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The Morson USA client services team adds value to our clients outside of the recruitment process, ensuring the delivery and quality of service is maximized. Our team are highly experienced, with a detailed knowledge of Morson and of the industries we operate within; this enables them to offer a bespoke, consultative approach which ensures our service matches your business objectives.

What do we offer?

The Morson client services team is responsible for:

  • Due diligence and process analysis.
  • Developing and implementing new lean delivery models alongside our clients.
  • Delivering seamless contractor migration.
  • Supply chain management – including a formal supply chain ITT process as required.
  • Candidate experience improvement, including provision of standardized candidate packs.
  • Improving and standardizing processes to maximize efficiency.
  • Ongoing, strategic review of the contract through detailed management information.
  • Live dashboard reporting leading to continuous service improvement.
  • Project management of new processes or services to meet the client’s expectations.
  • Stakeholder engagement and relationship building.

recruitment client services usa

What makes Morson Client Services different?

  • Multi-sector experience •  Independent support team •  Real time MI dashboards  •  Structured governance process  •  Morson partnership approach

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    Liam Taylor v Tyrone Nurse | Pre-Fight Interview

    Morson caught up with Liam Taylor ahead of his rematch with Tyrone Nurse on VIP Promotions’ show at Victoria Warehouse this Saturday. Taylor’s only loss in his career so far came at the hands of Nurse back in 2015 and even though this fight was made fairly abruptly, it’s an opportunity the Manchester based boxer couldn’t turn down: “I’ve been on to Steve Wood to get me a decent level fight for quite a while but he was struggling. I went to America with my teammate, Terry Flanagan to do some sparring at the Wild Card gym and whilst I was out there, Steve rang me up and asked if I wanted to fight Tyrone Nurse and I said definitely. The next day they accepted it and that was only two weeks ago but I knew I had a big fight coming up that’s why I stayed fit and Tyrone was scheduled to fight this weekend anyway so he’s fit.” Given the backstory of the first fight and the added stakes of Saturday’s fight, it’s clear that this isn’t a match that is hard for Liam to get motivated for: “It’s the best of both worlds, it’s an eliminator for the British Title and I get to fight someone who beat me three years ago and I hold my hands up, he beat me well. Again, that was a short notice fight for me, this time it’s an equal playing ground” Most great athletes only experience their full potential once they’ve tasted what the feeling of defeat feels like and Taylor believes that this is definitely the case for him with his growth being evident in his recent performances: “That loss has benefitted me more than what it may look like. I got injured two fights after that, I sat down and made the decision to link up with Steve Maylett. I’ve been with him for two years, I’ve improved with every fight and everyone who sees me can’t believe how different I am and that will tell on fight night.” Steve Maylett has achieved great success with Terry Flanagan and it seems that he is also bringing the best out of Liam, who described specifically what has changed about his style over the years: “I’d say I’m still aggressive, I have a high work rate but I’m quite intelligent with it now, I decide when I work and when I don’t work. It’s going to be an exciting fight, there’s no doubt about that and I will be putting the pressure on Tyrone” With five finishes in his last five fights, it’s clear that Taylor has the ability to give any Welterweight problems, but he doesn’t feel overly reliant on his power: “I wouldn’t look at it that way, Tyrone definitely has a good chin he’s never been stopped and he’s been in there with big punchers. He’s going to have to match me with the pace I’m going to set and he’s going to have to be switched on for the full ten rounds. I’m not looking for a knockout, I’m looking for a good boxing match and on Saturday night that’s what we’ll get” We at Morson wish Liam the best of luck his British title eliminator this Saturday night.

