Naval Architect

Primary Purpose
To undertake engineering investigations, design changes and associated project management of engineering projects in the maintenance of the design intent and availability of In-Service Submarine Flotilla, in particular:
* Submarine Construction/Naval Architecture
To act, in conjunction with the other members of the Naval Architecture Team, as the focal point for support, to the Platform Group within the Submarine Operating Centre. This focal point is specifically cantered around the identification of issues, risks and the associated potential design solutions for In-Service Submarines.


Principal tasks and responsibilities are:
To act as Senior Engineer and Project Lead for the specification, planning, execution and delivery of specific submarine design support / design change projects, as allocated by the Team Leader - Naval Architecture, to the required standard(s), time scales and budgets.

In terms of the above requirement projects include, but are not limited to:

* Conducting investigations and / or design studies as required by the Submarine Enterprise with a specific focus on submarine secondary propulsion systems and shipside service systems
* Developing and or maturing technical solutions and associated specifications and technical reports in order that the required design changes can be proposed and progressed
* Conducting design and safety reviews in order to identify the technical and safety risks
* Conducting on board inspections and assessments (operational and in maintenance)
* Project managing sub-contractors in the execution of specific tasks that require specialist or OEM support and
* Producing reports and recommendations that detail the proposed solution and or way ahead which will give consideration to priority, programme and budget using comprehensive, specialised, factual and theoretical knowledge.

To directly liaise with the customer and other MOD project officers, as authorised, to identify the technical issues, discuss potential solutions, review recommendations, conclusions, provide specialist advice and report progress.
To manage sub-contractors in the conduct and progress of their contracts and provide technical acceptance of their deliverables.
To liaise with other departments to ensure that cross-Platform integration issues and Safety aspects of any design support / design change tasks are addressed.
To provide technical support on Naval Architecture design aspects to other Engineering Services projects and the wider Submarine Enterprise Teams as directed by the Manager - Naval Architecture.
To apply and work to objectives and targets as set by the Team Leader - Naval Architecture.
To notify the Team Leader - Naval Architecture of any issue with the potential to affect contractual and commercial.
To notify the Team Leader - Naval Architecture of any potential problems, including lack of resources / budgets / forward workload.
To maintain appropriate documentation and records in assigned areas of work including project files and the Management Information System (MIS).
To undertake ad-hoc and emergent tasks as directed by the Manager - Naval Architecture / Team Leader - Naval Architecture.
Checking of technical documentation as directed by the Manager - Naval Architecture and to be recognised and approachable for technical thought leadership and advice.
Deputise for the Team Leader - Naval Architecture as agreed with the Manager - Naval Architecture.