Senior Design Engineer

Job Purpose

To work and generate the necessary Design Concepts to support the various maturity gates to the Preliminary Design Review. In addition to the generation of concept options and design maturation of these concepts the role requires the provision of technical advice, explanation and guidance such that engineers gain a good understanding of the tools, methods and processes adopted. The role will require a broad range of experience within the Design discipline in addition to experience of integrating with other airframe disciplines and ideally with some early lifecycle experience in influencing airframe concepts from selection options through to configuration freeze and on to PDR.

Key Responsibility Areas and associated Standards of Performance

Job Content:

The role is based internationally, necessitating a significant level of autonomous working to discharge these responsibilities. The initial role will influence the concept selection through the activities of the Airframe IPT providing technical advice, explanation and guidance to the Design engineering team and adjacent disciplines. The role will evolve towards the configuration freeze and again the individual will support and guide the key trade studies to determine selected materials, structural layouts, sensor integration and key systems packaging/interfaces. The role will continue to evolve to enable the support of Platform PDR where the selected design solution will need to demonstrate compliance to requirements & Design Standards.

Roles & Responsibilities:

* Leading and guiding a major unit or system in association with the airframe concept/configuration, primary structural layouts with the primary systems packaging within the platform definition (Where applicable: -Cockpit, propulsion integration, undercarriage, control surfaces, primary sensor installations etc)
* Providing early lifecycle layout and packaging experience with associated analysis experience and co-ordinating Design reviews including liaison with internal and external stakeholders/suppliers.
* Multidisciplinary working with the key disciplines such as Air Vehicle Performance, Aerodynamics, Structures, Air Vehicle Systems, Mission Systems, Manufacturing and Signature teams etc. To support the evolution, assessment and refinement of the configuration against the agreed performance requirements.
* Provide support and report to the in country company & Design Technical authority
* Effective liaison with UK based staff to call on specialist knowledge as required.
* Close liaison with counterparts providing technical advice and guidance.
* Mentoring and coaching the staff, who are likely to have less practical Design engineering experience.

Functional Knowledge / Experience:

Your experience, skills and qualifications will ideally include:

* At least 10 years' experience in an Airframe Design role.
* Experience of design in the early phase of the Product Lifecycle up to PDR including and Aircraft concept layouts or development of early Airframe configuration designs including either Structural or Systems Layout.
* Ability to analyse information and apply engineering judgement to solve problems.
* Able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to section leaders, peers, subordinates.
* Experience of working with external customers, suppliers and partners (typically non-UK partners).
* Experience of leading and guiding design teams.
* Experience in more than one area of the design sub-disciplines (Structural Design, Composites, Mechanical Systems, System Installation, Electrical Installation).
* Co-ordination of Interface Control Documents (ICD's) and configuration control principles.
* Experience in articulating Statements of Work, planning and delivery of Designs to meet design review criteria and production schedules.
* Experience of working in a multidisciplinary IPT environment influencing adjacent Airframe and Systems disciplines.
* BSc/BEng (Hons) qualification or equivalent qualification and experience.
* Knowledge of relevant engineering and design standards and processes.
* Experience of delegated engineering signatory status (e.g. authorised to check Airframe designs).

Ideally have an active UK SC/NATO security clearance or if not current must be eligible and willing to undertake the required clearance understanding that the position cannot be commenced until the clearance is in place.

This is a fixed term contract position offering the following benefits in addition to a competitive base salary.

Home leave allowance - to maintain links with family (contribution to additional flights)
Car Allowance and access to car scheme
Access to Furnished & Serviced Accommodation or cash equivalent (£10,000)
Medical and emergency dental insurance
Immigration and destination services support
Expatriation and Repatriation support