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    How to Stand Out from The Crowd in an Interview by Saying the Same Thing Differently

    Ensuring you stand out from the crowd when applying for a job is difficult. You write what you think the hiring manager wants to read on your CV, you prep answers for the interview all based on what you think the interviewer wants to hear but you can’t help but wonder “have they heard all of this before?”. The simple answer is yes, and a lot of the time that is ok. But if you really want to make sure you give yourself the best chance possible at securing your next job, read on to find out how to stand out from the crowd by saying the same thing slightly different… Question: “What makes you unique?” Answer: Here you need to consider what the employer will find valuable, so you should try to identify a feature that distinguishes you from all other applicants. One of the most convincing reasons to hire someone is because you believe that person will solve a problem. So, during the interview, your goal should be to prove that you’re the perfect person to help the company overcome a challenge it’s currently facing. If you can do that, you’ll definitely stand out. Question: “Tell me about yourself?” Answer: In most cases, when faced with this question a candidate will launch into reading their bio which they have rehearsed down to the very last gasp of breath. This is your opportunity to tell your story and the great thing for you is that our brains are wired to remember stories. You have the opportunity to tell the interviewer how you decided on your current career and why you want this job whilst demonstrating your passion for your work and the company. If you don’t have experience in that... Answer: If an interviewer asks you about your experience in a particular area and you haven’t got any experience, then be honest. If the hiring manager knows their stuff they will be able to read between the lines to know if you’re telling the truth anyway. The best way to answer is to turn the question on its head and say that you don’t have experience, however, you are always up for learning new skills and that you’re a quick learner. This shows drive, passion and determination but most of all, they will appreciate your honesty. If you’re trying to convey that you’re creative… Answer: The chances are almost every candidate will mention that they are creative and quick to think up new ideas, especially when its relevant to the role that you are applying for. Unfortunately, with so many people using the same word, no matter how accurate it is to your personality, it loses its originality. To truly convey your creativity, you should give real-life examples of the things you do in your daily life. By sharing how you engage with the world around you both in work and out of work, you’re giving the interviewer a lot more to go off. For more career advice, including how to work with recruiters and top interview tips, visit our candidate hub. Or, to view the latest opportunities at Morson, click here.

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    Morson Partner with EngineeringUK to Deliver Inspiring Social Mobility Event

    Morson was proud to partner with Engineering UK and the University of Salford at the latest Engineering Connections ‘Spotlight on Social Mobility’ event this week. The event sought to explore why individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds are underrepresented in engineering occupations, making up just 24% of the workforce. EngineeringUK’s first event out of London was a huge success, featuring talks from leading experts in the field of social mobility (including Morson’s own Andy Robinson and Gerry Mason Scholar Muhtaba Ghulam) and interesting debate which could have carried on well into the afternoon. Hosted by Mark Tittering, CEO of EngineeringUK, the speakers included: Dr Lindsay Richards, Centre for Social Investigation at Nuffield College Andy Robinson, Training Support Manager at Morson Vital Training Phil East, CEO Salford Foundation Mujtaba Ghulam, Engineering Student at the University of Salford Andy from Morson Vital Training passionately spoke of the work that he himself and Morson as a wider group undertake to support social mobility. As the lead for the level 2 rail engineering apprenticeship programme, Andy plays an instrumental role in the development and continuous improvement of young people through apprenticeships. With a background in education, he also outlined his work in schools as an Enterprise Advisor with GMCA, where he works closely with the schools to improve their careers provision. Stressing the importance of engaging with children who may have limited aspirations due to the communities they live in, Andy outlined that it is within schools where most impact can be made. By making them aware of the opportunities available and providing them with routes to employment and role models to look up to, Andy aims to build the next generation of engaged and motivated professionals. In one such activity, Morson Vital Training hosted the Girls Network, for a #careersontrack event where students from St Ambrose School visited their rail training facility in Salford. The year 10 and 12 pupils from St Ambrose spent an afternoon gaining practical experience of rail safety and skills and exploring opportunities in engineering. Positively, many of the girls came away from the event considering apprenticeships in the engineering world. For many, the event ‘opened their eyes’ to engineering and for one pupil the event has spurred her on to realising her dream to become a construction engineer and encourage more women into the profession. Read more about this initiative here. Andy also discussed our target to double the number of female contractors by 2020 and being part of the 5% club charter where we strive to get 5% of our workforce in ‘earn and learn’ positions within five years of joining. He also spoke about the work that Morson do to support the Armed Forces, having recruited 1,220 ex-forces personnel in the last 12 months. We heard from Mujtaba, an engineering student at the University of Salford who explained how the Gerry Mason Scholarship, part of a pledge of £270,000 which enables talented young people who would otherwise be deterred from university because of costs, to pursue an engineering degree, has given him the opportunity to achieve his dream of becoming a Chartered Engineer. Reflecting on the event, Andy said: “It was a pleasure to attend and be a speaker at the EngineeringUK event on Social Mobility. The wide spectrum of organisations represented demonstrate there is a real appetite in industry at the moment to make the difference and help people from all walks of life reach their potential, whilst securing engineering infrastructure projects for years to come.” If you would like to learn more about Morson’s Apprenticeship programme, click here. Or, to read more about our charity involvement, click here.

