Welcome to MorsonTV, providing video tips, tools and stories for our candidates and clients.

Our YouTube channel is split into two sections – Mentor Me Morson and My Morson.

In Mentor Me Morson, we harness the expertise of our people to answer candidates’ questions on everything from job searching to career management. Our experts also share their knowledge on the recruitment and engineering industries, helping our clients to better understand what we do for them and showing them how to attract the best talent.

In My Morson, we will look at the best of the Morson brand, from clients, candidates and employees alike. This is a space for everyone to talk about what makes Morson great and to tell their own stories. We will also focus on the work we do for charity every year as we answer the question: “what does Morson mean for you?”

To share our videos on social media, simply use the hashtag #mentormemorson or #mymorson respectively!

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MyMorson Featured Episode
Morson Masquerade

MentorMeMorson Featured Episode
5 Ways to Assess if a Candidate Fits Your Company Culture

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