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We take time to understand our candidates to find them the best jobs in the market. We have opportunities across industries including aerospace and defense, IT, infrastructure and manufacturing.
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    Marland Yarde Discusses Overcoming Mental Struggles After Injury

    p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Helvetica} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Helvetica; min-height: 17.0px} Earlier this month, Morson hosted the latest Sale Sharks Business Club event which focused on the topic of Overcoming Mental Challenges in Sport and in Business, with the main idea being to raise awareness of mental health. One of the speakers on the star studded panel was Sharks winger, Marland Yarde who has recently been through one of the most testing points of his career. The 26 year-old sustained a season ending injury after dislocating his knee during a Premiership game against Newcastle in October and spoke to Morson about what affect this experience on the sidelines has had on him: “I’m used to training everyday and playing games on weekends that’s what drives me playing those match days. To have that taken away from me was hard to take but the important thing for me was that I allowed myself to grieve on that for a few days. There’s no point allowing that to affect you, it’s very important to get that mental switch” Even though these past few weeks will undoubtedly have been difficult for Marland, he values the support from those closest to him as a major factor in his physical and mental recovery: “I’ve got a great support team around me with my girlfriend, my family and my friends. They’ve all helped me through that period and helped me get back on that right track. I’m currently ahead of schedule, I’m off crutches and these little small wins that are helping me with the mental side of things” Yarde also highlighted the fact that no matter what you do for a living, it’s vital to look after your mental health: “Mental health is a massive area in Rugby, whether that’s through depression, concussion or other different types of things. There’s a lot of things that can relate that to Sport and Business as well, a lot of people have to go through things that will affect their mental health. It’s not turning a blind eye to it, it’s acknowledging it and trying to help make improvements to people’s lives” Marland also gave his opinion on what people working in business can learn from athletes in terms of how they approach their day to day lives: “From my experience, I’ve got injured but it’s that next job mentality where I look at what I can do off the field that will make me a better player on the field. I’m guessing in a business environment, when you have got setbacks, it’s about what you can do next to learn from those” Head to the video below for Marland's highlights from the event or download our joint whitepaper with Sale Sharks Community Trust 'Tackling Mental Health in the Workplace', which features powerful stories from our employee's and ex-professional boxer Ricky Hatton.

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    Morson Vital Training Win Best Apprenticeship at the Transport for London (TfL) Supplier Awards

    Morson Group are delighted to announce that our rail training division, Morson Vital Training (MVT), have won Best Apprenticeship at the Transport for London Supplier Awards 2018. The award was presented to members of the Morson Vital Training team at a cermony at the London Transport Museum in London on Wednesday 5th December. The annual awards are awarded by TfL to recognise the work their supply chain does with them across all of their operations. The awards are open to all suppliers and cross many categories including health, safety & environment, efficiencies, collaboration, and diversity & inclusion. MVT fought off competition from MTR Crossrail and Bombardier to take home the award, which was presented by the newly appointed CEO of Crossrail Mark Wild. During the presentation. Mark highlighted the significance of the category: "I heard an interesting stat that apprenticeships in every sector are declining apart from in the transportation sector, which is something to be really proud of. This is probably one of the most important awards of the night, actually." The submission highlighted MVT's record of putting quality before quantity, ensuring all apprentices are embedded with fundamental skills for their development as employees - including in aspects of their lives outside of basic rail training, such as finance. It also highlighted our commitment to social inclusion and mobilisation, with representatives within the London boroughs and wider groups working with a network of school and combined authorities to support, challenge and promote the benefits of engineering to a wide range of underrepresented groups. Matthew Leavis, head of UK training, said: "It's beyond satisfying to see the hard work and dedication of the team being recognised. We were up against some amazing competition and to walk away with the award feels fantastic and gives us a great sense of achievement. We hope the success of our low volume, high quality programme that offers the best possible learner journey will encourage more small scale, high quality programmes that meet the need for work-ready employees. We're not resting here though, and we're developing additional initiatives to further improve our service offering." MVT has an enviable track record within the industry, and in 2017 were awarded platinum 'best in class' by the National Skills Academy for Rail following an extensive audit of their operations. They have also recently introduced a new initiative to offer ex-forces veterans access to free training in order to aid their transition from the military into civilian life.

