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Materials Engineer

Materials Engineer

Purpose of Role:
Materials used in the construction of Type 26 Global Combat Ship must conform to all Legal and Regulatory requirements and offer performance, durability and value for money. These requirements are demanding and require the very highest standards of materials selection practice.
The T26 Senior Materials Engineer will be required to help fulfil this function and enable the client to build a world class vessel for the RN.

Major Tasks and Activities:
* Production of technical justifications for the use of materials which do not meet all the requirements imposed on the T26
* Review of Material sections of ITT Contractor Responses
* Review and assessment of Contractors deliverables
* Reviews of other technical documents' materials contents

Key Technical Skills
* Good working knowledge of Materials Science and Materials Engineering principles. Specialist knowledge of Materials in a Naval marine environment would be a distinct advantage. This knowledge will be applied to the selection of suitable materials for a very wide variety of applications in the Type 26 build. The materials will be both metals and non-metals the latter category encompassing, for example, plastics, composites, gases and liquids. Understanding Fire test requirements of non-metals and the basic corrosion principles of metals exemplify niche requirements of the role.
* Working knowledge of complex Legislation such as REACH, RoHS and HSC Regulations and also understanding, for example, UK obligations under International Regulations such as the Montreal Protocols and MARPOL.
* Working knowledge of MoD Policy on Materials selection especially in relation to Hazardous and Restricted materials and conversant with the complex Materials requirements expressed in numerous Def Stans applicable to RN Warships.
* Attention to detail, patience and the ability to assimilate large volumes of technical information from numerous parent sources.
* Good report writing and presentation skills and be able to communicate complex scientific facts to the non-specialist in an informative and positive way.
* Materials advocacy: helping Lead Engineers make informed decisions on the selection and development of their equipments and assisting Procurement in striving for Project affordability.

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