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Mechanical Designer

Mechanical Designer

Senior Designer

To exercise professional engineering judgement, initiative and expertise in carrying out allocated tasks in a proactive manner.

The following activities are typical of work that may be carried out with appropriate support, in full or part dependent on the role:-
* Develop and produce models, drawings and other Technical outputs consistent with the contractual requirements to meet target dates and budget demands (Delivery to time, quality and budget).
* Schedule own work and that of subordinates to meet target time scales and budget demands.
* Operate the work and optimise the functionality of the appropriate tools and techniques as directed by his/her supervisor.
* Oversee the work of subordinates within own team and develop their skills including monitoring NVQs and product comprehension in terms of the technical content.
* Communicate with customer representatives, classification authorities, dDAs and suppliers in writing, by telephone and in face to face meetings, and with other internal functions as necessary to discuss technical issues and problems.
* Provide and produce calculations as required to justify a proposed course of action.
* Produce process standards and/or standards instructions to characterise the work of the team, including pre-requisite inputs from other functions and the outputs that can be expected from the process.
* Perform self verification and undertake cross checking of peers and subordinates work to ensure completeness and quality of information.
* Answer Technical queries about his/her own work and that of subordinates within their level of knowledge and competency.
* Act as a member or leader of a temporary group established to accomplish tasks of a specialist nature (e.g. Construction Engineering team, best practice, problem solving group etc).
* Perform any related tasks for which the supervisor perceives that he/she has the necessary skills and/or competency.
* To be able to access, have a clear understanding of and apply the Quality and HS&E Management System documentation e.g. Process Instructions, Workmanship Standards, Risk Assessments etc. applicable to your particular work scope and to obey all HS&E rules and control measures.

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