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Morson has invested heavily in recruitment technology. Our sophisticated systems have been developed to support ongoing service excellence throughout our business.  Using client and candidate feedback, combined with market intelligence and research, we have created and evolved robust software to significantly improve the efficiency of our recruitment processes.

We have worked alongside our client base to truly understand their needs and have created bespoke recruitment technology to support our clients’ contract objectives.

Vencuro is our 'talent technology' recruitment tool, born from the vendor management requirements of Morson Managed Service solutions.

A leader in recruitment technology, the bespoke, single sign-on system gives you full visibility and control over an organisations end-to-end recruitment process.

The module based system allows clients to choose the modules which best suit the needs of their business, controlling and managing the recruitment process through a single touch point. Each module, Vencuro Time, Vencuro Dashboard and Vencuro Talent, provides real-time information to the client, in conjunction with ensuring that the recruitment process remains transparent and auditable.

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"The implementation of Vencuro was provided with thorough training support and consultation, ensuring that the Vencuro solution and the dashboards were fully configured to our own requirements. 

The tailored online dashboards have not only improved our performance reporting capability but also our ability to analyse the direct and indirect cost savings our Morson managed service provides. The best bit is it is so simple to use - a few clicks and we have access to all our information requirements!"

Vicky Watson, HR Business Partner | Tata Chemicals Europe

recruitment technology

Morson Recruitment Technology

Morson’s recruitment technology helps us to retain our market leading position and is improved and developed on an ongoing basis by Morson’s dedicated ‘Business Systems and Compliance’ department.
Morson is also able to interface with third party technologies where necessary, and has experience across a range of alternative technology solutions.​
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    Standardisation and Skills Workshop For Morson Training Team

    MORSON TRAINING | 2 MIN READ Morson Training team hold their annual Standardisation and Skills workshop Sessions focus on changes across the industry to ensure a consistent and unified approach On Friday 10th 2020 the team at Morson Training held their annual Standardisation and Skills Workshop. The focus of the morning was to look at changes across the industry and ensure a consistent and unified approach. A main area of discussion was the use of technology in delivery, with some exciting suggestions and ideas being explored ready for delivery throughout 2020. Now in its 5th year, the event attracted a record number of employees. In the afternoon the session moved on to a training skills workshop, with the focus on active engagement in learning. The workshop saw an interactive session being delivered by head of operations and training director Matthew Leavis. He commented: “This session as really well received. The need to review and remind ourselves of the changes, approaches and methodology at our disposal is key to remaining at the forefront of the industry. With some of the industry’s most highly regarded trainers in the room, the session was easy and fun” The principles explored in the session will now become part of Morson Training’s 2020 Quality Improvement Plan for the delivery team. This is set out to ensure the whole team is exploring every opportunity to bring training content to life through the various methods explored in the session. Paul Clay lead IQA commented: “I am looking forward to seeing how the team embed the principles explored throughout their ongoing delivery.” Morson Training are an award-winning provider of safety and professional training. They deliver a range of training, assessments, vocational and technical training along with specialist apprenticeships and consultation services across the UK. They are also the sole provider of mental health training to Network Rail. In 2018, Morson Training won best apprenticeship at the Transport for London Supplier Awards Morson Training deliver a range of training, assessments, vocational and technical training along with specialist apprenticeships and consultation services across the UK. Find out more about their programme

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    Nutrition and Energy Hot Topics For London Rail Apprentices

