Outsourcing Manager

Job title : Outsourcing Manager

Filton, Bristol UK.

B. Accountabilities

Reporting to the HO Outsourcing, the job holder has responsibility on behalf of their Manager for delivery of key externalization enablement activities across all ESW sites including Outer wing activities (UK, Filton & Broughton), High Lift (D) and Aileron and Spoilers (F), and India, contributing to and ensuring alignment with Airbus policies and procedures. The jobholder is responsible for ensuring the successful contract enablement of activities within all aircraft programs and sites but will be primarily based at only one site. The jobholder ensures that appropriate governance processes are implemented to ensure adherence to relevant processes.

The job holder contributes to
- the adherence to policies and procedures relating to ethics and compliance
- timely delivery of contract enablement's including call for tenders and purchase orders right through to project closure through guiding the HoE and their N-1+2
- the deployment of transnational processes to track and improve Engineering supplier performance with procurement and central outsource management teams
- measure adherence to strategic initiatives including, subcontract time, cost and quality adherence, supplier landscape, make or buy adherence, Offshore strategies, subcontract process adherence and in-situ subcontracting
- opportunities to deputies on behalf of the HO Outsource Management & Non-European Centre Manager

C. Dimensions
Please only choose figures connected with the job and for which the jobholder is responsible or clearly involved. Figures mentioned should specify period covered. Subcontracted activities should be expressed in financial terms, not in headcount terms.

A. Subordinate employees (FTE headcount):
Direct (ops.): 0 FTE
Indirect (funct.): 0 FTE
B. Subcontracted (incl. Consulting) activities (financial terms only):
Direct :n/a
Indirect : n/a
C. Operating Budget (financial terms):
Direct : n/a
D. Other budgets:
Development budget (specify NRC/RC):n/a
E. Other dimensions relevant to the position Leading activities, including Call for tenders, supporting workload planning, represent ESWOS with integrity to our customers
D. Main activities

* Deployment of ESW Supplier Management Strategy
* Deployment of ESW Transnational Supplier Landscape
* Support the governance of process adherence including compliance with relevant Ethics and Compliance guidelines, Airbus Policies and ESW procedures
* Support the implementation of KPI's to measure supplier performance
* Support the ordering process for all ESW subcontracted engineering activities, Call for Tender, supplier selection through to Purchase Ordering
* closing out of contracts including goods receipt and lessons learned
* Working closely with the Head of Engineering N-1 to manage Engineering activities into the supply chain through arbitration of supplier selections
* Support ways of working development and deployment to manage needs of internal stakeholders
* Delegation from EZB to ensure offload compliance with Airbus policy.

E. Outputs

The job holder will contribute to the deployment of updates on the ESW Transnational Supplier Landscape Strategy. This shall document those suppliers that ESW will use to deliver its Engineering Subcontracted activities in the following year. The Suppliers will be selected on a combination on measured performance, demonstrated capabilities and their strategic importance to Airbus. The job holder will ensure that there is close alignment with Airbus E2S supplier lists (this is a list of 21 suppliers whom have been selected to support Airbus) and ES supplier lists (through functional links with ESOE) and will ensure that ESW needs are fully catered for in the compilation of these lists.

The job holder will contribute to the deployment of and the ESW Make or Buy Policy ensuring that it is fully reflected in the engineering business ways of working within ESW. The policy needs to support the ongoing development of internal resources through ensuring that activities of strategic importance remain as Make. There has to be alignment with the ES Make or Buy Policy, it is the job holders responsibility to ensure that ESW needs are reflected in the ES level policy through functional links with ES2.

The job holder will deploy the ESW Offshore Strategy, ensuring that it both reflects the needs of ESW and supports wider Airbus initiatives through the management of the workload planning and deployment of activities.

F. Organisation structure