R&M In-Service RCM Practitioner

Job Description:

Purpose to conduct system based functional FMEA analysis in accordance with the RCM Policy and Procedures Handbook (PPH), to maintain safety and optimise the aircraft maintenance concept to suit the customer needs and reduce cost of ownership.

Responsibilities include:

  • Provide ATA system based functional RCM analyses in accordance with the UK MoD Regulatory Articles and the company PPH.
  • Liaise with the R&M In-Service MTA (Maintenance Task Analysis) engineers to support initiatives to challenge and optimise the maintenance concept in order suit the customers operations and capabilities.
  • Establish and maintain appropriate contact with relevant stakeholders and seek to develop an effective relationship with them during the course of the task or project being discharged.
  • Conduct MRB (Maintenance Review Boards) when required.
  • Contribute to the execution of the RCM review project; control project inputs/outputs, including limited progress reporting into the RCM Project Plan (RCMPP).
  • Contribute to the cost of ownership reduction strategy for the aircraft platform through the continuous improvement of the maintenance concept.
  • Produce and maintain a range of Product Support Engineering documentation to substantiate and record solutions to the technical challenges of maintenance reduction.
  • As required, travel to the customer's maintenance facilities to support the various maintenance working groups, to engage with the operator and collaborate to share knowledge and ideas.
  • Ensure that adequate and timely technical advice is provided to any member of the organisation who requests or requires it.
  • Input to Equipment Performance Analysis (EPA) and Product Improvement for continuous improvement.
  • Input to the FRB (Failure Review Board)
  • Input to departmental LORA activity
  • Liaison with the In-Service data team to interpret and consider the data outputs on component or system reliability trends including outputs from; LH data warehouse, DASORS, SAN's, UFR's and Fault Investigation Reports.