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    How to Create a Mental Health Friendly Culture in Business

    At Morson International, we have seen an increase in the number of staff coming forward to express their own struggles with mental illness and seek support. This change in attitudes presented the opportunity to strengthen our own workplace priorities towards mental health by developing effective engagement strategies that tackle the core issues. In doing so, this has enabled us to attract and retain our talented people, drive productivity and innovation and reap numerous commercial benefits that set us apart from many of our competitors. We conducted a survey of 1,400 Morson contractors and collated findings from the Sale Sharks Community Trusts mental health awareness programme to produce a whitepaper that provides a unique insight into workplace mental health in the UK, showing the current state of affairs, the progress made to date and future objectives for employers. The survey helped to reveal what practical steps organisations could take to improve the way they manage and support staff with mental health concerns. Two thirds (66%) of respondents said that developing the right culture was the best way to improving mental health awareness. More than 60% said more support and access to education around mental health was also needed to combat the issue and a further 53% said an anonymous support line would prove beneficial to them and their business. Every business must begin with the basics and create a strong company culture where employees feel valued, supported and encouraged. Creating a culture where staff can be themselves makes it easier to speak about mental health concerns without fear. Championing our employees’ mental wellbeing is part of the overall Morson Group strategy, showing our workforce that we are serious in giving them access to the support and tools they need, as and when required. The decision to disclose a mental health concern is not one that people take lightly and an open and honest culture helps to stamp out any fear of discrimination to encourage staff to come forward. A Morson guide to managing mental health in the workplace: Identify gaps in your mental health aspirations and current practices to first understand what additional programmes and initiatives are required. Develop a mental health strategy that is championed from the top down through positive behaviours and attitudes. Ensure this strategy touches every part of your organisation by building wellbeing into core business values. Address any negative perceptions and opinions held by management and those implementing the policies. Train key staff in becoming mental health champions, ensuring they are handpicked based on personality, empathy and other key traits. Train existing and new managers on mental health and make it part of their line management role to spot the signs. Effectively communicate your mental health and wellbeing resources to staff. Ensure staff working in all locations can access the same resources and support channels with ease. Maintain momentum by ensuring policies are reviewed regularly for maximum impact and act on feedback from staff throughout the business to tailor policies to changing needs. Ensure flexibility by recognising that people need different adjustments in the workplace. Over the coming years, we expect mental wellbeing to play an increasingly prominent role within every business, yet the attitudes of individual leaders will remain a major influence on the rate of adoption. Organisations with increasing skills shortages and strong leadership will help bring mental health in the workplace to the fore, by recognising the numerous commercial benefits it provides. By celebrating good practice and sharing the stories of what individuals face within our own organisation, we hope that other businesses can benefit from this information and insight and use it to help to kick-start their own wellbeing journey. Morson has released a mental health whitepaper which includes more insights from our contractor survey supported by powerful personal stories of our own employees and ex-Morson sponsored boxer Ricky Hatton. To download, visit www.morson.com/tackling-mental-health

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    Why Christmas is a Good Time to Start Job Hunting

    We know that this time of year may not feel like the best time to start searching for a new job with everyone winding down for Christmas and festivities ramping up. However, there are many reasons why it’s the most wonderful time of year to look for a job that you may not have considered. Therefore, Terry Naden, the Director of our London Office gives us his top tips on festive job hunting and why it’s the best time of year to start the search. Why is Christmas a good time to kick start that job search? “I think there’s a number of reasons really, number one, at this time of year a lot of other people are relaxing and kicking back for the year and I don’t think they’re really thinking about searching for a new job. This is your opportunity to get ahead of the game so you’ll beat your competition to that first interview opportunity!” “I also think that people who are at work and who are looking for potential new candidates in the new year have that extra bit of downtime to be able to consider peoples applications with more time. This means aspects of your CV that may have not stood out with a just a quick glance may be noticed and appreciated” Are there any specific tips for people looking for jobs at this time of year? "I think the tips stay the same whatever the time of year. For me, attention to detail is so important and is the number one thing you need to get right. You should make sure that everything that you’re putting in front of an employer is precise, well detailed, accurate and to just generally present yourself in the best possible light you can." What is your favourite festive film? "Favourite Christmas film, Home Alone I think! Definitely, Home Alone!" Watch the full interview below: So, you’ve listened to all the reasons why you should kick-start your festive job hunt, now it’s time to take some action! Click here to search the latest job opportunities with Morson.