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    Morson Vital Training shortlisted for Transport for London Supplier Awards

    Morson Group are delighted to announce that our rail training division, Morson Vital Training, has been shortlisted for the Transport for London Supplier Awards. The annual awards are awarded by TfL to recognise the work their supply chain does with them across all of their operations. The awards are open to all suppliers and cross many categories including health, safety and environment, efficiencies, collaboration, and diversity & inclusion. Morson Vital Training are shortlisted for Best Apprenticeship. The submission highlighted MVT's record in putting quality before quantity, ensuring all apprentices are embedded with fundamental skills for their development as employees - including in aspects of their lives outside of basic rail training, such as finance. It also highlighted our commitment to social inclusion and mobilisation, with representatives within the London boroughs and wider groups working with a network of schools and combined authorities to support, challenge and promote the benefits of engineering to a wide range of underrepresented groups. In 2017, this category was won by Thales. Matthew Leavis, head of UK training for Morson Group, said “To be shortlisted for the TfL Supplier Awards gives the whole team at Morson a great sense of achievement and to see the hard work and commitment of the whole team being recognised is beyond satisfying. It’s great to see our focus on a low volume, high quality programme that offers the best possible learner journey with sustained and gainful employment being recognised. We hope this encourages more small scale high quality programmes that meets the wider need for work-ready employees that have had the chance to benefit from the great opportunities apprenticeships offer." Morson Vital Training has an enviable track record within the industry, and in 2017 were awarded platinum 'best in class' by the National Skills Academy for Rail following an extensive audit of their operations. They have also recently introduced a new initiative to offer ex-forces veterans access to free training in order to aid their transition from the military into civilian life. The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday 5th December at the London Transport Museum.

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    When I Grow Up... Ava's Rail Adventure

    This is Ava. Ava is eight, and looking to start her career in the railway, so she joined the UK's leading rail training provider, Morson Vital Training, to find out more. She headed to see Matthew Leavis, head of UK training for Morson Group, to find out just what she would need to do to join the railway - and find out when she could start... "What do I need to work on the railway?" Initially, to work on the railway you need to find an employer - somebody like Morson Group would be a great opportunity. From there, you'll go through a series of screenings, so you'll have a medical, they'll check your eyesight, they'll check your ears and make sure everything is OK. You'll also go for a breath test which makes sure you haven't drunk any alcohol, because you can't drink and go to work. Then, you need to go on some training courses to make sure you're safe all the time." "What jobs could I do on the railway?" There's so many different things you could do, there's a huge list. Anything from track operative, where you'd be our there with the machines every day making sure the trains are running on time and doing everything they need to do. There's also back office, doing planning, finance, legal, HR, technology - there's also train driving. Everything in the railway is the same as any other business. "Would I get to play games if I worked on the railway?" Funnily enough, we do use a lot of technology, so we use a lot of tablets, smart technology, smart phones - and believe it or not they've now started using drones to start checking to see if everything's safe and if the trains are running correctly. So yes, if you joined the railway, you could play games! "What age would I have to be to join the railway?" There's lots of different roles but normally you have to work nights and weekends. You can join from 16 years old but some of the responsibilities you have you wouldn't be able to do until you were 18.

