 years’ financial and professional services experience to the Morson Group Board of Directors, having held senior positions with investment banks Panmure Gordon, Evolution Securities and Williams de Broe, and as a chartered accountant with PwC.Morson Group CEO, Ged Mason OBE, said: “It was clear that Joanne would be an excellent fit for the group, and I’m thrilled to have her on board. She is enormously experienced, and her addition brings strong leadership, financial acumen and a fresh perspective, which will support continued success across our group of companies. “As a major business, which is family formed, we have carved out an outstanding reputation over the last 50+ years, with clients trusting us to deliver expert candidate engagement models, recruitment, design, technology, training and people solutions that strategically align with their own commercial goals.“We offer specialist experience and unrivalled service to our clients, candidates, contractors and workforce. Our unique culture, passion and people-centric approach, which is driven by our mantra of ‘placing people first’, are what truly sets us apart.” Joanne currently holds non-executive positions with several UK public companies, acting as non-executive chairman of Mattioli Woods Plc, non-executive deputy chairman of Henry Boot Plc and non-executive director of Morses Club Plc and Gateley Holdings Plc. Commenting on her appointment, Joanne said: “I am delighted to be joining the Board at Morson Group. Their passion and enthusiasm are infectious and their pride in delivering outstanding service and creating a supportive people-centric culture to retain the best talent has shone from the outset. I am really looking forward to working with the team to drive further growth for the benefit of all Morson Group’s stakeholders.”On behalf of all of our Morson colleagues, we welcome Joanne and wish her the best on her Morson journey.​

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    ​Britishvolt teaming with Siemens on Britain's first battery gigaplant

    Late last year Britishvolt announced plans to build a huge manufacturing facility to support the UK automotive industry’s transition to greener forms of transport. Blyth in Northumberland was selected as the site of the £2.6 billion gigaplant, making it one of the UK’s largest ever industrial investments. Construction on the project is intended for summer of this year, with Lithium ion-batteries expected to be in production by 2023 and a target of producing over 300,000 by 2027.Global powerhouse, Siemens have now jumped on board with the project by providing Britishvolt access to its automation, electrification and manufacturing execution technologies. This will speed up delivery times and will help Britishvolt reach its aforementioned target of delivering the first Lithium batteries by 2023. On top of this, Siemens will provide Britishvolt with design and stimulation development tools that will help accelerate the process of the Lithium battery ion cells to go from laboratory to production at scale.Carl Ennis, CEO Siemens GB and Ireland stated:“This is an exciting and vital project to quickly ramp up availability at commercial scale of the batteries required by the electric vehicle market to help the UK reach its carbon net zero goals by 2050. In order to give manufacturers and end customers the confidence to switch to electric vehicles, we need to have this crucial part of the supply chain here in the UK. We are keen to start working with Britishvolt to get the Blyth site operational by 2023, supplying batteries and delivering crucial investment in the North East, helping to level up the UK economy.”Britishvolt CEO Orral Nadjari added: “We are delighted to enter into this technology collaboration. Working with Siemens and utilising its global expertise in Digital Twin and simulation technologies will play a pivotal role in Britishvolt achieving its tight deadlines to begin producing world-class batteries, at scale, by the end of 2023. Being able to simulate production of lithium-ion batteries and cell development speeds up a complicated process and allows us to bring crucial batteries to market quicker. Working with leading global partners such as Siemens helps us stay firmly on course in our mission to build the UK’s first battery gigaplant.”Morson is a leading recruiter in the energy sector. Search our latest jobs in energy here

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  • Ged And Andy Standing Tall

    Morson Group CEO Ged Mason becomes patron of Andy Reid MBE’s Standing Tall Foundation

