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Low Carbon Contracts Company

Who We Are

LCCC is a team of people from the public and private sectors with a range of backgrounds who work together to deliver two government schemes at the heart of delivery of the UK’s goals for secure, affordable and sustainable energy. 

We have recently refreshed our strategy, which sets out how we intend to use the strong foundation of our delivery excellence to play an increasing role in the transformation of the electricity market, part of the move towards a more decentralised, decarbonised and digital energy and transport system. 

We are developing and growing our current team, to build on our emerging centre of expertise and enhance our capacity as a trusted advisor on the development of electricity market schemes.

We are looking for people motivated by the clean energy agenda who are keen to work in proximity to government and closely with electricity generators and suppliers to deliver insights and build industry confidence in a constantly changing regulatory environment. 


►  Here at LCCC, we take pride in allowing you to add value to your role. We encourage cross-functional working and collaboration between departments.

►  LCCC thrives on teamwork, commitment, and motivated individuals. This comes from the wider scope of responsibility, objectives and learning potential that LCCC staff enjoy.

►  We are committed to identifying potential and supporting employees professional and career development.


►  Here at LCCC, we benefit from being a private company owned by government, with a central role in the electricity sector working to maintain investor confidence and minimise costs to consumers.

►  As a small company, every one of our employees has a role to play in driving our business forward and achieving our strategic objectives.

►  We’re a multi-talented team bringing together a combination of key stakeholders, industry experts and employees with diverse backgrounds.


Our ethos is described by our values and respect for diversity and dynamic outlook means we are always looking for people to bring new ideas to the business.

We like to recognise the work our employees do, whether it is finishing a project, implementing a new idea or working collaboratively across our business. 

We also celebrate employees who live our values and exceptionally demonstrate that our values and culture sit at the heart of our business.

Our 5 core values embody our commitment to deliver our mission and vision.