    MORSON TRAINING | 2 MIN READ Transport for London and Network Rail apprentices receive health and wellbeing training The pitfalls of energy drinks was a key topic in the session, as well as general nutrition Nutrition was the name of the game for Morson and Vital’s London rail track maintenance apprentices after a recent session with Health, Wellbeing & Engagement Partner Heather Deering. Morson and Vital’s London track apprentices comprise groups on the Transport for London Underground sites and also the Network Rail over ground sites. The session began by covering the basic principles of nutrition and elements of a healthy diet, talking through the sources of each nutrient and the roles they play within the body and mind. As well as nutrition, the group were also taught about the importance of hydration, with care taken care to explain the link between how consequences of poor nutrition and dehydration are relevant to each apprentice’s role and life. A major focus was placed on the prevalence of energy drinks. The biggest UK market for energy drinks are males aged 16-24 – the bracket in which most of our on-track apprentices fall. The pitfalls of relying on energy drinks to support adherence to a changing shift pattern were discussed, along with alternative strategies to maximise energy and wellbeing when working under these conditions. The group were provided with several simple, practical tips for the best way to eat on and around a night shift. Perhaps the most important aspect of the session was when the group had the opportunity to reflect on the barriers to having a healthy diet that they personally experience and interact in a group discussion on how each of these can be overcome. Morson Group’s Director of Training, Matthew Leavis, stresses the importance of producing apprentices that not only have the technical skills necessary to work to a high level, but also the broader life skills: “It’s important as part of the apprenticeship journey for us to help the learners grow in all aspects of their lives. The training and employment are core elements of the apprenticeship but as a group we look to support our apprentices with arrange of softer skills. Health and wellbeing initiatives that give guidance on healthy eating, nutrition and the importance of it when working often unsociable hours is important for them to be ready to learn and take on the challenges the rail industry can bring, enabling them to grow throughout their journey.” Earlier this year, our Morson Training engineering apprentices embarked on a six-week training course with Eleven Nexus, a fitness company based out of a state-of-the-art gym. This formed part of our wider support for health and wellbeing. In 2018, Morson Training won best apprenticeship at the Transport for London Supplier Awards Morson Training deliver a range of training, assessments, vocational and technical training along with specialist apprenticeships and consultation services across the UK. Find out more about their programme

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    What are my options if I am deemed 'inside' IR35?

    If you are deemed 'inside' by the end client you have several options. To help you make your decision, we explain the two most popular pay models below. What does 'inside' IR35 mean? Under new legislation, as of 6th April 2020, your end client (not you) will be responsible for determining your tax status. If you are determined to be ‘inside IR35’ it means that you are considered, for tax purposes, an employee of your end client and therefore subject to PAYE. If you are operating ‘inside IR35’, you need to ensure you are paying the appropriate taxes. Some contractors may opt to change their payment model to avoid paying these taxes. We explore the two most popular alternative pay models below: PAYE As a temporary PAYE paid worker, you would be engaged on a contract for services and be entitled to at least 28 days holiday (inclusive of bank holidays). If there is a permanent, comparative member of staff at the client where you work, who performs the same role as you, then you will be entitled to the same holiday entitlement as them after 12 weeks service. You are also entitled to be auto enrolled in the work place pension scheme, currently operating at 3% deemed employer contribution based on yourself contributing 5%, plus entitled to statutory sick pay after the qualifying period. PRO's Along with the above benefits, if you convert to a PAYE model you will no longer have to pay accountant fees once you close your limited company and settle your final bills. You will also no longer need to pay for insurances which were required as a limited company worker, such as Public Liability Insurance or Employers Liability Insurance. If you choose to go PAYE through Morson, we will deduct appropriate tax and national insurance from your gross pay before paying you. The Morson payroll service does not carry any charge. CON's As a temporary PAYE worker there is no ability to benefit from tax efficient measures such as salary sacrifice pension schemes or claiming tax relief for travel and accommodation expenses not covered by the client. UMBRELLA The payment mechanism when choosing to work via an umbrella company is the same as the above option (PAYE), except for that you would be employed under a contract of employment with the umbrella company. This means that whether you carry out one assignment or multiple assignments, you'll be employed under the same contract. This gives you a record of continuous employment as you move from one assignment to another which may help with mortgage or loan applications. This method also helps to ensure that you are on the correct tax code whilst providing you with one pension pot. The umbrella company will provide all statutory benefits such as maternity and sick pay but and, in most cases, provide additional benefits such as reward schemes and personal insurance at no extra cost. PRO's In addition to the above there are other benefits associated with signing up to an umbrella company such as salary sacrifice schemes, health insurance etc. We would encourage you to make enquiries with any of our PSL umbrella company suppliers which can be found at CON's Utilising an umbrella company will carry an ongoing service charge which differs per provider. For tailored advice and further support contact our expert IR35 team at or call our Contractor IR35 Helpline on 0161 786 2377

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    How Technology Will Transform the Construction Industry in 2020