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    Top Tips for Making Your New Year’s Resolutions a Success

    It can be overwhelming when your New Year’s resolutions become as long as your holiday shopping list but setting yourself goals at the start of the year is a great way to get 2019 off to the best start. In addition to the post-holiday slump, not being able to stick to your resolutions by February, March or even late January can send your anxiety into overdrive. So, in order to set yourself up for success, you need to ensure you set realistic goals that you are going to be able to work on throughout the year. Check out our top tips for success below: Start small Let’s not go crazy and write a list as long as your arm with everything you want to change in your life. Having unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions is pretty much setting yourself up for failure and when you don’t achieve them it can be very demotivating. The best way to tackle change is to start small and work your way up. For example, if you want to spend more time with family and friends, dedicate a day a month to begin with where you plan an activity together and build from there. Talk about it By telling a friend or loved one about your resolution, it means you have someone there to not only support you but keep you focused and motivated. If you start wavering, friends and family will be on hand to assist. Another thing to remember is by telling people it creates a greater connection between your ‘thinking self’ and your ‘doing self’ and makes the resolution appear more real than if you simply think it in your head. Knowing people are supporting you, gives more incentive to follow through on your goal! Don’t beat yourself up If you fail the first time, just try, try, try again! So, you’ve eaten a chocolate bar that was forbidden in week two? Put it behind you and start again. Nobody is perfect and by being too forceful and strict, you may start to rebel and be demotivated. Another way to help this is by giving your goal a timeframe, say ‘only 5 cigarettes a month’ and that way, once you’ve achieved the big success in that short-term goal, it encourages you to continue. Review your progress Break your resolutions down in stages, or months in order to track your progress. Then, a few months down the line, you can see what is working and what is not. For instance, if your resolution was to go to the gym three evenings a week, perhaps you haven’t been sticking to it because you always work late. Therefore, the answer may be to try going to the gym during your lunch break instead. Ultimately, making a minor adjustment could be the key to success. Celebrate Remember to celebrate your successes! Making any kind of change in your life is hard and if you make a resolution to change something you don’t like and achieve it, you definitely deserve a reward! The only thing to remember is to make sure you keep up the hard work and don’t fall back into your old habits! How do you stick to your resolutions? Let us know on Twitter. Or need some career advice? Check out our blog.

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    The Science Behind Santa’s Sleigh

    Morson Projects have a new client, who goes by the name Santa Claus, this is their report: We pride ourselves on our consistent delivery of engineering services across the range of industries we operate within; tailoring our services to meet clients’ specific needs. Our new client Mr S Claus operates in the specialised sector of global festive cheer and gift delivery, fulfilling this service worldwide to time, quality and no cost. He has an excellent workforce including suitably qualified and experienced manufacturing elves as well as an excellent mode of transport with innovative propulsion. As part of Mr S Claus’ continual improvement, he has tasked our Technical Services Department to ensure that all technical documentation is in place in accordance with his legal obligations to provide fit for purpose documentation for personnel who interface with his sleigh. We have produced the following synopsis of a range of documentation for his consideration: As well as the above, Mr Claus must take various other aspects into consideration. From Database organisation to sleigh lifecycle care, to composite materials. The Morson Projects team gives us an overview: Santa’s Database Dan Robinson – Power Apprentice: Now we all know Santa Claus likes to be efficient by delivering presents all around the world in one night! That’s why good old Kris most likely uses a database to store information, such as the addresses of all the good boys and girls. Databases are brilliant for storing information to be put through an algorithm which can then be used to provide Santa and his reindeer with the most effective route to deliver all those presents in time for Christmas. He could ask his elves to create a database before Christmas including children’s names, where they live (GPS coordinates) and what presents they are getting. Sleigh Lifecycle Care Freyja Ingham – Asset Care Engineer I would set about creating an inspection schedule listing all assets on the sleigh in a logical order. I would then carry out an inspection taking note of anything which is showing signs of degradation, anything which is set up incorrectly and anything which has the future potential to cause harm to people or the surrounding equipment. This inspection would help in the maintenance of the sleigh, pinpointing any areas of concern which could be degrading faster than others, for example, the sleigh runners and fixing arrangements, allowing the maintenance team to fix any faults prior to them causing any kind of danger. As the documents may need to be for anybody to use all around the world I might think of including images of the item to be inspected so anybody anywhere could pick it up regardless of language barriers. Lighting up The Sleigh James Adshead – Power Apprentice: The only source of light that Santa’s sleigh emits is from Rudolph’s nose, during the busiest night of the year he may need extra lights to help the night run a bit smoother. I propose that Santa’s sleigh should be fitted with a variety of LED lights for him to carry out other tasks within the Sleigh, for example, he will probably be stepping out onto a roof when delivering presents. In order to combat this, a small strip of LED running lights can be installed on the underside of the sleigh illuminating the ground around and underneath him. This not only makes it easier to land the sleigh but also makes it a lot safer for Mr Claus when he is departing the sleigh to deliver presents, meaning there is less of a chance that Santa will slip and hurt himself, ruining Christmas! As well as this, he may need some light within the Sleigh for him to see the presents that are in the back, helping him to identify the correct presents at the correct houses. Traditionally Santa’s sleigh is made from materials such as wood and due to the simplicity of the design, there are no electrical components or systems fitted. Thankfully, installing these LED’s means no changes need to be made to the current structural design of the sleigh. The battery that powers the LED’s can be hidden away under his seat and only small wires are needed to run between this battery and the lights. If he wanted he could also have a switch that allowed him to turn these LED’s off and on at will. If he didn’t want to worry about whether the battery was going to run flat he could attach a small set of blades (with a diameter of no more than 30cm) onto the side of the sleigh, which rotates due to the air passing through them as he flies between each house. These could be attached to a shaft which leads into a small generator, thus creating the charge required to prevent the battery running flat. Hopefully, these changes will make Santa’s deliveries on Christmas Eve run smoother and prevent any accidents from happening which could put Christmas in jeopardy. Composite Materials Stuart Taylor – Graduate Design Engineer For Santa’s Sleigh to fly all night, it must be lightweight so that the reindeers don’t get too tired! The sleigh would be made from composite materials to ensure it was not only light but also strong and durable to do so many miles. Paulo Venancio – Aerospace Project Manager & Mark Davies – Aerospace Chief Engineer Santa’s sleigh blades are made of ceramic composite to manage the high temperature due to travelling at the speed of light. The sleigh structure is a monocoque, designed with lightweight carbon boron materials. The fabrics are specifically weaved by elves in Finland and the resin comes from the undergrounds of the artic… Also, Santa wears a Kevlar suit to protect him from any bullets from children that didn’t get the presents they want. If you think you’re ready for a career change this festive season, search the opportunities at Morson today.

