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Operations and Integration Manager

Operations and Integration Manager

Overall Department Direction
In order to deliver the MOD's submarine programme over the next 40 years, a significant programme of infrastructure investment will be required on the Devonport site. A new 'Major Infrastructure Projects' (MIP) Business Unit is in development to drive the development of Devonport's Infrastructure to support the future needs of our customers.

The MIP Business Unit is an enduring capability and there will be a wide range of further infrastructure projects to come. We will be working closely with the BUs responsible for maintaining the existing infrastructure and with our customer to determine what its long-term needs are.

Main Purpose of Role
The primary purpose of the Operations & Integration Manager is to take responsibility for articulating how the design packages will deliver the capability functions and the capture of the design concepts within an overall facility layout by interfacing with the discipline leads and users.
This will include the likes of the following

* Co-ordinate the operational aspects of the system designs into an overall facility operational concept to demonstrate functional capability.
Co-ordinate and design spatial layout and process management of facility by integration of the system designs into an overall facility layout
* Liaise with the UAG Lead / Engineer to ensure operational aspects of the system and facility designs is understood and accepted
* Ensure all staff are familiar with the hazards and risks associated with the work undertaken by the delegated engineering team through effective management and communication of the Risk Assessment.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Competences
* Relevant knowledge and skills required in the technical management of complex design development throughout the design lifecycle
* Sound understanding of engineering design and safety practice as relevant to discipline, post and project requirements
* Sound project specification, planning, project management and budgeting experience
* Sound understanding of Company and departmental procedures relating to Design, Health & Safety and Quality requirements, and ability to manage projects in accordance with these procedures
* Submarine maintenance production engineering experience in a dockyard environment
* Knowledge of process optimisation and human interface management
Experience of developing Concept of Operations (CONOPs) / procedure management information

Preferably Chartered Engineer, registered with Engineering Council.

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