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Following a recent review of how we engage Limited Company Contractors, we require all contractors engaged through Morson Group hold adequate professional indemnity, public liability & employers’ liability insurance in place at all times. This is because of the increasing focus on compliance and risk, but also to ensure that you are suitably covered should an issue arise as a result of your work.

If your actions lead to anything being damaged or anybody being injured it is essential that you are insured. Furthermore, if you are negligent in any way, give bad advice or complete any work which contains errors then a claim could be made against you. In such a situation, having insurance in place could be what keeps you in business.

With the continued scrutiny on IR35, it is also worth noting that having an insurance policy in place is also seen by HMRC as a positive indicator of self-employment and helps demonstrate that you are operating as a legitimate business, rather than a disguised employee.

If for any reason you do not hold the appropriate insurances, we would suggest you contact one of our approved suppliers below, with whom we have negotiated discount premium rates:

Kingsbridge-Portrait-Full-ColourKingsbridge Contractor Insurance

Watson Laurie Insurance Brokers

Exclusive 10% discount for Morson contractors. Kingsbridge, who insure over 30,000 contractors, provide a complete contractor package, including all of the key insurances detailed above. This means that you only need one policy to cover your main exposures and contractual obligations. Cover is available either online or over the phone with quotations and policy documents provided in minutes.

With Kingsbridge you can pay monthly, cancel at any time and they cover you for personal accident as standard. There is full retroactive cover as well which means that the moment you are insured with Kingsbridge, you are covered for your last six years of work. For more information about Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance, please click here.

Please follow the link to get an instant quotation: 

Key contacts: Stuart Bell – Client Services Manager
Phone: 01242 808 740

Complete and submit the form below to arrange a call back from Kingsbridge

We have negotiated an insurance facility exclusively for Morson contractors, at significantly discounted premiums.

Our policy coverage meets the Morson contractor insurance requirements and has been designed as an inexpensive solution to meet a contractors insurance needs.

For an immediate quotation, please contact our Morson team on:

Patrick Box                01204 547924


Wendy McMann       01204 547925




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