    CONSTRUCTION & INFRASTRUCTURE | 6 MIN READ Heading into a new year and a new decade, we can’t help but look to the future and wonder how technology will transform the construction industry in 2020. Here are 5 construction trends to keep your eye on in 2020. Heading into a new year and a new decade, we can’t help but look to the future and wonder how technology will transform the construction industry in 2020. Throughout 2019 we saw general awareness and an appetite for leveraging digital technology but how will that manifest in 2020? Digital transformation, modern methods of construction, infrastructure investment and the industries response to climate change are all emerging trends in the construction industry that will help align with the changing requirements of the workforce and modern world. Such a huge transformation could see companies from other sectors, such as automotive manufacturers, enter the market as an opportunity to diversify. One thing’s for sure, the industry needs to keep up with emerging trends to continue to build extraordinary places for people to live, learn, work, play and create. Here are 5 construction trends to keep your eye on in 2020: BIM (Building Information Modelling) BIM has the potential to be the most disruptive digital instrument in the industry. Allowing us to replicate buildings, roads and utilities through computer-generated images, it has so much potential and many benefits. It helps architects and engineers to visualise a construction project before it’s built which not only helps to estimate how much of a specific material is needed but provides an insight into how a building may hold up over time but also reduces the amount of waste, promotes sustainable practices and optimises building efficiency. Definitely not one to underestimate. TOP BLOG | From Conception to Demolition – The World of Building Information Modeling (BIM) Robotics Technological advancements in the construction industry aren’t limited to just software. Using robotics on-site such as using drones is becoming increasingly popular for surveying and ensuring employee safety in potentially dangerous situations. Robotics can increase safety, accuracy and efficiency whilst having the added benefit of being able to gather information for survey data. The technology is advancing all the time, from automated tiling robots to mechanical arms that can build the components for entire houses in a matter of hours. Watch out for the robotic revolution! Want to learn more about robots and AI? Our Bridge Bytes blog, ‘Recruiter or Robot?’ explores the potential of AI in the recruitment industry. Virtual reality (VR) Along with the increasing enthusiasm for augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) is becoming increasingly more popular in the construction industry. Engineers can now wear a pair of AR glasses that, in combination with 3D models, allows the user to visualise behind-the-wall piping or underground cables with an overlay of directions for how to fix the problem. Not only is this process much more efficient in terms of time and money, it mitigates mistakes or potentially dangerous scenarios. Wearable Tech Along with VR, wearable tech is set to become a big construction trend in 2020. Currently, on the market, there is innovative smart construction equipment that can provide engineers with critical information with new technologies being released all the time. You can get your hands on a sensor-equipped helmet that enables fully automated data collection streamed straight from the site to your project management software, work boots that can connect to Wi-Fi sending GPS coordinates. Not to mention the wristbands that can tell users if you have fallen or are tired. Whilst implementing wearable tech as standard on construction sites might seem a world away, we’re sure that in the coming years they will have a permanent place on the construction site and bring about a new era in construction safety. Green Technology in Construction Over the past year, there has, quite rightly, been a big focus on sustainability in the construction industry and with green construction now a growing trend, people looking for ways to incorporate sustainability into the construction process. An ever-growing population brings a clear need for more buildings however, a focus has now shifted on building more developments which, as well as being low-carbon, are great places to live and work. The World Green Building Council’s Advancing Net Zero Campaign has said all new buildings will need to be net zero-carbon by 2030 and existing buildings by 2050. Given buildings are currently responsible for 25% of the UK’s emissions, this is a challenge none of us should take lightly. With the advent of new technologies, the availability of data and new materials coming into play, the need to adapt and challenge traditional business models is more evident than ever in the construction industry. Rhys Harris, Morson’s Director of Engineering, Process & Construction, gives an insight into what trends are developing in construction recruitment right now: “Construction and engineering companies have always been interested in harnessing technology to either improve process, reduce costs or improve quality. The pace of technology advancements has been astonishing in the last decade and the pace of automation doesn’t look like slowing any time soon in all parts of our lives. As Bill Gates once eluded to “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency” wise words I would suggest!” What technology do you think will shake up the construction industry in 2020? Let us know on Twitter! Ready to progress your career in the construction industry? Search our latest jobs here!