    ​Ged Mason OBE, Morson Group CEO, has become a patron of the Standing Tall Foundation, the charitable organisation set up by Morson ambassador and ex-forces veteran Andy Reid MBE to support vulnerable young people and veterans in local communities. Andy established the Standing Tall Foundation based on his own ‘lived experience’. While proud to have served in the armed forces in the 1st Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment, he also believes that the societal factors and personal reasons that lead young people to join the armed forces are not always healthy ones. There are potentially damaging consequences of carrying personal issues into service only to have them compounded by traumatic events experienced whilst on active duty. Consequently, Andy has spent the last several years working to offer mental health support and veterans support. The inspiration for the Foundation came through helping Alex Kemp, another solider from Andy’s battalion. Alex was first on the scene when Andy stepped on an IED (improvised explosive device) in Afghanistan. Providing care for him in the crucial first minutes after the explosion, Alex helped save Andy’s life. Several years ago, Alex found himself suffering from PTSD and homeless. With the assistance of Morson Group and Step Forward Homes, Andy helped provide support, work and accommodation for Alex, turning his life around. This intervention was a contributory factor which led to the eventual formation of the Standing Tall Foundation, as Andy saw at close quarters the level of need and the inability of traditional larger charitable institutions to respond. Set up to consolidate his charitable activities, the Standing Tall Foundation’s overarching aim is to support vulnerable young people and veterans in local communities. It works to achieve this objective by delivering funded programmes, designed to improve, enhance and help individuals across a broad spectrum of needs. In order to future proof the charity, Andy has looked to enlist patrons to help with key financial support as the charity grows in scope and reach. Andy Reid MBE said: “There has never been a greater need in modern times for support organisations, particularly due to the effects of the pandemic. Ged has become a very good friend and role model to me since I commenced working for Morson Group as a brand ambassador. It was therefore an easy choice when I started to consider who might be a potential patron for my foundation. In effect the decision made itself. I believe Ged’s involvement can only push the Foundation on to greater things, opening contacts and opportunities which might otherwise be unobtainable. This will enable us to help more people and work with greater reach. The Standing Tall Foundation board and I are delighted to have Ged on board as a patron.” Ged Mason OBE said: “When I first met Andy several years ago, I saw a man who embodied bravery, courage, respect, integrity and selfless commitment to helping others. I could think of nobody more suited to the role of ambassador to the Morson Group and Andy has been active in not only helping our teams recruit ex-forces veterans into civilian careers but has also taken part in our charity activity. I’m incredibly proud to be supporting the Standing Tall Foundation and I look forward to seeing Andy make it expand so he can do what he does so well – helping vulnerable people.” Find out more about Morson's commitment to helping ex-forces personnel transition to a civilian career

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    Network Rail prepares first pre-built UK tunnel

    ​Network Rail have announced they are ready to move an 11,000 tonne, pre-built tunnel into place under one of the UK’s busiest railway lines, in what is a first for UK engineering.  The huge concrete box weighing more than the Eiffel Tower, will be slid under the rail infrastructure at Werrington, north of Peterborough, where the East Coast main line is crossed by a slow moving east-west freight route. The purpose of the tunnel is to take slower freight trains off the fast route, speeding up services and improving reliability.  This will be a nine-day operation with work taking place later this month, avoiding an extended time of passenger disruption if traditional tunnelling methods had been used. The tunnel has been constructed over the last nine months beside the line and is ready to be installed using massive jacks that will inch it into position, pushing it at just 1.5m per hour along pre-installed guiding supports.  Paul Rutter, route director for Network Rail’s East Coast line stated: “This is a massive engineering challenge, but it will avoid hundreds of hours of closure on one of the most important lines in the country.This is industry leading work that really puts the needs of passengers first in how we approach improvement work.  In the past, Network Rail might have approached this problem by thinking about the easiest way to do the engineering. Instead, I’m proud to say we have come up with a creative and innovative solution that will deliver massive benefits while keeping disruption to a minimum.” Despite the line being kept open during the installation, it will mean a very limited number of services will run south of Grantham throughout the operation. Passengers who must travel are asked to plan ahead and think about whether journeys are necessary while the work is taking place. Paul added: “Passengers should only travel south of Grantham during these nine days if they have to,” said a spokesperson on behalf of the line’s train operators. “We strongly advise people to check before they travel and allow plenty of time as journeys will take longer.” Rail minister, Chris Heaton was also full of praise for the innovative project: “This is an astonishing feat, underlining this country’s reputation for pioneering engineering and delivering major upgrades for passengers.”“By undertaking a project of this magnitude now we are making the most of our railways being quieter, putting in place vital new infrastructure that will improve our railways for when passengers are safe to return.”Morson is the UK's leading rail recruiter, working on some of the biggest rail projects. Search our latest jobs in rail here

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  • Client remote onboarding

