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Morson Projects

Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering

Morson Projects provides a wide range of mechanical and civil engineering services to the Industrial, Nuclear, Aerospace and Energy sectors. Our team provides solutions ranging from full ‘Turnkey’ projects to individual component design and analysis. We have a proven track record in delivering these services to many blue chip clients. Our team operates in a quality-assured environment with the aid of cutting-edge engineering tools.

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Tooling Design and Manufacturing

Morson Projects Tooling Design and Manufacturing department is built around a core team that specialises in the complete project management of complex tooling projects for clients across many industries.  The experience and skills retained within the team is  demonstrated by the diverse range of projects undertaken in the following industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial, Nuclear and General
Engineering.  Morson Projects utilise the department's project engineers who manage the manufacture, delivery, installation, and  documentation throughout the product lifecycle.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Morson Projects utilises various software to produce 2D drawings and 3D components, products and designs to provide value added offerings to clients.  The CAD capability is involved in all
areas of the business within all sectors that Morson Projects are engaged in.  Morson projects utilises various software to produce 2D and 3D components, products, projects and
designs to provided value added offerings to clients.  Examples of the CAD software utilised throughout the company are: Catia V5, AutoCAD, Revit, PDMS, MEP, Inventor and Navis-Works.

Composite Design

Morson Projects can provide a team of highly competent engineers with significant experience in composite design and analysis of both individual components and assemblies.  Our team has the capabilities to analyse composites structures using industry standard techniques and creating accurate and effective models for Finite Element Analysis.  The team is adept at developing a streamlined design analysis cycle, incorporating the use of bespoke specialist tools and procedures which maximise the efficiency of the process with respect to quality and value for money.

Systems Design and Analysis

Morson Projects has extensive systems engineering capability with a proven track record covering the full product lifecycle.  We have expertise in a range of
disciplines including:

  • Mechanical/Fluid Systems
  • Electrical / Avionics Systems
  • Fuel Systems / Fuel Inerting
  • Landing Gear Systems
  • Engine Control Systems
  • Environmental Control Systems (ECS)

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

The Morson HVAC team deliver Containment Consultancy, Optioneering Studies, Design Modifications, Detailed Designs as well as all supporting documentation within the
Commercial, Industrial and Nuclear Sectors.  The team carryout all design work using 3D models are created either in AutoCAD, PDMS, Revit, MEP, Inventor or Catia V5. Creating all
components, plants and projects using 3D modelling allows the 2D details to be extracted from the one model improving efficiency.

Piping Layout

Within the group the piping design capabilities cater for any type of project, specialising in piping layout and design and utilises the latest 2D and 3D drawing software packages including (but not limited to) AutoCAD and PDMS. Detailed piping stress analysis can be undertaken on the systems and supports for both existing and new designs to international code standards. Our Engineers at Morson Projects have been responsible for the successful delivery of many innovative bespoke pipework design solutions for a wide range of challenging projects.


Morson Projects can provide multi-discipline Finite Element Analysis (FEA) engineers with wide experience in the use of popular commercial packages such as ANSYS, ABAQUS, NASTRAN and Dyna3D, in Nuclear, Aircraft and general Mechanical and Civil Engineering.  We have an active fluid systems modelling group who specialise in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using Fluent CFD and ANSYS CFX software to develop and optimise Systems within a range of industries including aerospace and nuclear.

Civil, Structures and Architecture (CSA)

Our focus is on providing the appropriate blend of CSA expertise and experience in order to develop projects from concept, through design development to construction detail. We can design and assist in the implementation of new facilities and new infrastructure. We can also design and manage the modification and adaptation of existing facilities and existing infrastructure.
With various projects completed in the following sectors Construction, Defence, General Engineering, Oil/Gas/Process, Property Development (included listed buildings), Nuclear, Scientific, and Utilities complimenting the Morson Projects multi-disciplined approach.

Laser Scanning

Morson projects laser scanning capability enables extremely accurate data to be gathered and converted into 3D models produced from the scan data. It allows rapid production of process plant CAD models with software such as AutoCAD and Revit, with the industrial and nuclear sectors.  Simple transition of models into various CAD systems across multiple disciplines including HVAC, Piping, Civil and Structural. Details are created using intelligent scan data with multiple export routes into other various CAD systems with switchable constraints for object hitting using the cloud points of the data.


Morson Projects have experience of specifying and analysing results from tests on a range of coupons, sub-components and assemblies. Computer-based testing and physical testing can be carried out on components designed by Morson Projects for structural integrity under a wide variety of test conditions.  The results from these can be evaluated against calculated Finite Element Analysis results.


Morson Projects demonstrate a track record in the provision and management of embedded resource in engineering support of decommissioning projects. We pride ourselves on our depth of knowledge within the industry, our access to specialised talent and our ability to support activities with a comprehensive management, quality and environmentally solution.  The range of services provided encompasses Technical Support and Managed Service of Decommissioning operatives supporting life extension, defueling, outages, interventions and other decommissioning activities.