LORA (Subject Matter Expert) - Aircraft

Job Description:

Technical data management

  • Collecting the data required to model all support solutions for a component or where applicable a series of components to populate the LORA model
  • Run the LORA model and analyse the output. Run different sensitivity analysis options using judgement and input from various sources to confirm the robustness of the results.
  • Be able to conduct and complete analysis where modelling tools are not available, including the understanding and use of Logic Tree decision paths.
  • Based on results make recommendations for the chosen repair policy.
  • Work with the system ISEs and management team to take into consideration any factors that may change the results of the recommended policy.
  • Work with the Customer for input data including any factors that may be influence the maintenance policy
  • Work with Vendors (via Procurement) to obtain input data and any factors that may influence the maintenance policy.
  • Work with internal departments and specialists to obtain the best data available.
  • Administer the data base and results. Record the results in the LSAR.
  • Produce a comprehensive LORA report for each component
  • Where necessary provide a training capability
  • Look at repair policies across the aircraft fleet and where appropriate harmonize them.
  • Where a customer has a desire to increase their repair capability support the cost benefits analysis to assess the impact.
  • Participation in Engineering Design Reviews.