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    Christmas Quiz – Which Character Are You?

    Are you a leader like Santa, an inventor like Kevin McAlister or a go-getter like John McClane? Take the quiz to discover your Christmas personality type and your perfect job type. There’s Buddy The Elf, Jack Frost, John McLane, Kevin McAlister and Santa Claus. Tweet us @MorsonGroup to let us know which character you are #HolidayHub … ​

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    Christmas Office Etiquette as Told by our Favourite TV Shows

    To ensure a happy and productive work environment, it’s essential to follow the unwritten rules of Christmas office etiquette. Doing the opposite can be bad for business (and Christmas spirit). Here are a few reminders of what to do and not do in the office this festive season from some of our favourite shows: 1. Don’t eat someone else’s food. ‘That festive sandwich was the only good thing going on in my life’ – Ross Geller, Friends It’s not big, it’s not clever. Colleagues eating other people’s food is the UK’s no.1 office bugbear, guaranteed to foster sour grapes and tense atmospheres. Ross’s reaction is perfectly understandable, especially when we find out that it’s his boss who ate his sandwich. No matter your seniority, if it’s labelled don’t eat it. To add insult to injury, he threw half of it in the bin, moist maker and all! Argh! The injustice! ​ 2. Do keep secret Santa … a secret ‘So Phyliss is basically saying, hey Michael, I only care about you a homemade oven mitt’s worth … I gave Ryan an iPod’ – Michael Scott, The US Office Ranking high on the list of terrible workplace ideas if office secret Santa. It’s the time of the year where colleagues awkwardly give and receive gifts they don’t like from people they barely know. As shown by Michael Scott, secret Santa gifts are well-intentioned but the odds of a recipient actually liking, needing or not being mildly offended by the gift are slim. Your workplace secret Santa won’t be a dramatic as a sit-com but hey, avoid the awkwardness and keep it quiet. 3. Don’t force Christmas on your co-workers ‘Every year I give Leslie the same Christmas gift I give everyone, a crisp $20 bill. And every year she gives me something thoughtful and personal. It makes me furious’ – Ron Swanson, Parks and Recreation ​ Like Ron Swanson, not everyone is a Christmas fan. By forcing festivities on those who don’t want to get involved you can inadvertently alienate people. Keep in mind that not everyone celebrates the same holidays and even those who do might not celebrate them in the same ways. Don’t push people to celebrate in ways they’re not comfortable with. 4. Do remember those who work over Christmas ‘Statistically Christmas Eve is one of the worst nights to be on call’ – JD, Scrubs All over the world, people work over the festive period. In the UK alone 900,000 people work on Christmas Day, a jump of 5 per cent over the past three years. From emergency response workers to chefs and vicars to railway engineers, take time to appreciate and reflect on those who keep the country running over the festive period. Bosses, co-workers and HR representatives, what’s your experience with Christmas office etiquette offenders? Let us know on Twitter @Morsongroup with the hashtag #XmasOfficeEtiquette.