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    The Inclusive Culture Pledge 2020: Our Commitment to Building an Inclusive Culture

    DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION | 2 MIN READ Morson are proud to announce that we have joined leading companies from a range of sectors and industries in signing the Inclusive Culture Pledge in 2020, an initiative managed by diversity consultancy The EW Group. Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is becoming increasingly important for both employers and employees. Research has shown that diverse businesses are 35% more likely to financially outperform their industry’s national average. For potential job hunters, 67% now consider a diverse workforce is an important factor when considering job offers. By signing up to the Pledge, we will have the support of the EW Group, a specialist in diversity and inclusion. Throughout the year, our staff will receive specialist support in leadership, people, brand, data and future. Joining the Pledge is a public commitment that we take diversity and inclusion seriously and that we understand the need to provide our employees with a safe, fair and supportive place to work. We’re looking forward to the events provided as part of the Pledge, which will build our internal capacity and ensure we work at the cutting edge of diversity and inclusion. This is an initiative that we believe will benefit our staff, customers and stakeholders. “Signing the Inclusive Culture Pledge for another year furthers our goal to deliver internal cultural change to combat negative, harmful gender stereotypes. With the support of organisations like the EW Group, over the last few years we have been able to achieve a shift in our organisational practice, culture and viewpoint and have been able to make headway in transforming our own talent pipeline and that of our clients. Our diversity strategy has sponsorship from executive board level and volunteer ambassadors from across the business have regular strategy meetings, as well as engaging with key stakeholders from our clients’ organisations. In 2020 we will be continuing our inclusivity journey to educate our workforce, support our clients and most importantly, inspire the next generation by sharing stories of success” – Sam Price, head of client engagement and Morson ED&I lead For more information about our diversity and inclusion initiatives visit our Diversity Hub, or to get inspired check out our Inclusive Role Models series.

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    What does the IR35 review really mean for clients and contractors?

    The Government’s decision last week to review IR35 legislation has caused further confusion amongst clients and contractors, with some perceiving this to be a delay to the reforms that are due to come into the private sector in April 2020. This is not the case; despite the pledge to review the off-payroll tax rules, the Treasury is still pressing ahead with its original 6th April deadline, meaning the countdown to comply is very much on. The review, as detailed in the Treasury’s comments, positions it as a consultation to ensure the implementation of these changes is as smooth as possible, by determining whether any further steps should be taken. In doing so, it has been hit with waves of criticism, with many saying how the Chancellor is simply paying ‘lip service’ based on his pre-Election campaign trail promises to review the legislation. Whatever the reasons behind the review announcement, it is another distraction to IR35, which together with the Election and Brexit, has meant that many private sector businesses are yet to begin preparations. These companies who continue to bury their head in the sand are posing major risk to their operations. Based on lessons learned from the 2017 public sector rollout, it’s clear that those who do try to cut corners – for example, with blanket assessments – risk losing their contractor workforce to a competitor. A cautious approach that sees a business deem its entire contractor population as inside IR35 would only create further problems, with the risk being from contractors leaving their roles to pursue other assignments or demanding increases in pay rates. As one of the world’s largest talent specialists, we’re continuing to support our client and contractor base affected by the upcoming changes. Flexible workers are a major contributor to global economies, and it is crucial that end clients assess their contractor workforce fairly, and on a case-by-case basis, to prevent genuine PSCs (personal service companies) from being wrongly placed inside IR35 and vice versa outside. Those with larger contractor populations face little time to prepare if they haven’t begun doing so already, with the coming months proving a time-critical period for those affected. There’s also a misconception amongst some businesses that we at Morson are accountable for determining IR35 status, yet it’s the responsibility of the end client to conclude on their workforce’s IR35 position. Together with our expert IR35 partners we’re supporting our clients, and other private sector companies, to ensure they demonstrate the reasonable care that is required throughout the employment status review process. Relying solely on HMRC’s CEST tool for determination may also see some companies fall foul come April, with the flaws and risks posed by CEST being widely highlighted; and this proving the catalyst for us creating our own independent review process. Whatever you take from last week’s IR35 review announcement, you can rest assured that the April 2020 deadline is very much looming, with those operating in the private sector needing to get their house in order ahead of this date. For whether you are an end client or contractor our expert team can support you from help and advice to a full review of your contractual workforce. Contact our IR35 team on or call our Contractor IR35 Help Line on 0161 786 2377

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    Morson Forces Ambassador Andy Reid MBE Features In Style For Soldiers Campaign