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    Morson Group acquire Waldeck

    Morson Group are pleased to announce the acquisition of multi-disciplinary engineering, technical and risk management consultancy Waldeck with the full support of the management of both companies. Under this agreement Waldeck will become a wholly owned subsidiary within the Morson Group, maintaining its own brand and contracts whilst working alongside other Morson Group companies. Morson Group has a global presence across all engineering markets including rail, aerospace & defence, energy/power, infrastructure & built environment, IT and oil & gas, and is the UK’s leading technical recruiter. Morson has over 50 offices worldwide and is headquartered in Manchester, pay rolling over 14,500 individuals daily. Waldeck will be working intimately alongside Morson Projects, an existing subsidiary of Morson Group, which provides cost-effective, multi-disciplined engineered solutions, project management, analysis, design and cyber-secure software services to clients across a variety of industrial sectors. Services range from complete ‘turnkey’ project management through to detailed design exercises. Clients have the opportunity to outsource complete engineering packages to Morson Projects. Morson Projects and Waldeck together will have a workforce of around 800 professional staff, and a turnover in excess of £50 million per year. Waldeck’s Founder, Paul Waldeck said: “Having founded Waldeck over 20 years ago, it was imperative for me to find a partner whose values and cultures matched our own. This is an exceptionally exciting time for everyone at Waldeck and our team is looking forward to joining the Morson Group.” “This acquisition places Waldeck in a strong position to offer clients an even wider breadth of expertise, capabilities and services. There are many market and sector synergies between the two businesses, and we now have the scale and geographic coverage to deliver our strategic objectives within the UK and internationally. “Like Waldeck, Morson Group is a privately owned, family run business which has many similarities and cultural attributes which align with our business. Together, we become part of a larger organisation that will open the door to new opportunities for further growth and development, enabling the business divisions to succeed and achieve their goals.” Ged Mason, CEO of Morson Group, commented: “We are delighted that the team at Waldeck are joining the Morson family and look forward to a prosperous and exciting future together. “Waldeck has a strong brand and reputation within the UK, and specialist expertise in the engineering, technologies, construction and property markets. The addition of Waldeck to our portfolio means we are well placed to service the future growth expected in these sectors while consolidating our market leading position.”

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    From the Most In Demand Roles to Record Breaking Bridges | The Construction Industry Under the Spotlight

    The construction industry is currently one of the most exciting sectors to work in with an appetite for new technologies, investment and challenging the status quo. Now in the UK, several major construction projects are taking place that will not only improve the lives of millions of people but also create tens of thousands of construction jobs. We take a look at what’s happening in the industry right now… “In July there were 64 tower cranes in the skyline of Manchester City Centre. A record for the city. This is more evidence that the construction sector is booming and so the war on talent continues. It’s becoming increasingly important to promote your employer value proposition and make sure that you’re broadcasting the right messages to the market. These are our unique selling points over our competitors. We work with our clients very closely and assist them with building and promoting their EVP, focusing on the key differentiators. If you would like some help in this area, please feel free to get in touch with me here at Morson HQ” – Rhys Harris, Head of Engineering, Process and Construction at Morson International ( ) In the news… Construction firms are prioritising mental health According to the latest statistics, the construction industry is one of the most acute industries for mental ill health. It is reported that men in the building industry are three times more likely to take their own lives than men on average. Construction companies are now taking additional measures to try to tackle poor mental health head on such as inviting the help of mental health charities, encouraging employees to talk, nominating mental health first aiders and much more. Crossrail appoints new CEO Crossrail recently announced the appointment of Mark Wild as the new chief executive as the project enters its final stages including the trial running and the opening of the central section. Wild has served as London Underground MD since 2016 and will return to his post once the Elizabeth line has opened. World's longest sea-crossing bridge opens Chinese President Xi Jinping recently opened the world’s longest sea-crossing bridge, an astonishing nine years after construction of the bridge first began. Costing around $20bn, the bridge spans 55km (34 miles) and connects Hong Kong to Macau and Zhuhai. It’s been built to withstand earthquakes and typhoons using 400,000 tonnes of steel, that’s enough to build 60 Eiffel Towers! In Parliament… The recently announced Autumn Budget revealed significant investment into the UK’s infrastructure and construction industry as the Government announced that "investing in the roads, railways, research and digital infrastructure that will power this country in the 21st Century" is high on their agenda. Here are some highlights: Councils in England will be given an additional £150 million to improve traffic hotspots, such as road junctions and roundabouts over two years from 2021. Highways England will receive £28.8 billion for a ‘National Roads Fund’ to help fund new roads and maintain the existing network. £500 million will be invested in the Housing Infrastructure Fund, which should help unlock 650,000 more homes. The fund now stands at £5.5bn. Nine new partnerships with housing associations in England will enable the UK to deliver 13,000 new homes. Further to the business rate relief for smaller retailers, a £675 million ‘Future High Streets Fund’ has been promised to revamp the high street and redevelop unused areas. At Morson… At the heart of delivering the major construction projects taking place throughout the UK is training and recruitment. Morson’s experience in building, infrastructure and construction is vast; we have provided some of the best construction jobs in the market for almost 50 years. In this time we have developed our capabilities within the building, construction & infrastructure market to adapt to fast-paced projects on a global scale. We are currently working heavily with some of the biggest construction and civil infrastructure contractors in the UK. Morson are proud to be the managed service partner for Sir Robert McAlpine and Murphy Group across all of their white-collar roles, so we have a wealth of exciting roles from project managers, quantity surveyors, senior engineers, setting out engineers to planning engineers. Main skillsets in demand Right now, some of the main skillsets we’re requiring are: Site management operatives – PTS / Non-PTS Quantity Surveying Commercial roles Design Managers Planners Architects CAD If you’re interested in finding out more about the opportunities available with Morson, browse our current vacancies here.