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    Our Christmas Job Hunt Playlist

    It’s nearly Christmas, we’re starting to wind down, it’s no time for a job hunt right? Wrong! Get ahead of the competition and start your search for a new career before the new year. Need motivation? Here’s our Christmas job hunt playlist, guaranteed to motivate you and keep your Christmas spirit high throughout your recruitment journey this festive season… 1. Motivation Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year to get your job search on track. Many people overlook December as an opportunity to further their career, preferring to concentrate on the festivities and leave job searching until the new year. However, believe in yourself, if ‘all you want for Christmas is’ that perfect job tis’ the season to capitalise on less competition and get applying. 2. Update your CV Mr Clause makes a point of making a list and checking it twice. Like Santa, you can’t afford to make mistakes so ensure your CV is up-to-date. There’s no point sending one which isn’t representative of your current skills or abilities and contains grammatical errors – all of which put off potential employers. 3. Search and apply for jobs I know you’re thinking, please ‘let it snow’, anything to avoid the job applying process. But it’s time to face unafraid, the plans that we’ve made and start to click send on those applications – get the ball rolling. From the wise words of the Backstreet Boys… ‘I’ve been away too long, but now I’m back’. 4. Interview “Hallelujah” you have an interview! Now before you start panicking, try and remember it’s Christmas time, there’s no need to be afraid, don’t let those interview nerves get the better of you. The main things are preparation and positivity – it’s all good experience in the long run. For more advice, check out our top interview tips > 5. Feedback It’s good news. You’re now walking in the air. Well done to you, you deserve it. There’s no reason why you can’t have yourself a merry little Christmas and let the festivities begin. It’s bad news. Thinking it’ll be a blue Christmas? Well, let it go and put it behind you. You did you’re best and it’s all good experience for future interviews. Try and get feedback to know where you might have gone wrong. But, most importantly, don’t forget there’s always tomorrow, for dreams to come true, tomorrow is not far away. Don’t give up yet, it will happen for you. If you think you’re ready for a career change this festive season, search the opportunities at Morson today.

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    Crolla’s Christmas Crackers: Transferable Tips from the Top

    As sponsors of champion boxer Anthony Crolla, at Morson we’ve been lucky enough to personally follow his career throughout the years, documenting the highs and lows and pick up some tips for success along the way. Follow his journey, replicate his determination and end the year on a high – here are his top tips for success. It’s important to take a break Injury after the Linares fight forced Anthony to take a break from boxing and training. What at first seemed like a setback actually helped Crolla refocus: “I’m always ticking over in the gym but after the last fight I picked up a few injuries and had to have a little bit of a break. That really did me good, I feel refreshed. A few weeks of family holiday made me feel really good and ready to go again” Scarily, recent reports claim that unused holiday days are at a 40-year high. No matter how busy or important your job is, taking a break is essential. Holidays are proven to reduce stress, improve concentration and increase job satisfaction. Decrease the likeliness of a burnout by re-calibrating your work/life balance and recharging those batteries! Hard work pays off For Crolla, the working hard has been the most important way to bounce back after defeat. With two consecutive losses to the same opponent by the start of 2017, Crolla’s career looked in jeopardy. How did he bounce back? “Hard work. Hard work and knowing that I had to change a few things. That night was a blessing in disguise, I cringe watching it now. After the fight, I went back to my parents’ house and knew I had to change things and improve.” Crolla’s reaction to defeat is easily applicable in the workplace. When faced with a challenge or disappointment, it’s so easy to react defensively, get demotivated or even consider changing jobs. Instead use disappointments to fuel your fire to improve, overcome and succeed. A team mentality makes you stronger The importance of teamwork can sound like a cliché and we’ve all heard how working as part of a team can increase the efficiency and quality of output. However, Crolla offered a slightly alternative perspective on the subject of teamwork. We asked Anthony if he feels pressure to be a role model to younger boxers, and his answer surprised us. ‘I don’t see myself as a role model. The lads (other boxers from Gallagher’s gym on the undercard) don’t treat me like that, we’re all just mates, we all support each other. It’s great to have 5 of us on and I look forward to 5 good wins. Each time each one of them wins, it gives me strength, so by the time that I fight, we have 4 wins behind us and I’ll go into mine full of confidence’ Teamwork is not only the act of working together but is a mentality which you can bring to foster success on even solitary projects. During the festive period, the amount of team activities is sure to ramp up, take the opportunity to embrace them and maybe make some new friendships along the way too! Feeling motivated after reading this blog? Search the opportunities available at Morson.