    MORSON FORCES | 2 MIN READ Morson Forces ambassador Andy Reid MBE features in Style For Soldiers The scheme provides ex-servicemen with bespoke shirts adapted to specific injuries Morson Forces ambassador Andy Reid MBE has featured as part of a veteran’s campaign in association with online clothing retailer Mr Porter. Shirtmaker Emma Willis MBE founded Style For Soldiers in 2009 to provide servicemen with bespoke shirts adapted for their specific injuries to help give them the confidence to adapt to life after the military. Ten years on, Style For Soldiers has expanded to include not only bespoke shirts, but also walking sticks to help those who live with amputations. The shirts have a variety of adaptions to specifically suit amputees, including special breathable fabrics, cufflinks, and Velcro modifications to enable them to be fastened with one hand. In December 2019, Emma Willis invited MR PORTER to dress, photograph and speak with a selection of the men helped by Style For Soldiers since it was founded, including Morson Forces ambassador Andy Reid MBE. Andy lost both his legs and his right arm after stepping on an IED while serving in Afghanistan in 2009. By September 2011, he had not only left hospital but had walked down the aisle with his now-wife Claire. Andy became Morson Forces ambassador in 2018 after a chance meeting with Morson Group CEO Ged Mason. He now helps Morson’s recruiters In 2019 he was presented with an MBE at Buckingham Palace for his services to the armed forces and veterans. Morson Forces, the Morson Group’s ex-forces recruitment arm, specialises in transitioning service personnel into new careers. As a holder of the Ministry of Defence’s highest badge of honour for organisations who have signed the Armed Forces Covenant and demonstrated outstanding support for veterans (the Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award) Morson currently has over 2,500 ex-forces personnel on assignment across industries including aerospace and defence. Morson Forces specialises in helping veterans transition into civilian life. Find out more about how Andy Reid MBE could help you make that next step

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    Hyundai and Uber Reveal Electric Air Taxi Concept

    INDUSTRY NEWS | 3 MIN READ Hyundai has announced that they will develop an electric vertical take-off and landing air taxi as part of the Uber Elevate initiative. The PAV will be operated initially by a pilot during the early stages of commercialization and enable autonomous operation once the relevant technologies are developed. Watch the video to find out more! Hyundai has announced that they will develop an electric vertical take-off and landing air taxi as part of the Uber Elevate initiative. The announcement was revealed by a team that are working towards a future aerial ride share network as part of Hyundai’s mission to transition into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider with three innovative mobility solutions. Based on these mobility solutions, Hyundai aims to free future cities and people from constraints of time and space and allow them to create more value in their lives. The innovative concept was unveiled last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The S-A1 PAV (Personal Air Vehicle) is equipped with eVTOL and designed to seat five people, including a pilot and was created in part through Uber’s open design process, a NASA-inspired approach that promotes innovation by releasing vehicle design concepts for any company to use. The PAV will be operated initially by a pilot during the early stages of commercialization and enable autonomous operation once the relevant technologies are developed. But what does the electric air taxi look like? Click below to watch the video. Eric Allison, head of Uber Elevate said: “Hyundai is our first vehicle partner with experience of manufacturing passenger cars on a global scale. We believe Hyundai has the potential to build Uber Air vehicles at rates unseen in the current aerospace industry, producing high quality, reliable aircraft at high volumes to drive down passenger costs per trip.” Jaiwon Shin, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility (UAM) Division added: “Our vision of Urban Air Mobility will transform the concept of urban transportation.” Hyundai’s S-A1 will have a cruising speed up to 180mph (290km/hr), a cruising altitude of around 1,000-2,000 feet (300 – 600m) above ground, and to fly trips up to 60 miles (100km). S-A1 will also utilise distributed electric propulsion, powering multiple rotors and propellers around the airframe for noise reduction and increased redundancy. Hyundai plans to strengthen its partnerships with global companies like Uber and accelerate its UAM business, including developing world-class PAVs, offering fleet service and maintenance, and developing skyports. Morson is the No.1 aerospace recruiter, supplying the aerospace and defence industry for 50 years. Ready to find your next role? Search our latest aerospace jobs here to be part of the aviation future

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    Morson Group Employees Vote For 2020 Charity Partners