    Remotely implementing recruitment models in the wake of COVID-19

    COVID-19 and its impact on social distancing and physical meetings demanded that Morson shake up how we deliver the onboarding process for clients who wish to transfer away from their incumbent recruitment provider. Interim Head of Implementation, Charlotte Lewis, explains how we've taken implementation online, creating an efficient, effective and engaging onboarding experience for our clients. ​Usually, during this time in a relationship with a new client, we’d spend months working physically alongside the different teams requiring our services to hand-hold them through the process. The Coronavirus restrictions meant that wasn’t going to be possible in 2020, but our ability to adapt has revealed a new way of working, which will now create major efficiencies in our typical method and will prove useful for businesses way beyond the virus. Early in 2020, when news of the pandemic began to emerge, we started considering how the Government’s EAST communications framework could be applied to clients who require it – but digitally. We needed to make everything we would normally do face to face as easy, attractive, social and timely as possible, using only online platforms. Our usually day-long sessions had to be more easily digestible and designed to establish partnerships that could be strong from afar, rather than in close proximity, which is what we and our clients have always been used to. It’s something we were considering ahead of the pandemic, but it became a priority when COVID-19 hit and we were requested to deliver an online migration by a new client. We’d recently been appointed as its Managed Service Provider (MSP) for contingent labour resource, supplying specialist and niche contractors more time and cost efficiently, and the company was as keen as us to ensure the pandemic didn’t halt the transition away from their incumbent. As such, the groundwork we had already put in place to develop our digital implementation strategy came to fruition while being tested in a real life scenario. The client team was already familiar with using online video platforms to deliver training and professional development to its global workforce, and we worked with their preferences in mind. We held online conferences, interactive workshops, seminars, forums and drop in sessions to gain all the information we normally would in face to face settings, but made the sessions shorter to avoid Zoom fatigue. We also enabled an element of socialising online; the client’s finance, systems and operations teams had the opportunity to learn more about our MSP, meet our team members, hear about the benefits we could bring to their company and challenge us on anything that they were unsure of. At times, we had more than 70 team members actively participating in what we were offering. It provided the reassurance to both parties that, thanks to technology, we could take on the challenge lockdown presented to us and achieve brilliant results. Typically, implementation periods take a minimum of 12 weeks and include an eight-week buffer to mitigate for the usual delays that come with running businesses. However, in this very first experience of putting our digital strategy to the test, the entire implementation process was completed on time, in less than three months – even with a pandemic rumbling along in the background. What’s been most pleasing about this project is that we’re now able to offer a completely new service to other businesses. It’s been tried and tested and proven to be successful thanks to our agility; we were able to pivot and accommodate the client’s needs, on-demand, to enable better outcomes and increased productivity for them as a result. We’ll now use this same process to provide other clients with an analysis of the ever-changing labour market, looking at how the economic unrest around the world might be mitigated using different recruitment models. And we’ll be able to do so without limitation, knowing that technology enables true value and benefits for our clients. ​​“We understand that so many of our clients bigger strategic goals are linked to talent. Thanks to our in-depth market intelligence, vertical expertise, industry-leading technology and collaborative approach, we can support our clients businesses through these challenging market uncertainties, the diversifying of workforces, preparing for IR35, fulfilling local employment quotas, and any other tests our clients may face.” If you would like to find out more about how we can support your business and it's ambitions, get in touch with myself, Morson director, David Lynchehaun at​

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    CEO Ged Mason offers donation to Crolla's Fox ABC gym

    ​Since the original Fox ABC gym was tragically burnt down in March last year, former Lightweight World Champion Anthony Crolla has been working tirelessly to relocate and rebuild his amateur gym which means so much to himself and the community. The gym holds a special place in Crolla’s heart as it was where he honed his craft as a youngster and witnessed so many locals’ lives changed for the better, due to the access to boxing in the area. After numerous setbacks throughout the year, Crolla finally found an old clubhouse at the Vestacare Stadium in Oldham that was fitting for the gym, and with months of hard work, had it ready to open in December.  With a brand-new ring, punchbags and a coach who has shined under the brightest lights in the sport, the gym represents an outlet for young people in the community to learn discipline, be more confident in themselves and feel part of a team. Team Morson went to visit the gym prior as the final touches were being made and Crolla was surprised by the visit of Morson CEO, Ged Mason, holding a cheque of £20,000 he was donating to the gym.  It was clear to see how much this donation meant to an emotional Anthony, who can now add the last details and get the gym opened up to those who need it most when it is safe to do so. Speaking on the donation Ged stated to Crolla: “I remember the night of the fire and it was really sad and I wanted to do something to help you along. It’s been fantastic what you’ve done to get this place back on its feet, it’s not just the people at the Boxing club, it’s all the local community that it helps” Crolla explained how the donation will help the gym specifically: “As a boxing gym we’re ready to go, we’ve got some weights to come in and maybe a few machines, so that cheque will help massively” He added: “What gives me the most joy is helping others achieve their dream. Not every person who walks through this door will be a fighter

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    Work begins on first liquid air energy plant