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    Our Guide on Maintaining the Holiday Work Life Balance

    We all know that during the festive season all we want to do is sing along to Mariah Carey and eat party food. But, in all seriousness, we still need to get the job done despite all the inherent distractions. For that reason, we give you a few tips to help with maintaining the holiday work-life balance… Get organised This applies to almost every part of surviving the festive season, organisation is key! To avoid stressing at work and having to rush out on your lunch break on last-minute Christmas errands, start organising well in advance of the big day. Schedule some time in for shopping, wrapping, decorating and those niggly bits you need to get done so that when the special day comes around, you can take a back seat. If you’re planning on having some time off over the Christmas period, make sure you factor that into your work schedule to ensure you don’t fall behind. It always pays to have a plan! Set a ‘get things done’ day One good way to ensure you tick everything off your to-do list is to book a day off work in the run-up to Christmas and make it your ‘get things done’ day. We all know how busy the shops can be at the weekend and when you work 9-5, five days a week, it’s really the only time you can go. If you book a holiday at work and create a checklist of tasks you need to get done, you’ll be surprised how much you can tick off in one, super organised day! Make time for yourself Set specific days or times in your schedule to commit yourself solely to work, and the rest of your time to your personal life. Not focusing on ourselves is something we’re all guilty of, especially over the Christmas period. But we don’t need an expert to work out that we can’t work at our best if our mind and body isn’t at its best also. It’s essential to get enough sleep and take time to relax in order to de-stress. This will help you perform better at work. Learning how to say ‘no’ can also be a life-saver (you don’t have to attend every festive drink outing!). Enjoy what matters the most All in all, you can’t please everyone over the Christmas period. Identify your priorities and what’s most important to you, then go from there. Then draw firm boundaries so you can devote quality time to these priorities. The Christmas period is such a special time and when you’re at home make sure you put away the laptop and mute the email notifications to ensure you spend quality time with your family. If you think you’re ready for a career change this festive season, search the opportunities at Morson today.

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    Rolls-Royce Demonstrates World’s First Fully Autonomous Ferry

    The world’s first fully autonomous ferry has been demonstrated in Finland, navigating itself from Paralnen to Nauvo. The 53.8m double-ended car ferry is one of its kind, using a unique combination of Rolls-Royce and Finnish state-owned ferry operator, Finferries ship intelligence technologies. Autonomous shipping The vessel was able to detect objects using a sensor function and artificial intelligence to conduct collision avoidance. According to Rolls-Royce, their advanced technology allows Falco to build a detailed picture of its surroundings in real time. It also demonstrated automatic berthing with a recently developed autonomous navigation system. All this was achieved without any human intervention from the crew. Although the outward journey was completed entirely autonomously, the return journey was controlled remotely from a command centre 50 kilometres away in Turku, demonstrating that the ship can be commandeered by a human if required. (Image sourced via theengineer.co.uk) Mikael Makinen, Rolls-Royce President for Commercial Marine, said: “Today marks a huge step forward in the journey towards autonomous shipping and reaffirms exactly what we have been saying for several years, that autonomous shipping will happen. Today’s demonstration proves that the autonomous ship is not just a concept, but something that will transform shipping as we know it.” Mats Rosin, Finferries’ CEO, said: “We are very proud that maritime history has been made on the Parainen – Nauvo route once again. First with our world-renowned hybrid vessel Elektra and now Falco as the world’s first autonomous ferry. As a modern ship-owner, our main goal in this cooperation has been on increasing safety in marine traffic as this is beneficial for both the environment and our passengers. But we are also equally excited about how this demonstration opens the door to the new possibilities of autonomous shipping and safety.” We have some fantastic marine and shipbuilding opportunities available – click here to find your next job.

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