    CHARITY | 3 MIN READ Morson employees vote for two charities to support in 2020 A national children's cancer charity and a Midlands-based charity for the care of children with life-limiting and life-threatening illnesses won the vote ​ Morson Group employees have voted for their chosen charity partners of 2020. Children with Cancer and Acorns Children’s Hospice will be the two charities that Morson will support with charity fundraising activity throughout the year. Previous years have seen the business organise skydives, bike rides and an abseil to raise vital funds for organisations employees have voted for. Children with Cancer Children with Cancer are the leading national children’s charity dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer. In February 1987, leukaemia claimed the life of 14-year-old Paul O’Gorman. Within weeks of his death, his family started fundraising. Just nine months later, another devastating blow struck the family when Paul’s sister, Jean, was also killed by cancer. In November 1987, just days after Jean’s death, their parents, Eddie and Marion O’Gorman, met Diana, Princess of Wales. Deeply moved by the double tragedy, she personally helped to establish the charity. Every week in the UK, more than 70 children and young people are diagnosed with cancer. Out of every £100 spent on cancer research in the UK, just £3 is spent on childhood cancer. Every year, the charity invests more than £4 million in new research. Since 1988, they have raised over £220 million to help the fight with research, improved treatments and much-needed support for children and their families. Acorns Children’s Hospice With two locations in the Midlands (Walsall and Birmingham) and one in Worcester, Acorns Children’s Hospice provides babies, children and young people aged 0 – 18 years who have life limiting or life-threatening conditions and associated complex needs with a network of specialist palliative nursing care and support. Acorns provide a holistic service which meets the needs of both the children and their families, including the bereaved. This includes short break provision; emergency and end of life care; therapeutic and psychosocial support; sibling services and family support. In the past year, Acorns have supported 787 children and 1,223 family members across the organisation, including those who have been bereaved. In 2019 the charity ran into funding difficulties and require a target of £2 million to keep its Walsall branch open until at least March 2020. In 2019, Morson had a record year of fundraising for employee-chosen charities Motor Neurone Disease Association and ABF The Soldier’s Charity. As an addition to this, we embarked on a ’50 Weeks of Giving’ campaign to celebrate 50 years in business. We donated to 50 local organisations, ranging from homeless shelters to hospitals, to the total of £50,000. Find our more about our 50th anniversary '50 Weeks of Giving' campaign and about our wider work with charity and community

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    Salford Red Devils 40 - 14 Leigh Centurions: Game Day Highlights

    MORSON SPORT | 3 MIN READ Salford Red Devils comfortably beat Leigh Centurions in preseason at the AJ Bell Stadium Morson's man of the match Rhys Williams speaks to us about the match and the coming season This past Saturday saw Salford Red Devils storm past a game and valiant Leigh side, as their attack proved to be too much for the away team, with seven tries on the day. Joey Lussick’s early try was cancelled out minutes later by Leigh’s Liam Hood. However, the home side quickly established their dominance with tries from Williams, Sio and Greenwood setting them apart at half time. The Centurions began the second half the livelier side and looked to get back into the game, with Sa’u marking his return to the AJ Bell with a try against his former club. Despite Leigh’s attempted resurgence, Salford further extended their lead with Williams getting his second of the day. Johnson and Chamberlain added another two tries to seal an impressive 40-14 win for the Red Devils. Morson's Man of the Match, Rhys Williams, commented on his try scoring efforts and gave his reaction to the victory: “It’s obviously pleasing to get the win and get a few tries. There were a few aspects where we let ourselves down and didn’t control the ball as well as we’d like, so there’s a few building blocks but overall we’re fairly buzzing” He continued: “I think Leigh had a lot of momentum in that second half, through our own fault I think… They’re a good side, they’re tough to beat and it’s a great test for us in pre-season" The Welsh international looks like he is more than finding his feet at his new club, with three tries in his first two matches. The winger gave an insight into life at Salford: “Obviously we got to the Grand Final last year but we want to go one further and win it this year. The standard of training is really high, everyone is a good bloke so when you’ve got that in place, it’s easy to slot in as long as you work hard” Next up is a step-up in competition against fellow Super League side, Warrington Wolves and the 30-year-old thinks it’ll be a more than fitting test ahead of the new season: “They won the Challenge Cup last year which shows how much pedigree they’ve got. You’ve only got to look at their squad to see the calibre of players they have so it’s great to have that next step in pre-season training and see where we’re at” Morson became headline sponsors of Salford Red Devils shortly before their Super League Grand Final appearance at Old Trafford. We will next be covering Salford at the AJ Bell when they take on Toronto Wolfpack in a few weeks, keep an eye out for content before that!