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    Morson Mark #Armistice100 with Ambassador Andy Reid

    Morson spent time with ex-forces ambassador Andy Reid last week ahead of Remembrance Day 2018, marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. At All Saints in Rainford, veteran Andy's local church, we spoke to him among the tributes laid outside the church about how he planned to spend Armistice Day 2018 on 11th November. I hope as a nation we can all sit down and have a minute at 11 o'clock and think about loved ones and think about the people who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedoms we take for granted today. The churchyard offered a poignant backdrop with hundreds of poppies decorating both the walls of the church and the grounds surrounding it. Many of the poppies were tagged with the names of local soldiers who had lost their lives across both the First and Second World Wars. For Andy, loss is another feeling he experiences first hand as the nation remembers the fallen: I've been in conflict myself in several operational tours. Most recently was Afghanistan where I got injured and where I lost a few friends myself. On [Remembrance Day] I'll be looking back and reflecting on the time I spent with those guys before they lost their lives and also reflecting back to my grandfather who was my initial inspiration for joining the armed forces, who unfortunately isn't with us anymore. On Sunday 11th November, Morson CEO Ged Mason joined Andy in St Helens at their memorial ceremony and laid a wreath in memory of the fallen. Corporal Andy Reid lost both his legs and his right arm after stepping on an IED plate whilst serving with the 3rd Batallion, Yorkshire Regiment in Afghanistan in 2009. Andy's story has inspired those at Morson and beyond, and as our official ambassador has worked to help other ex-forces members transition in civilian life with the the help of our recruiters.

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    First Ex-Forces Veterans Pass Free Rail Training Initiative

