Mechanical Designer

This job is no longer open for applications.
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Responsible for the preparation, production and upkeep of Datum Pack drawings and photographs in accordance with Defence Standard (Def Stan) 02-38, Def Stan 02-41 and customer requirements.
Responsible for resolving problems / queries through analysing and interpreting technical information that are supplied by internal and external customers.
Contribute, using appropriate standards, sound technical experience and knowledge, to the selection of best methodologies for the resolution/completion of tasks allocated by SSMG/Ministry of Defence (MoD).
To assess and verify design proposal drawings and Datum Pack drawings which results in on-site / boat validation in order to resolve technical queries.
Conduct on-site and off-site visits in support of the production of design drawings.
To carry out the upkeep and maintenance of the Submarine Ship Fit equipment database in Submarine Definition Database (SDD) via technical drawings and on-board validation.
Supply of technical information leading to the production of Guidance Information, working drawings and Datum Pack drawings.
Responsible for liaising with internal and external customers, Project and Production in order to provide support, and where applicable, complete contractual agreements.
Have a sound knowledge of drawing section practices, Quality Assurance practices and governance procedures in order to provide assistance in a proficient and timely manner.
Manage, control and maintain the Quality Assurance live files for all classes of submarines.
Provide technical drawing assistance to the design groups as and when required.
Provide a professional response to all stakeholders via verbal, written, design and presentation methods of communication.
Upkeep and control of First Level master documents ensuring archive copies are maintained.
Responsible for the allocation of Fittings, Pipes and Bulkhead Penetration numbers for A, T and V Class submarines and electrical cable and equipment numbers for A Class submarines.
Liaise with BAES Submarine Design Services for the allocation of Astute Class Fitting numbers.
Responsible for the capture of all First Level changes consequent upon the analysing / interpreting technical information and design drawings for all classes of submarine for supply to and approval by DESMIS-A-WS6NNPPI (WS6).

Manage, maintain and distribute all updated First Level documentation for internal and external customers.
Update First Level Area diagrams on completion of work packages.
Maintain the SDD for the control of issue states and applicability's of Submarine Datum Pack drawings.
Maintain the Surface Ship Definition Database (SSDD) for the control of issue states and applicability's of Surface Ship Datum Pack drawings.
Maintain, manage and distribute the DISSUB packs.
Maintain, manage and distribute the Confidential Datum Pack drawings and system.
Identify and highlight any changes to System Component Publications (SCP) for all classes of submarines through analysing and interpreting A&A's, SLO's, Class MOD, Change Requests and any other authority.
Act as a focal point of contact when dealing with any technical queries or requests that are related to drawings or documents associated with submarines that have been raised by industrial partners and internal / external customers.

The post holder is required to hold a National Certificate (NC) or equivalent engineering academic qualification with suitable Design Office experience through the lower grades following a 4 year engineering apprenticeship.
The Post Holder should have the following:
A basic understanding of engineering and design practices as relevant to individual discipline.
An understanding of 'As Low As Reasonable Practicable' (ALARP).
Have an understanding of Company/Departmental procedures relating to Design, Health & Safety and Quality requirements.
A basic understanding of the 'Through Life' documentation support requirements of the Royal Navy.
The ability to communicate effectively.
A working knowledge of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and other computer technology.