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    Boeing Rolls Out Largest Rocket Since Apollo

    INDUSTRY NEWS | 3 MIN READ Last week Boeing delivered the core stage of NASA’s first Space Launch System (SLS) deep space exploration rocket, moving it out of the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans to the Stennis Space Center for testing. The SLS is the largest rocket to fly since the Moon landings, even outclassing the Saturn V. Boeing describes SLS as the world’s most powerful rocket, built to carry astronauts and cargo farther and faster than any rocket in history. Last week Boeing delivered the core stage of NASA’s first Space Launch System (SLS) deep space exploration rocket, moving it out of the NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans to the Stennis Space Center for testing. The first glimpse of the rocket rolling out of the space agency’s assembly facility saw the Boeing-built SLS Core Stage being transported on the specially designed Pegasus barge to make its voyage downriver to the Stennis Space Center in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. There it will undergo hot-fire tests, live engine tests, inspection and refurbishment before being delivered to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for stacking with the Interim Cryogenic Upper Stage (ICPS) and NASA’s Orion spacecraft. A number of the SLS are being built at different locations with the first stage of the rocket being assembled at the same facility as the first stage of the legendary Saturn V. The SLS is the largest rocket to fly since the Moon landings, even outclassing the Saturn V. Boeing describes SLS as the world’s most powerful rocket, built to carry astronauts and cargo farther and faster than any rocket in history. TOP BLOG: The Rocket So Powerful It Shook Buildings Three Miles Away | Saturn V And The Future Of Space Travel John Shannon, Boeing SLS vice president and program manager said: “The Boeing SLS team has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with NASA and our supplier partners to face multiple challenges with ingenuity and perseverance, while keeping safety and quality at the forefront,” “We are applying what we’ve learned from the development of the first core stage to accelerate work on core stages 2 and 3, already in production at Michoud, as well as the Exploration Upper Stage that will power NASA’s most ambitious Artemis missions,” said Shannon. Boeing said that the SLS’s unmatched capabilities will deliver human-rated spacecraft, habitats and science missions to the moon, Mars and beyond as part of NASA’s Artemis program. Morson is the No.1 aerospace recruiter, supplying the aerospace and defence industry for 50 years. Ready to find your next role? Search our latest aerospace jobs here to be part of the aviation future

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    Morson shortlisted for FIRM Awards 2020 for diversity and inclusion strategy

    MORSON NEWS | 2 MIN READ Morson shortlisted for Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy in FIRM Awards 2020 The FIRM Awards celebrate the very best of in-house recruitment excellence Morson have been shortlisted in the 2020 FIRM Awards for Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. The FIRM Awards celebrate the very best of in-house recruitment excellence. The inspiration for our diversity and inclusion strategy came from a review of the company's staff and placed contractor population highlighted a lack of gender diversity. This was particularly evident in technical contract roles – 6.5% female from our c.12,000 contractors at the time – and our own future leader pipeline. Within Morson International, women occupied just 14.6% of the highest paid jobs, whilst occupying 38.2% of the lowest. This could be justified by the male-dominated sectors within which we operate, and their subsequent shortage of skills, with stats from EngineeringUK showing clear gender disparity in engineering: while women comprised 47.1% of the overall UK workforce in 2018, only 12% of engineering occupations were filled by women. This insight presented a multi-faceted business case to address the lack of female representation. Our diversity strategy has sponsorship from executive board level (chief operating officer, Adrian Adair) and volunteer ambassadors from across the business have regular strategy meetings, as well engaging with key stakeholders from our clients’ organisations. Our strategy focused on two key goals that would deliver an internal cultural change to combat negative, harmful gender stereotypes. Through a shift in our organisational practice, culture and viewpoint, we have been able to make headway in transforming our own talent pipeline and that of our clients. Beyond this culture change, our strategy focused on expanding the talent pool by attracting more females into traditionally male-dominated industries and addressing sector-specific skills gaps. Through diversification we benefit from enhanced creativity of thought, agility and the ability to combat unconscious bias surrounding engineering and its perceived ‘macho’ culture. This demonstrably increases innovation, improves team work and fosters improved employee and candidate relationships. Sam Price, head of client engagement and Morson’s lead on ED&I strategy, said, “Being shortlisted for the FIRM Awards is a real reflection of the development of our diversity and inclusion strategy over the last few years, and it’s fantastic that we’re shortlisted alongside a long-time client in the form of Transport for London.” The award ceremony will take place at The Grand Connaught Rooms in London on 19th March 2020. One of our latest campaigns saw us hand out rainbow laces to track operatives in solidarity with the LGBT community. Read more here

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