    Morson Vital Training are proud to celebrate the hard work and dedication of ex-forces veterans Alex Kemp and Carl Ruffley as they achieved faultless marks in passing their safety critical training. Carl and Alex are the first candidates to successfully complete Morson Group’s latest initiative to tackle the widening skills gap within the rail industry head on. The initiative sees MVT, the UK’s fastest growing and highly regarded training provider to the rail infrastructure, offering training spaces free of charge to veterans to ensure that all courses offered are full to capacity. The programme to offer fully-funded training will allow ex-forces veterans to take their first steps into the industry and encourages them to bring their valuable resettlement attributes into an industry that is in need of high quality personnel. The programme was designed in support of armed forces ambassador Andy Reid, off the back of his work across many divisions of the Morson Group in assisting ex-forces personnel, who have given so much in service of the country, into civilian careers. The initiative was launched in the briefing at MVT’s office in Salford last month for interested persons. Alex was the first ex-forces member to take up the opportunity for free training. Formerly part of Andy Reid’s battalion around the time he got injured in Afghanistan, Alex’s life took a turn and upon finding himself homeless, he asked Andy for help getting accommodation through his association with Step Forward homes. He joined a PTS programme to give him the basic qualifications he needs to start his career on the railway. Trainer Gary Benco, an ex-forces veteran himself, sees the skills that veterans have to offer as being highly attractive to potential employers. “Personally, I’d like to see more army gangs out there on the tracks. We have a couple of ex-forces groups in Stoke making good money as a very sought-after gang. The industry needs good people and I believe people with a military background will get noticed.” Morson Group is one of the biggest suppliers to Network Rail and supplies up to 400 staff per week in the North West region. Upon completing the Morson Vital Training PTS training course, contractors are automatically enrolled with Vital. Matthew Leavis, head of training for MVT and co-designer of the programme, said “To see Carl and Alex complete their training and make their way in to gainful and sustained employment with Vital Human Resources gives us all a great sense of achievement and pride.” “Morson Group’s commitment to social mobility is founded on the will to ‘sprinkle a little back’, as our late founder Gerry Mason would say. I personally wish them all the luck in their future career and look forward to working with them in the future as they progress, with the ongoing training of MVT working hand in hand with Vital.” After the success of the pilot scheme it is intended to run more of these programmes of fully funded training with an additional drive to help tackle gender diversity within engineering.

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    How to become a... Concrete Operative

    With widespread investment in infrastructure and a variety of high profile projects taking place around the country, there are excellent opportunities in the UK construction industry for concrete operatives. Keep reading to find out more about the skills you’ll need and discover whether concrete operative jobs are the right fit for you. RATES £16-40k dependent on experience HOT SPOTS Hinkley Point C / HS2 QUALIFICATIONS Apprenticeship, NVQ, City & Guilds What do concrete operative jobs involve? Concrete operatives can work in a variety of different industries on a range of projects. They play a vital role in the construction and maintenance of concrete structures. Your day-to-day duties will revolve around the constructing, setting and aligning of concrete forms for buildings, stairs, bridges, roads and more. It’ll be physically demanding work, taking place in all weather conditions. As with any site-based job, a career as a concrete operative will involve some element of travel, and periods spent away from home working on sites around the country. Work will often be carried out overnight and at weekends to minimise disruption to the public, especially when working on roads. What is a concrete operative’s salary? The average salary for a concrete operative can vary according to the location, scale and nature of the project, as well as from one employer to the next. At the start of your career, you can expect to earn between £16,000 and £20,000 per year. However, as you gain more training and experience, this can rise to between £30,000 and £40,000. These figures are intended as a guideline only. What skills do I need? You’ll need an excellent eye for detail and the ability to understand and follow complex technical drawings and plans. Good levels of hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity are essential, due to the nature of the work. It’s also important to be physically fit, as the work can be quite demanding. Maths and arithmetic skills are needed to be able to work out measurements and quantities, ensuring any wasted materials are minimised. You’ll need to have knowledge of the latest health and safety procedures and be able to safely use a range of hand and power tools, as well as larger plant and machinery. Finally, you need to be confident working both on your own and as part of a wider team. What qualifications do I need? There are no specific entry requirements for concrete operative jobs, although one of the most common routes is through an apprenticeship. To gain a place on an apprenticeship scheme, you’ll usually need to have a minimum of 4 GCSEs at grade C or above, including Maths, English and Science. If you want to further your education and training you could undertake a relevant NVQ or City & Guilds certificate. If you’re going to be involved in plant operations, you’ll need to apply for a CPCS card. Finally, you’ll need a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card if you’re going to be working on a building site. What are the hours and conditions? In a full-time role, you can expect to work between 35 and 40 hours per week, with your working day often beginning at dawn. You may be expected to work overtime during evenings, nights and weekends to meet deadlines, as and when the project requires it. The additional overtime pay you’ll receive offers an opportunity to boost your earnings. Your work will take place predominantly outside and in all weathers. It can be dirty, noisy and physically demanding. You’ll be required to wear safety equipment, including ear protectors, a hard-hat, hi-vis clothing and strong boots. Career progression With the right training and experience, you could progress to a supervisor or management position. Alternatively, you can opt to specialise in a specific field or area. Areas of specialism There are a number of different areas you could choose to specialise in as you move through your career, including bridge building, motorway construction and maintenance, tunnelling and more. To search for opportunities across the sector click here. Or, browse our dedicated HS2 and Hinkley Point C pages for more information.