    ​Work has begun on the world’s first commercial liquid air storage facility near Manchester, alongside a visitor centre with the hope of turning the ambitious project into a tourist attraction.  The 50MW facility will store enough power for around 50,000 homes for five hours.UK based High Power and independent/natural gas developer Carlton Power will build and operate the ‘Cryobattery’, which could later be expanded to add more storage. The plant will use surplus electricity from wind farms at night to compress air so hard that it becomes a liquid at -196 Celsius. When there is a peak in demand in a day or a month, the liquid air will be warmed so it expands. The resulting rush of air will drive a turbine to make electricity, which can be sold back to the grid. Last year, Highview Power was awarded a £10 million grant from the UK Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to build the facility at Trafford Energy Park, in Carrington Village. The visitor centre, scheduled to open in the first quarter of this year, will provide an immersive experience allowing visitors not only to see the progress of the site being built, but also to have the opportunity to take virtual tours.Javier Cavada, Highview Power CEO and president explained:“Our facility will deliver much needed clean, reliable and cost-efficient long duration energy storage to the National Grid. The CRYOBattery™ will help the UK to integrate renewable energy and stabilize the regional electrical grid to ensure future energy security during blackouts and other disruptions.”The first of its kind system was created by Peter Dearman, a self-taught inventor from Hertfordshire. Dearman, who is now a shareholder in Highview added:“It’s very exciting, we need many different forms of energy storage - and I’m confident liquid air will be one of them”Morson is a leading recruiter in the energy sector. Search our latest jobs in energy here

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    IR35 webinar: SOW, an IR35 compliant solution for clients

    ​The clock is ticking towards HMRC’s IR35 tax reforms. Private sector organisations who engage contractor populations are turning their attention to ensuring compliance with the legislation, yet few hiring managers, procurement heads and HR professionals consider a fully contracted-out service as a potential option. The next webinar in our IR35 series is dedicated to exploring this solution, often referred to as a Statement of Work (SOW) or a bought-out service, which removes the IR35 burden from end-clients. Register now.​​A fully contracted-out service – often referred to as a Statement of Work (SOW) or a bought-out service is a flexible, effective and highly successful commercial route which has many benefits and incidentally, can remove off-payroll considerations related to IR35. Already commonplace in engineering, IT and tech sectors, many other industries could benefit from choosing this advantageous and effective way of working.Whilst there is strictly no prescribed format, a fully contracted-out service comprises a ‘contract for services’, which governs the relationship and outputs agreed between the client and service provider. For more than 40 years, Morson Projects has been delivering fully contracted-out services to clients, long before IR35 legislation was established. However, since the introduction of IR35 in 2000, we have successfully delivered more than 12,000 projects as fully contracted-out solutions, with a value in excess of £750m.This method of working puts us in the position of the ‘End Client’ to any relevant Personal Service Company (PSC) engaged. It, therefore, means we are responsible for ensuring reasonable care is exercised correctly by producing and issuing an IR35 Status Determination Statement. During this 60-minute session, the panel will shine a spotlight on a service that Morson Projects has been providing clients throughout our 40 years in operation. A service that now has the additional benefit of removing the IR35 burden from our clients. Our panel will explain how they can help guide businesses through the offload process, helping them clearly define their requirements and supporting them in generating SOWs. We will then showcase our robust processes, procedures and tools to ensure IR35 compliance, which are underpinned with a comprehensive insurance policy.In what is an unprecedented opportunity to reset the IR35 agenda, ensure your business doesn’t get left behind. ​To find out more and to register your free place, click here. ​Meet our panel... ​Chris Burke, executive director, Morson ProjectsChris has a 45-year career history, 20 years of which have been spent at Morson Projects overseeing teams delivering engineering solutions to the Aviation, Power, Manufacturing, Transport and Nuclear sectors through outcome-led statements of work. As a result, Chris has unique knowledge and understanding of delivering the best technical solutions for clients in line with the new IR35 legislation.​Devina Ramanah, compliance support, Morson ProjectsDevina worked as legal adviser to Magistrates for HMCTS in the courts across West Yorkshire and Central Manchester for more than 10 years. Devina would advise all parties at court on points of law, practice and procedure, ensuring legal compliance and transparency, and brings a wealth of experience producing and delivering legal training.Devina has supported Morson since the introduction of the Finance Act 2017. She plays a pivotal role in building knowledge and raising competency in IR35 compliance, the creation of a reliable, insurable Status Determination Statement tool, whilst working closely with leading tax specialists to gain panel member status.​Gareth Beck, associate director, Morson ProjectsGareth brings more than 20 years’ industry experience and has played a leading role in providing Morson Projects’ clients with the right technical support to deliver their complex projects successfully for the past 13 years.Gareth has extensive experience of constructing and delivering fixed-price work packages, managing the contract for services and assuming responsibility for a project’s successful delivery by utilising a talented technical team, which Morson Projects has been doing long before IR35 legislation was established. ​To find out more about the benefits of a SOW visit our IR35 solutions page or contact our team at

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