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We are delighted to be the headline sponsor of Rugby League's Salford Red Devils for the 2020 season!

The Morson logo will sit proudly, front and centre of the Red Devils’ home, away and magic weekend shirts as well as on the players socks. But the partnership will go beyond a logo as, alongside Salford Red Devils, we embark on a programme of meaningful activities to support the wider Salford community.

Morson CEO, Ged Mason, OBE said:

“We’re delighted to be involved with Salford Red Devils.  Our company head office is still based in Salford and I lived and went to school in Salford, so there’s a lot of heritage. I’m proud of my roots and thought it was the right time to support our local Rugby League club.

The Grand Final was a great event for the whole city, which led to me being asked to support the club. Hopefully the momentum and enthusiasm from the final will carry on and the community will get behind the club.

Local businesses have had the opportunity to advertise on the shirt as well, which was a great idea, and I’m pleased that the winning company, Cannon, are based locally in Trafford Park.  The benefits that Salford offer through TV coverage, and their performance on the pitch, elevates what they can offer to sponsors significantly.

The coverage was one of the decisions which helped me decide to advertise on the shirt, because of the fantastic reach it has.

I know the back office are working their socks off to help the club and achieve more sponsorship opportunities. If we can all rally round and support our local club and the local community, it will be an exciting season ahead!

Salford Red Devils director Paul King said:

This agreement is a symbol of the direction in which the club is travelling ahead of the 2020 season. To have formed a partnership with a global brand shows the level the club intends to operate at, following our Grand Final appearance.

With Morson’s head office based in Salford, it also highlights our identity as a community club. We’ve been really encouraged by the number of businesses coming forward to support the club since our play-off campaign and hope to see this continue ahead of the 2020 season. 


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    Success after rugby: Morson hosts CV workshop for Sale Sharks

    Morson Talent Attraction and Retention Partner Chelsea Beck-Daniel recently hosted a CV workshop with Premiership rugby club Sale Sharks, co-owned by Morson CEO Ged Mason OBE. Sale Sharks have a long-standing partnership with the business. Our rugby stars showcase the behaviours which Morson champions; teamwork, dedication and the ability to overcome challenges. Our work with them spans beyond sponsorship and enables us to inspire our clients, candidates and employee's as well as give back to the communities in which we work.With the uncertainty surrounding career longevity and the need for many sportspeople to find a career after the final whistle, we recognise the importance of ensuring athletes are best equipped for the future. A key element of this is identifying the transferrable skills that can be carried from the sports field into other careers, as well as providing help with CV formatting and style. This was the inspiration behind launching our CV workshop with Sale Sharks.Chelsea explained why it is vital to give athletes an insight into the working world sooner rather than later:“This initiative was created to help the players begin to think about life after rugby. The majority of these players have gone from education straight into sport and haven’t necessarily had exposure to any other working environments. All they’ve ever known is rugby and if their career was to unfortunately end early for any reason, they may not have much knowledge about writing a CV, how to apply for roles, or ultimately working life outside of the sport. Fundamentally the objective was to set these players up for success post their athletic career, whatever that may look like for them.”The importance of the presentability and layout of the CV was something that Chelsea stressed the importance of:“As a recruiter, when I receive a CV this is ultimately the first impression I get of that individual. I emphasised to the players that presentation and formatting is key – make sure that your CV is easy to read and its contents are relevant to the role that you are applying for. Good spelling and grammar can also go a long way towards making a good impression to a potential employer by demonstrating your attention to detail.”​Success after sportThe adaptability of key skills from the world of sport into the workplace is a key element of the training. While sportspeople may not realise it, traditional sporting skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership are highly sought after traits in the world of business. Translating this into the correct terminology to make their CVs stand out is important:“Athletes have excellent transferable skills and values that they can really utilise in their CVs. For example, instead of saying ‘punctual to all practices’ this can be translated to ‘excellent time management skills’. You can elaborate further to say ‘based on a 40 hours practice week, training, competitions, and even travel’ to demonstrate how you’ve juggled multiple pressures and expectations. When articulated well, recruiters will be able to see how on-the-field skills will translate in the workplace.”Former Sale Sharks star Mark Cueto found himself transitioning from his playing career into his business role within the club he'd served as a player. We spoke to him about this move, and while he admits he lacked the business know-how, he was quick to identify the skills he'd perfected on the pitch that would transition nicely into the boardroom as Commercial Director:"When you’re in rugby you have no idea how transferrable the skills that you’re learning are. A lot of it is really simple. For me, I worried that I wasn’t corporate enough to enter the business world, but a lot of it comes down to what you’ve learnt from rugby. You work hard, you set yourself goals and you have to work well with people – and this has put me in good stead”“When I’m going out getting sponsorship from the club it’s incredible the amount of businesses I speak to who don’t just want an advertising board, they want to be able to bring their staff down to Carrington for our players to give them tips on teamwork and organisation. Essentially marketing and sales strategies are game plans.”​Morson Group is proud to assist Sale Sharks in addressing and planning for the next stage of their players’ careers and look forward to working with them in the future.Take a look at our CV tips to make sure you make the best first impression possible when searching for your next role. Once your CV is in shape, search for your next move with Morson Follow us on Twitter to get the latest sporting news in rugby, boxing, horse racing and more.

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    Offload: Morson partners with Salford Red Devils' mental health fitness programme

    ​Through February and March we were delighted to partner with Salford Red Devils to virtually deliver their mental fitness and wellbeing programme, Offload, to our Morson Group colleagues.Offload is a mental fitness programme being piloted by three rugby League communities: Salford, Warrington and Widnes. Through a 6-fixture programme, Offload tackles a wide range of topics relating to mental health, including stress management, applying a positive mindset, analysing negative thinking, managing emotions like anger, mindfulness, and building resilience.Heather Deering, Health & Wellbeing Partner for Morson, spoke about the reasoning behind the partnership:The past year has, and continues to be, a truly difficult one for many people, and we want to do our best to provide our colleagues with information to help them build resilience, develop practical coping strategies, and understand how to access further support if they need it. Lockdown and social distancing have meant many avenues of support we’re used to accessing have become unavailable, so we were fortunate that Offload could be delivered just as effectively as an online programme.Delivered by Salford Red Devils Foundation health managers and past and current players who have faced mental health challenges, the sessions examined the challenges players face on and off the pitch and what evidence-based coping strategies they use. Attendees were then taught how to apply and use those techniques in their own lives.The programme has been very well received by our colleagues.“I joined the programme initially to see if I could improve my awareness of mental health support in the hope that I may learn and be able to help others in the future. I found the openness of the presenters welcoming and it encouraged the group to share where appropriate and I feel that I have personally gained a greater level of confidence to support my colleagues, friends and family with their mental health and emotional wellbeing should it be needed.”Morson has been a headline sponsor of Salford Red Devils since 2019.To find out more about Offload, visit the Salford Red Devils Foundation site. To find out about Morson's partnership with Salford Red Devils, follow us on Twitter

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