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    Innovative Talent Technology Vencuro Features At CIPD 2018

    The innovative Vencuro recruitment and talent software featuring at the CIPD Annual Conference at Manchester Central Convention Complex on 7th & 8th November. Vencuro is a bespoke platform that provides hiring managers with access to vital information such as contract performance, spend, headcount, time to hire and KPI attainment in real time, whilst managing the end-to-end recruitment process and candidate journeys for the user. The system, powered by technical recruitment company Morson, has undergone an 18-month period of redevelopment and significant investment with input from Morson’s key recruitment clients. The module-based system splits the recruitment process into three sections – talent, time and dashboard. The sophisticated talent technology manages the end-to-end recruitment process and allows for the complete management of the candidate journey. From raising a vacancy to hire, the Vencuro talent module covers the entire recruitment process. The time module captures working hours against live assignments and allows the client to track all areas of spend, whilst also allowing the contractor to input their hours worked. The dashboards are built to customer specifications to provide a detailed visual representation of the data they require. With over 100 dashboard elements to choose from, all data can be viewed and interrogated to suit the needs of the client. The Vencuro platform is now available independently of Morson’s recruitment service. Charlotte Lewis, Head of Technology for Vencuro, said; “We’ve had the product in service for over 10 years with our clients and it’s been working well, however we took the decision two years ago to make the platform more intuitive, so we’ve given it a complete facelift and added additional functionality based on real world client feedback.” “While there are numerous off-the-shelf platforms that we could have adopted instead, we really needed a system built by recruiters, for recruiters. No two clients are the same, and the platform architecture is built in such a way that we can tailor it to each and every client down to the complete build.” David Lynchehaun, Group Sales Director for Morson said; “Technology and recruitment are inseparable and we’ve recognised this by investing a considerable amount of money up-front in the development of this bespoke system. This offers both a technological compliment to the Morson managed service offering and a standalone product that opens the platform up to an even wider market.” The system is already in use with companies such as BAE Systems, JLL and Thomas Cook. To find out more, visit

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    "75% of Job Seekers Consider an Employer's Brand Before Applying for a Job" | Our 10 Step Checklist for Creating a Strong Employer Brand

    An employer brand showcases an organisation as an employer. Creating an employer brand and promoting your company as an employer of choice positions you to attract, recruit and retain your ideal employee’s. Creating an employer brand is about showing candidates what your company can offer. Practically, it can be a powerful business tool to create a more productive workforce and position your organisation for long-term success. Employer branding is no longer an option for businesses, it’s a must. Digitalisation now means that candidates can easily get an impression of your business through a wide variety of networks and platforms. Your employer brand is a window into your business and should clearly embody your organisation's values and culture in order to attract top talent. Regardless of the sector that you operate in or the size of your company, creating an engaging employer brand will significantly help when it comes to hiring new staff and retaining your best talent. "75% OF JOB SEEKERS CONSIDER AN EMPLOYER’S BRAND BEFORE THEY EVEN APPLY TO AN OPPORTUNITY WITH THE COMPANY." We've put together a 10 step checklist for creating a strong employer brand: 1. Use social media to promote your brand. 2. Listen to employee feedback and implement change. 3. Ensure branding and anything customer facing is consistent and aligned with your brand values. 4. Engage with your customers regularly, whether that be via email, blogs, announcements or traditional methods. 5. Reply to your customer's queries, remember the customer is always right. 6. Don't dismiss review sites like Glassdoor, potential candidates look at them and form opinions. 7. Invest in leadership development within your organisation to ensure consistency from the top. 8. Embrace diversity and inclusivity to create an inclusive culture where each employee feels that they are valued and can contribute is key to business success. 9. Value your employees. 10. Keep up to date with current industry trends to stay ahead of the competition. Want to know more about how you can increase retention and attract top talent for your business? We've created an #EmployerBranding Guide to help you do just that. Get your copy here.

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